He wants His people to be full of the Holy Spirit and joy

The world is never going to give you what you truly desire. His kingdom does not work like this world’s system. Our world is driven by the political and economic realm but we are from the Heavenly realm. If you try to please God using the principles of this world you are trying to create a kingdom without a King. If you do that you have dethroned Him as Lord of lords and King of kings. Being led by The Spirit means you resign from the political and economic system of this world and sign up for His kingdom.

Trying to marry the two just doesn’t work. They are two cultures at odds with each other. It creates so many struggles and so much strife. We make a play at thinking we know but really we know or understand very little of the spiritual realm. We put on a front to the world to make them think we know what we are talking about but the reality is we are far from sure. People want to see Him perform miracles but don’t want to actually see Him. To see and meet Him face to face is too scary a thought. Hiding in a congregation seems the safest thing to do, there is safety in numbers but in the end it will be just between you and Him. If you are willing to do it now, then surrendered everything to Him. Seek first His Kingdom and don’t try to create your own or join a counterfeit one.

Why did Jesus go to all that trouble to do miracles, signs and wonder? For instance He turned water into wine. He turned it from one substance to another. Even though water is a common denominator for both. The colour changed. The molecular composition changed. This was a change at the sub-atomic level. The effects of drinking it changed. Water does not taste like wine and wine certainly does not taste like water. It has different properties which are obvious when you consume large quantities. The water became a completely different substance. Some people may be offended that He did that. Would He ever do something like that again? It is possible that we might miss the whole point of doing such a miracle.

He took something that is perfect for sustaining life (water) and changed it into something that brings joy (wine). Pure water has one flavour, wine has many depending on the grape. Wine isn’t created over night, it takes time. He produced it instantly. All he needed was a few people willing to do a simple act of obedience and an insistent mother. Are you willing to take a simple step of faith? You may bring joy to someone’s life. You may even turn water into wine, now there’s a thought.

He is the God of joy. He wants His people to be drunk in the Holy Spirit not alcohol. Jesus didn’t seem to complain that people already had drunk too much wine. It is your destiny to be full of joy and to be exceedingly glad. Then you have wine to share. He can do a miracle in you overnight, instantly. Notice that He didn’t turn wine into water. The Holy Spirit is here to release joy. That joy is meant to be infectious. It should bubble up from within you. Like a spring of water overflowing to others. You are a spring of hope. The world wants that joy and is desperate for peace. They want it badly but they are looking for it in all the wrong places.

They would come to you in their thousands if they knew you had it and could give it away. Now there’s a thought. They could have it for themselves. Let that joy come out. Don’t let anything rob you of it. Joy is part of your inheritance and once you have it find a way to give it away. Find something to be thankful about and start the day with joy. Then at the end of the day find one thing to be joyful about. All you have to do is fill the rest of the day with the same.