He is good all the time. We sing it, it is taught and declared. Few truly believe it. You may sing exuberantly and dance wildly but do you really believe He is that good? How good do you think He is?

Often it is linked to how you feel. As if it has anything to do with you. His goodness is based solely and purely on His nature. He doesn’t wait until you are good enough to deserve His goodness. It is for all those who believe. If you doubt yourself, get over yourself.

He is not impressed with empty words and songs. They are well meaning but they can lack real conviction. Singing about Him but not to Him.

He visits in a whirlwind of exuberant praise and worship from the heart. You will encounter Him in such a way that is ferocious and violent. There will not be gentleness about it, it will be so extreme that it will physically hurt. He wants to dwell amongst a people who have a heart after Him.

Decide a thing and do it, act quickly before you talk yourself out of it. Abandon yourself to Him. Do not hesitate or debate it. For His very word can be robbed from you. Move instantly and be ready. There is much laid out before you. Many paths are put before you but only one is the right path. Jesus can only walk along one path and He is showing the route you should take.

Don’t just look for the path that most people have trod. Look for His signposts. They are there but they can be well camouflaged. Only those who seek Him earnestly with humble hearts will see them. Sharpen your eyes and open your ears. They are right in front of you. Bright lights and loud noises will try to distract you. You are equipped to find treasure that is hidden. It is hidden in plain sight.

He has not held anything back from you. All is available. You lack nothing. All is yours, every penny you need, every opportunity you require. Favour is found in Him. Abide in Him at all times, seek His face as if nothing else matters. Even more than food, more than sleep or even the air that you breathe.

You may feel that you are walking into a wilderness but behind you goodness and mercy will follow.