be ready for swift change and for the long haul

When you engage with Him you engage with the heavenly realm. All the resources of Heaven open above you. The more you engage with Him the bigger the opening becomes. You have access to greater riches and suddenly nothing is impossible. Nothing is too difficult for Him to deal with, He always has a solution. Nothing is too small to bother Him with, let Him into every detail of your life no matter how insignificant. Time is of the essence, it is an expensive commodity. There is no rush but there is no time to waste, use your time beneficially even if it means just sitting at His feet.

Prepare yourself for Him, prepare yourself for action. Redeem your time, let it be productive and for purpose, even in your play and recreation. You may find events will unfold quickly, almost too quickly, at other times not fast enough. So steel yourself and be ready for swift change and be ready for the long haul. There may be no warning and there may be a long wait. So be ready, for anything could happen.