He longs to gather you under His wings. To protect and shield you. To nurture and feed you. He wants you to draw close to Him and closer still. He never rejects you nor forsake you. You are His very precious child. He is encouraging you to rise and shine. To be the man or woman of God that you were always meant to be. He needs your co-operation and willingness. When you yield yourself to Him, you are no longer yours. You are His. This means that you have adopt the family name. You will have all the benefits of being a member of His family.

This doesn’t mean life will be easy or straightforward. Don’t measure your relationship with Him by how successful you are. This is not about how much you earn. Equally it is not your position or title. It is none of these. Those are your achievements not His. At the same time do not define yourself by your failures.

Your job is to stand firm at all times and rejoice in Him constantly. Giving thanks in all circumstances. Know that He is the living God, your God. Believing that He is passionately in love with you all the time. He is in love with all His children.

Don’t be surprised if there is resistance as you develop your relationship with God. It doesn’t come from Him. Jesus said that you may (will) have challenges. The good news is He has overcome everything that could stop you. If you stumble just get up and keep going.

He gives you the freedom to rejoice so make use of that freedom. Rejoice constantly. Spend your time thanking Him. Give yourself to worshipping Him and praising Him. Be patient with yourself in this process of change. Enjoy Him every day. Expect to see His goodness evident in your life, thank Him in advance.