You are to set people free from dark places. You are to bring His light to this world. This is a mystery because it won’t be according to your logic. It won’t even seem sensible or feasible. Yet He says go. He says set people free.

You have His words in your mouth. Speak them out. You will be surprised what the outcome will be. Don’t always expect to see the full impact instantly. One day all will be revealed as He unravels what you have done and each thread will be seen for what it really is. So encourage yourself and be full of faith (faithful).

Give yourself to what is important. That is what is important to Him not what others demand or expect of you. He will help you prioritise and manage your life. So that you bring the maximum glory to Him. He gets the glory when everyone can see that God did it and not you (or anyone else).

One of the biggest challenges at present is stress. Stress is the norm for most people in one form or another. Mostly it is blamed on one’s job or personal circumstances. They can certainly be a factor or trigger but stress is mainly caused by having too high an expectation placed on yourself by yourself. It may come through others but the stress is self-generated, it is internal, it is an inside job.

You may think if you can get control then everything will be good. However when God moves it can look messy, chaotic and unstructured and that is the point. If it not what you want or expect that can cause stress to surface. You cannot control God. He wants to deal with the stress through dealing with you. Internally. If you want to see revival (whatever that looks like to you) in your church or organisation you need His structure not yours and that means letting go.

The illustration of the new wineskin is where the wrong wine was put into the wrong container. This is not to say that either is wrong but there needs to be an adjustment and the adjustment starts with you. This isn’t an organisational issue it is a heart issue. It is about your relationship with Him and your willingness to change.

This is also true of a church. The culture of the church does need to change if it wants to bring about visible change and that means individuals also need to change. That in itself is challenging.

Above all enjoy Him. He dances and sings over you. He is so pleased with you and speaks well of you. The simple solution is to just agree with Him, believe what He says about you and change the attitude of your heart to be like His.