Remember the Psalm ‘Do not forget all His benefits’ why do you think he said this? The answer is very simple because people do forget. They forget what they are and forget who they are meant to be. It starts by forgetting to look at Him. Forgetting that they can believe in Him completely. He does a miracle and only a few days later people forget as if it never happened. Instil in yourself the discipline of being thankful. It is not a question of the power of memory but a daily encounter with Him.

It is living every minute with a real awareness of His presence. It is not intended to be experienced only within what you might call a good meeting. It is intended to be your daily experience. Constant and persistent all day every day. When you get up, when you go to bed, even when you are asleep. This is not for the select or chosen few. It is for you and for everyone. Your awareness of Him will grow.

You will carry that awareness to such an extent that you will change the atmosphere of a room, an office or a business meeting just by walking in. You may not be aware of it, others may not articulate it but they will comment that something good and wholesome happens when you are there. The same will happen on a bigger scale when you enter a town, a city a region or even a country. This is His heart’s desire for you that you disciple not just people but nations.
Can you imagine what would happen if a company of people had that much impact. It is called church. If you want joy stand next to Him. If you want peace sidle up to Him. Do you see how His joy would be infectious. His life would permeate every fabric of society and stop the devil in his tracks. The enemy would lose its grip very quickly and you would liberate so many people. That’s got to be worth something.