The Son of Man will send out his angels, and they will weed out of his kingdom everything that causes sin and all who do evil. (Matthew 13v41 NIV)

This is part of His judgement. 

To remove everything that causes people to sin. 

Gets to the very root of the problem. 

His angels will do this. 

It is not a figure of speech but a declaration of truth. 

He will do it.

Those who do evil are those who persistently follow and satisfy their own lusts at the expense of others. 

It is not those who out of ignorance do not know Him. 

He will hold the church accountable. 

For anyway it has misled people. 

Or misrepresented Him. 

He will not accept those who wilfully disobey Him. 

Just because it is more convenient to do so. 

To do what pleases man than God. 

Pleasing man is is the opposite of pleasing God, pure and simple. 

He may well back you into a corner.

Where the only way out is Him.

He is to be your only hope. 

Your only desire. 

Your only solution. 

Believe in Him and you will know the truth.

 He hasn’t given up on you. 

He hasn’t given up on the church either.

it has failed to impact this nation in hate way He intended. 

It will impact the whole of society.



It is more than preaching the gospel. 

It is proclaiming the good news. 

Don’t tell stories about Him, demonstrate Him.

 Demonstrate His love as if you were Him and He was you. 

Let your love shine. 

Be filled with the wonderful love that is from Him. 

You are of infinite value and you carry something of even greater value. 

Don’t let your busyness overwhelm you.

Keep it in its proper place and be an encouragement to people. 

He will give you favour and resource you.