The golden calves are those things that man sets up in place of God, they can be well meaning but ultimately have their origins in man. Either the golden calves (the worthless things that we hold so dear) are to be barbecued or the fire will consume them. The fire of His Spirit will consume them as it burns everything which does not originate by His Spirit. Those who are ready will be fire proofed. The fire will rage with such an intensity that nothing will quench it. Anything that tries will itself catch fire. Let the fire burn off everything that has no eternal value. Out of the ashes and embers there will rise a new living church. A church which He will breathe His life into. His Spirit will manifest Himself with signs and wonders and incredible miracles not yet seen.

Be ready and waiting. Ready for Him to move. There will be no warning. It will be important for people to know what He is like. That is where you come in. Find out what He thinks about those around you. Re-appraise how you see others in the light of how He sees them. Treat them according to the gold you see in them. Your change of thinking will change their thinking, it will transform them. They, in turn, will change how they view their neighbours, friends and relatives. There will be a domino effect. You are getting not just yourself ready but others as well. You will then be a blessing to Him. You will be doing them a huge favour.

A new foundation is being laid. If a good foundation isn’t laid then what happens next will make no sense at all. God isn’t ‘nice’ as we would define it, He loves us too much to be sentimental. If you have a problem with what God is doing then ask Him yourself but remember that He is Love, pure love.