He is restoring you to His glory so you can occupy the place He has for you. Be prepared to experience all that is in your heart. There will be no room for selfish ambition. Everything will be burned up in the unquenchable fire of His Presence. Don’t expect to be the same today as you were yesterday or will be tomorrow. Every day will bring great change and transformation. He is perfecting praise.

There will be no end to experiencing His love. It is more than a bit of knowledge or information. It is a continuous stream to experience Him. He is working in you to create a greater capacity. He wants you to carry such a powerful anointing that others will even feel it when you walk into a room. If you let Him He will do it. Your job is to prepare your heart. The Holy Spirit is already powerfully at work in you.

By the same token there are opposing forces that want to hold you back. There are lies, past and present, to make you consider yourself unworthy. It is often false humility which prevents you from doing what He says you can do. It can also stop you believing what He sees in you. Be humble but do not limit the power of God at work in you. You have been made worthy. You are acceptable to Him because you are His and He sees you through the perfect eyes of Jesus. Give yourself to Him without reservation. Remove any hinderances. Destroy any strongholds over your life. He came to set you free and that freedom looks like something. Get over any obstacles.