Do not get discouraged or frustrated when you do not see anything happening, for a time is coming when you will see Him at work in your life and you will see His glory. You will experience His hand of provision for you and taste the blessing of God and see His favour on you. His grace will abound towards you again and again and again. In this world you have to gain fame or achieve something spectacular before anyone notices you. In the Kingdom He chooses you, not based on what you have done, or how well you have performed or how many likes on Facebook. He looks for the humble, the contrite, the downtrodden, the rejected and shows His power in and through them. You can’t earn it nor work for it, you receive it because it is based on His love for you.

He ignores the powerful and the influential, instead chooses the low, the weak and the insignificant. The world rejects them but He does not. It exalts the wealthy, influential and gifted and pampers to those who are charismatic and eloquent. The church is not separate from society, it is never meant to be. Unfortunately it has moulded itself to fit in rather than bring kingdom influence and change. That will change as more people are filled with His Spirit and yield themselves to His will. When you see this happen, a passion for Him will take hold of people and it will shake the very fabric and foundation of the church. Only where the foundation is Jesus will it flourish.

This may sound very uncomfortable and a little unnerving but you should rejoice that you will see His power in greater measure at work amongst the rank and file. Be glad because it is His church that He is restoring. The church was for the healing of the nations. You are included in that. Remember He loves you and He loves His church and He is here to fulfil His promises to the world as well as for you. Ask what you will and it will be done for you. Be at peace with yourself and Him, enjoy His favour.