Never give up hope. He is God. The creator of heaven and earth. Joy is one of His middle names. He rejoices over you. He doesn’t struggle to like you. He doesn’t have to think twice whether to bless you. He already knows you’ve done nothing to deserve His goodness.

He loves you because you are you. You are His child, His creation, His idea. You cannot easily define it nor measure it. What He is doing in this transformational process is revealing the real you to you. Then part two is to reveal you to the world. Love, which is part of your original design and is part of your very being, is what you were made for.

You don’t need to work hard at loving people more but learn to be loved by Him. It will simply overflow from you to others. That is in your heart right now. That is what He wants to release to an unsuspecting world. Something nobody can argue against. Be prepared to do some daring acts of love. They might look like random acts of kindness. Don’t wait till you feel like it. You don’t need to go on a mission trip. Start now, here, today.

He knows that what you could be doing in the future would scare you if He told you everything now. He holds some of that back. He may give you a glimpse but He doesn’t want to scare you off.

Be prepared. He will ask searching questions of you. They will expose the state of your heart. Not to condemn you but give you a glimpse of where He is taking you next. It is all part of your planned upgrade. He doesn’t do condemning. Why would He? For what purpose? What good would that do? God is better than that. Just respond in complete humility. Be humble before Him. Respond don’t react.