There is a glory to be revealed. Where you will understand and see His purposes. They are being revealed to you in stages. He is revealing Himself to you a bit at a time. As you seek Him you will get an increased sense of His Presence. You will feel His Spirit around you as you host Him. Only through a true hunger for Him will you experience it. He is revealing His plans for you. You are becoming the finished article and yet you have barely began the journey. His desire is to see you satisfied and fulfilled. He has not broken you but is reshaping you through challenges, trials and difficulties.

He is taking you to the point where you thought there was nothing left. He had to take you to the place of your upgrade. You will recognise your need for Him and the deep realisation that you are nothing without Him. You became nothing so that He can fill you. You will not be the same person you were. You will grow in stature, in grace and in favour.

You will experience the joy of His salvation for His joy knows no bounds. Quite simply He delights in you. He wants you to put your trust in Him and believe Him. To believe that He cares. To believe that He is that good. To understand and see that His kindness is at the heart of the gospel. You have a calling and He is commissioning you. It is a calling to bring His love to all the people. His desire is to set people free. To deliver them from bondage and to liberate them from the lies that has imprisoned them.

His plan is to fulfil His dreams through you. He is living His desires through you. He has brought you to himself. His great love for you is demonstrated time and time again. He forgives, then forgives again and again. There is no limit to how many times He will and does forgive you. He has delivered you. Freedom is yours. Liberty belongs to you and with that go and liberate others. Show them His heart of love and compassion.