He has called you to demonstrate the gospel. Through serving the living God. Fulfilling His dream and His vision. Being faithful in all matters. He wants you to show how much He loves and cares. Be humble and submit to His infinite wisdom and let go of your own. Pride traps and keeps in bondage. Don’t fear anyone more than you fear Him. He wants His people to be free from fear. Instead live in permanent awe of Him. When you know how truly awesome God is it gives you confidence to face anything.

He will show His glory through humble people. So humble yourself before Him. He will make His home with you. He is looking for anyone who will do His bidding. When God demonstrates His glory it may look as if the church has taken a step backwards. It may well look messy. Although He is the God of order not chaos His order looks like chaos to us. Don’t try to organise God.

He is preparing a people who will experience incredible daily breakthroughs in their lives. It will be astounding. We will talk endlessly of His loving heart and wonderful desire to reveal Himself. We will have clarity of thought and a clear sense of purpose. He is specifically choosing you to bring His word for a generation that needs it. He has no other plans. You are His hands and His mouth. Wait on Him for these things will happen. You can’t make them happen but you can open the door.