You may not believe in yourself. You may have little or no confidence in yourself or in your ability to do anything. You may feel exhausted, gripped by worry and fear. You may wonder what hope is there for you. You may wonder what is wrong with you.

Why do You feel this way if you have done everything possible to be what He has made you and called you to be.

The answer is…
He is your only hope. He is your strength. This is so true when there is nothing of you left. As you feel empty, now is the time to be filled with His Spirit. Full of His love. Overflowing with His compassion. At the centre of His power, His glory and grace. For you are nothing without Him. Yet He sees gold in you. He sees your worth. He valued you even when you were ignorant of Him. Now He sees Jesus in you. You were worth dying for. You are worth living for. He lives in you by His Holy Spirit. As He lives in you He thinks you are worth it. He wants to change the world and He wants to do it through you. You can’t do it on your own but He can through you. As He lives in you let Him reign.

Go forward with Him, not on your own, but together.