The church is meant to reflect the love of God and demonstrate His power to a world bereft of hope. Unless there is a deep and tangible love for Him, for each other and even for ourselves we will struggle to love a world hell bent on destroying itself.

We are the world’s only hope and yet we backbite, criticise and regularly fall out with each other with no thought of the consequences. Relationships become secondary to doctrine as if God isn’t relationational. He isn’t running a multinational corporation where Jesus is the CEO.

We like to talk organisation and structure and yet He seems to talk about relationship and love. Unless we deeply love Him we are going to struggle to love each other. His love for us, His forgiveness alone should melt out hearts.

Consecrate and surrender are not popular words (except in songs) but unless there is full, unconditional surrender to Him we can only glimpse at what could be. His love is unconditional but His promises are not.