If you do not build on what you know you will keep revisiting the same thing over and over again. Like going round the mountain again and again. Never progressing. Don’t be happy with the status quo. Your relationship with Him might stagnate. Don’t resist change just because it looks threatening or scary. Stay put is scary. He will never lead you away from Himself. Knowing Him will bring you closer to Him. Trusting Him is required every day. You can be comfortable but never satisfied.

If you eat your favourite food all the time (and nothing else) after some time you will start to detest it. Despite the fact it was (and still is) your favourite. In the wilderness they saw some of the most amazing demonstrations of the miraculous. A pillar of fire at night, a pillar of smoke by day. They had miraculous food provision but as they had the same food every day they grumbled and complained.

They became familiar with the miraculous. However, they didn’t know Him nor did they know His heart of love and compassion for them. His actions exposed their hearts. He won’t ever encourage a hard heart yet He loved them all the same and provided for them. This is all to do with where your heart is and what you have filled it with.

Look to Him for your needs and the needs of others. Expect Him to be extravagant. Listen to what He is saying. Look at what He is doing. Understand His heart for that is His nature. He is the same God who raises people from the dead. The blind see. The deaf hear and limbs grow back. He is that same generous God.

Don’t go along with the crowd. Many are trying to twist His arm to do something for them. Don’t use Him to promote yourself. Throw yourself on Him. Humble yourself before Him. Follow Him not the herd. You are partnering with Him not the other way round.

There are some very hungry people out there who are desperate for someone to show them the way. You can be the one to do that. First be a follower yourself. Show them how to follow Jesus not you. They don’t need a ton of doctrine but a deep love and passion for Him. He is pure doctrine. You will lose your old identity as you see your true identity emerging.