Are you willing to forsake all? That means every ambition and every desire of yours is put aside to follow Him. You will need a pure and devoted heart. If you are willing you will see wonders without limit. He will take you places you didn’t even know existed. Experiences you had only heard of but never believed were real. You only need a small amount of faith to do great miracles. He will give you faith when you ask and it will be there when you need it. It is up to you to exercise it and receive it.

It is a supernatural faith not one that you can just drum up. You will notice the difference when you operate with His kind of faith and your kind of faith. There will be an increased confidence and belief that what you have said will definitely happen. You will speak and mountains will shift. There will be extra-ordinary miracles.

Putting aside everything means putting aside all that you hold dear. Everything that has a hold on you. Everything that controls you. Anything that prevents you being able to yield yourself to His perfect will. It doesn’t mean you won’t fall or have bad days but those things will not dominate you. Your disappointments will not define you. What will define you will be an unfading desire to serve Him wholeheartedly. You will want to be led by His Holy Spirit at all times in all things. You will be a friend not a slave because you will know His heart not just His commands.