We often sing about Him but not to Him. We even sing about what we would like to do but never actually do it. We say we surrender all yet resist change. Rather than wipe His feet with our tears we would rather criticise others. Our cry should be ‘Lord where are You? What are You doing? What are You saying?’

Don’t use anything whether your gender, class, academic ability or economic position as an excuse. All He is looking for are willing hearts who recognise Him for who He is. He takes great delight in using those who humble themselves before Him and exclude those who pride themselves in their position and influence.

It is such a privilege when you see His goodness at work in people’s lives. But remember this is not a sentimental gospel. There is nothing soft or spongy about it. God, quite possibly, isn’t ‘nice’ in the way we would describe nice. He isn’t made in you or anyone else’s image. You will be very surprised who He will use and who He doesn’t. However, do not disqualify yourself, lean on Him, lean into Him. He hasn’t written you off, He hasn’t written anyone off in the way we do. You are going to be living proof of His grace and mercy and goodness. Enjoy it, it is going to be scary but wonderful.