He is a God of grace. This grace does not come cheap neither is it free. It was paid for by the blood of Jesus. This grace is freely available. He loves to give it away and demonstrate what it looks like. His grace to you is unlimited for as long as you need it. If you stop needing His grace then it will cease flowing towards you.

To the degree that you are aware of your sin and your need determines how much you are aware of His grace towards you. His grace is sufficient to cover every situation, every circumstance and every sin.

If you are very sensitive you will often be acutely aware of your failings and your shortcomings. You may be prone to being reminded time and again where you have fallen short of even your own expectations. You may find it difficult to feel worthy of His grace. That is the point, you don’t deserve His grace, it is able to match whatever you throw at it and more besides. His grace even goes ahead of you because He is able to redeem you from every and any situation you will find yourself in. He knows you too well so don’t think He will be shocked or surprised at you. His grace is always sufficient for you. However do not make the mistake of thinking that sin doesn’t matter because grace will cover it. This is an error people can make. Some think there are no consequence to their actions. They are even able to justify or excuse it and just cover it over with grace.

At that point you don’t see the need for grace and have taken it for granted. Grace is there to forgive, cleanse and restore. It is the most powerful thing in the universe and should not be treated as a safety net to do as we please. Grace is more than a doctrine or some theology it is part of the very heart and nature of God. You are not quick witted enough to fool God, He knows your heart. Grace is extended when there is a need for it where you recognise your need for Him.

What is grace? It looks like something: It is getting what you don’t deserve and not getting what you do deserve. Just because you have messed up doesn’t mean He can’t or won’t forgive but He is able to turn any situation, any event in your life into something good.