Following the world and believing all its promises is likely to rob you of your inheritance. You can miss out on your inheritance if you do not know you had one in the first place. He created one before you were born.

He does not allow challenges just to teach you a lesson. It is not a form of punishment. It is part of the transformational process taking you to your inheritance. So embrace it. He is a good Father. He sees you as His child. A good Father would never exasperate his children.

He wants you to know His goodness and boast about it. His favour rests on you. So don’t be ashamed or embarrassed when favour increases. Bask in it and enjoy it. If He is the God of Joy don’t you think His children should be the most joyful people on the planet?

We have little idea about the amount of joy He gets when His children live fulfilled lives. It is not a sin to enjoy everything that life has to offer. Sometimes we think that the more we give up the more holy we are. There may be elements of truth there but it is not the whole picture.

To claim your full inheritance will cost you everything. You get to win everything. When nothing has you anymore you are free to enjoy everything He has for you. It is not so much you are becoming more holy (you already are made holy through Jesus) but rather you are receiving His holiness for He is your holiness. He is your righteousness. You can’t make yourself more holy than He is but you can live more like Him.

You are meant to be a follower of Jesus in every way.┬áSo the scripture ‘be holy as I am holy’ is not just something to aim for but rather to be. Holiness is a virtue which He has passed on to you. You now have it. It is in your DNA. It is up to you to walk in it.