Your passion may offend some but don’t offend people for the sake of it. You are unique, so don’t copy anyone but rather imitate those who are more passionate than you.

The gospel that is preached and demonstrated will tear people up. The gospel will expose people’s attitudes and they will be confronted with decisions they don’t want to make. A seed sown can be quickly forgotten, buried. Whatever He has called you to do, do it and in so doing you will demonstrate the Father Heart of God. You will surprised who will receive it gladly.

Even though people will see His power, some will reject it because they do not want a God like that. They want to fashion one in their own image. A god that is safe not a God of the here and now. They want a God that is easily influenced and not one they will have to give an account to.

His deep desire is for a church that responds to Him and follows the leading of His Spirit. The gospel will be taken to people who are supposedly unreachable, unteachable and even called enemies of God. Society is full of people hungry for Him but have been rejected. These are people who won’t question His power. They won’t argue about grace. Instead they will warmly embrace His deep and sincere love for them.

When you see who turns up at the banquet He has prepared it is going to be surprising. Your motives may be questioned and your doctrine challenged. May even question whether it is from God when these wonderful people come into the kingdom. Just be prepared. The people He will bring may seem to be a little bit unorthodox. You may be very surprised who He showers His grace on and how He does it. He wants you to see how many ways He can demonstrate His goodness to the world.

Listen to His Spirit. He is training you how to get what you need. Don’t worry about your weaknesses or failings. Just don’t let what others may think about you stop you from being an encouragement. His DNA is in you, it is His passion that is burning. Don’t put the fire out. Refrain from quenching it. Learn to be free to express the purity of His heart and don’t be afraid to display His glory for all to see. You are doing it out of love for Him and with His love for others.