As you try to live up to other peoples expectations you will only experience disappointment. You will never measure up. You can’t because the bar is always raised, so don’t even try.

It is what He thinks that is important. It is how He feels about you that truly matters. He is making you more resilient and yet still retaining a sensitivity to His Spirit. He will be your strength. He is and will be everything you need Him to be. His feelings for you are secure. He has very good thought for you. He cares passionately about you.

He cares how you feel but He won’t let that them define you. He won’t alter your destiny nor what He has in store for you. You have to look beyond your feelings. But be aware your emotions can be devastating. They can get a grip of you and control you.

That doesn’t mean emotions and feelings are bad. He didn’t make you the way you are for no reason. Be sensitive but don’t let your sensitivity overwhelm you. You have an opportunity to hear His voice so clearly. That clarity can be unsettling because you hear His heart and you hear His desires.

His desires and His heart are so essential to your make up. Do not see this sensitivity a weakness but part of your strength, it is part of a future you are part of.