The battle within

When the Holy Spirit speaks to you there is often an internal struggle. For what He says to you can be at odds with what you currently understand and have been led to believe.

This is normal if not a little disconcerting. Don’t panic, you will find that this will happen a lot. The tension it creates can be exhausting as you try to piece it all together and make sense of it. He understands that and the very fact you are going through this process means you are taking it seriously.

He is not trying to confuse you, rather get you to ask the right questions. He is drawing you into this wonderful relationship with Him and He is daring you to ask those difficult questions. Provoking you to have a different thought.

What you believe is what you believe, so start there. He will take you from there to where you are going. You may have a lot of theology, lots of doctrines, principles and philosophies. At the end Jesus is perfect theology. It is interesting that even much of what Jesus says can be challenging to understand when He uses parables. They can be very cryptic.

There is a reason for that. I suspect one of the reasons is so that you can’t rely on your intellect. It doesn’t mean your brain is redundant.

He has gives you the Holy Spirit who will help you to appreciate what He is saying. He speaks to you right now and as you read the scriptures. Even His disciples had to ask Him to explain what He meant, so you are in good company.

Be comfortable when you don’t know everything all the time. It can be frustrating, I know. The Holy Spirit knows everything and He is a genius. That is why I cannot stress enough the importance of learning to hear Him clearly. Practice training yourself to be led by Him. It may take time to get it right but He is a good and patient teacher. Be kind to yourself in that process.

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An easy ride

You are His special envoy, His ambassador. You have all the rights and privileges of His kingdom in this earthly realm. You represent all that is best about His kingdom.

You are meant to influence this culture with the heavenly one. Don’t settle for anything less. You are meant to represent the God of the Universe. To do the same works as Jesus did and to love like He did (and still does). It is a daily decision to keep pressing on towards the calling He has placed on your life.

No matter how tough or how pointless it may feel at times His calling on your life has been written but it is not guaranteed. You have to do your bit to make it happen. You can’t earn it but you do need to believe it to receive it.

A present (or gift) is always yours but it only becomes a gift when you open it and use it, otherwise it is just sitting in a nice box. Dedicate yourself to Him. Devote yourself to finding His will and pleasure. You will fulfil His destiny for you. Take the time to find out what He believes about you. To your astonishment you will find that He believes in you. The question is do you know what He believe about you. Don’t you want to know?

You may be surprised to know that He has great confidence in you. With Him and in Him there are more reason for you to succeed than fail. If you believe with His faith your confidence can only grow. Everyone has been given a measure of faith, use it.

One thing you can do is to rejoice with Him. Do this once and then do it again and again, continually and especially when you don’t feel like it. His grace and favour is like a seed and that seed grows best in an environment thankfulness.

Ask whatever you wish but remember that His blessings don’t automatically mean a comfortable ride or an easier life.

Be led by His Spirit at all times. There are many voices that demand your attention but only His voice is going to lead you to the abundant life promised you. It is yours and is waiting for you.

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An uncomfortable truth

Why not expand your world and your thinking? Don’t give in to frustration, don’t let it set in. Say ‘yes’ to the invitation to His world. Both worlds exist in the same place and at the same time. To get our minds around this idea we live in two realms at the same time we need the help and insight provided by the Holy Spirit.

As you set about trying to understand this, you will discover the depth of His love and how it creates a whole new world available to you. What you uncover will change everything and it won’t necessarily be what you expected.

His Holy Spirit and His grace enable you to believe and embrace ideas about God that are sometimes uncomfortable and inconvenient. They don’t slot into any nice and neat category. They will be hard to explain but real enough to experience. It feels risky to step outside the familiar and the rational. Except it is actually the opposite. You are returning to where you were created from. When you have been there a while you will start to understand.

You have to be aware that the lies of the enemy are just that, a fabrication. They are based on half-truths, not The Truth. To know the difference you need to know The Truth and compare it. The is only one truth and it is personified in Jesus. To get to know Jesus you need the Holy Spirit. He is the Spirit of Truth. He is the Spirit of Jesus.

The lies of the enemy are fed to you to keep you from knowing the truth and the reality of His presence. If you pursue Him and seek Him, guess what, you will find Him. To achieve that you need to be actively looking and actively listening.

Being on the front line with Him is the safest place to be. It is where He is at His most wonderful. It is where He wants you to be because that is where you are at your best.

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Is He safe?

You may try to use the Bible as a manual or a self-help guide but it is really a love letter. You view His kingdom from the perspective of your worldview. You try to connect the two worlds as you try to combine them. This happens dramatically in the first few moments of becoming a christian. It is quite overwhelming as if woken up from a deep sleep.

You almost instantly believe everything and anything is possible (if you have forgotten just listen to new believers talking). However, over time life in this realm starts to assert control and dominance. Hope can, for many be like air leaking out of a balloon. This was never meant to be and isn’t irreversible.

You may hear a powerful testimony, read an inspiring book or be touched by an uplifting sermon. However when you stretch out and grab it and bring it into your world it doesn’t seem to fit. When that happens your world has to change, your thinking has to be renewed. Your belief system has to change. Your mindset has to change. Your attitude has to change and above all your heart has to change. Let God’s kindness and love soften your heart.

He doesn’t just crash into your world. He wants you to follow Him into His. He wants you to enter His kingdom. To live in His realm under His kingship not just make His kingdom fit your world (which it won’t). You have to realise which is the greater reality. The world your body lives in or the one your spirit lives in. One thing to realise is this physical realm was created by His heavenly realm. He simply spoke it into being.

You cannot change His kingdom to suite you. You have to change. To go make that journey and leave the comfort of your safe, carefully controlled, world. There is nothing ‘safe’ nor ‘easy’ about following Him but it is the best thing you will ever do.

The spiritual realm is more real than this world. You were created to live in both. You were made for both. You are dovetailed perfectly to know and live in the spiritual realm. It may take some adjustment but He has given His Holy Spirit it help us, ask Him if you are not sure.

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Drawing you closer

People say that they want more of Him. For that to happen He will want access to more of you. He wants more of you.

I suspect the cry of your heart is a greater intimacy with Him. You can’t get more of Him. You already have all of Him. He is in you and you are in Him. You have access to all of Him but does He have access to all of you? I suspect it is a little one sided even if you think the problem is on God’s side. He is not the one hiding.

Give Him your life and give Him your heart. Give Him your affection and your time. Give Him your energy and your ambitions. In short give Him everything. Not just words or well meaning platitudes. He is looking for the greatest gift of all, your heart. He wants more than a couple of hours of your time on a Sunday.

Any situation (good or bad in your terms) is either going to draw you closer to Him or drive you further away. It is not the situation that does that, it is your response or reaction to it. No matter how far you may feel you are from Him you are never actually very far away from Him at all.

When you think you have put a good distance between you and Him you turn round and there He is. He doesn’t stop you running away but you waste an awful lot of time and energy getting nowhere very fast.

It isn’t so much that He chases after you, it is more a case of you can’t really escape Him. He just loves you too much to abandon you. He hasn’t rejected you because of your choices but He always gives you the freedom to choose Him or not to choose Him. The choice is very simple, believe or not believe (even for believers).

He understands you. He really does. Stop thinking He doesn’t. Stop trying to get Him to understand you. He gets you totally. He knows more about you than you ever will. It is important that you begin that process of understanding yourself and understanding Him.

Even though He is perfect He loves imperfect people perfectly. I know, I’m one of them. Surrender means to adopt His desires and His ambitions over yours. This is regardless of how much you want to do your own thing. You don’t get to vote in this but you do get to participate. He will allow you to influence what it will look like and how it will happen. You are not a passive cog in the machine. He made you to be creative.

His desires and His ambitions are perfect. He is not like an overbearing parent who wants to live their dreams through their child. Yet He has a dream and it can only be realised through you.

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Expectations of others

As you try to live up to other peoples expectations you will only experience disappointment. You will never measure up. You can’t because the bar is always raised, so don’t even try.

It is what He thinks that is important. It is how He feels about you that truly matters. He is making you more resilient and yet still retaining a sensitivity to His Spirit. He will be your strength. He is and will be everything you need Him to be. His feelings for you are secure. He has very good thought for you. He cares passionately about you.

He cares how you feel but He won’t let that them define you. He won’t alter your destiny nor what He has in store for you. You have to look beyond your feelings. But be aware your emotions can be devastating. They can get a grip of you and control you.

That doesn’t mean emotions and feelings are bad. He didn’t make you the way you are for no reason. Be sensitive but don’t let your sensitivity overwhelm you. You have an opportunity to hear His voice so clearly. That clarity can be unsettling because you hear His heart and you hear His desires.

His desires and His heart are so essential to your make up. Do not see this sensitivity a weakness but part of your strength, it is part of a future you are part of.

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Be a passionate lover

Be a friend and lover first. Someone who is a worshipper of truth by worshipping the God of all truth. Let nothing else matter. You will walk with Him and seek His inheritance for you together.

For if you seek Him with all your heart you will find Him. Don’t be casual about this. Your happiness is not based on your job or your finances. It is not based on your position or role in the church. It isn’t even dependant on your relationship with your spouse or partner, good although those things can be and they are all meant to be a blessing.

It is based purely on the depth of your love for Him. Your love for Him is a mirror of His love for you. Celebrate the joy of your special relationship as a son or daughter with your Heavenly Father. You are a loved child of God. Even though you walk the streets unnoticed He notices you and thinks wonderfully things about you.

You are going to be an inspiration to many in the same way others have been to you. You are so lovely to Him, so precious. He loves spending time with you. He knows how far you have come.

Seek Him passionately and wholeheartedly.

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Take Him seriously

He is so very good, but will need to take Him seriously. There is no other way of doing it. He is a righteous God. There is no room for sin. We must flee sin and reject it.

He is utterly holy but in His Holiness He doesn’t reject you but reveals Himself to those who are earnestly, wholeheartedly seeking Him. If you are willing He will make you clean, He will set you free. He tells you to be holy, to stop sinning because He knows you can. The only person who can disagree with Him is you. The enemy also believes you can and does every to convince you otherwise.

When you are hungry you eat? Yet you eat when you are not hungry because you like food. You put on weight because you eat what you do not need and that is the way it is with His church and His people. They are never hungry but keep eating, they devour the preaching but do not exercise their faith, they do not exercise their trust, they don’t even put into practice what they believe and then worry about what they don’t believe or don’t have faith for.

Do the things you can do and work towards those things that you can’t or haven’t done yet. If you are one of those who exercise a lot or you are more fussy about what you eat, you are not eating just for enjoyment but for purpose. When you train for a marathon you do not want to carry excess weight, you get rid of everything that hinders that would slow you down. That is why He asked you to run a marathon for Him, you need to learn to eat properly, exercise properly, get your health back, on a spiritual level as well as a physical and mental. You need to be hungry again and only be satisfied with heavenly food. Your mind, body and spirit is all interconnected.

He is bringing to pass His plans and purposes. His desire is to see you come into all that He has shown you. He has not faltered nor is He hesitating. Everything has been for you to come into your own. He has not held back nor held you back. He is pouring His life into you so that you become more like Him.

You are another facet of His creativity and He enjoys creating new things. He created you for His good pleasure. It gives Him great pleasure when you talk with Him. So don’t perform for Him, animals perform for their master but you are His child. You wouldn’t want your children just to perform for you, you want their affection to be real not just for what they can get out of you. They want you to like them, enjoy them, be there for them, talk to them.

There is nothing He treasures more than when His children are happy, contented and in love. There is no greater feeling than to have a meaningful relationship. He has too few of His children not bothering to listen to Him or talk with Him. Spend time with Him, there is no other way.

Don’t be on a power trip because you see Him purely as a power source. That is such a shame. You can have such fun together with Him sharing the life He created. Draw close to Him, don’t perform. Have meaningful conversations, don’t use empty words and meaningless phrases. Mean what you say and say what you mean.

He has much to say and you need ears to hear. Many of those who truly know Him are just good listeners. They wait on His every word of command based on friendship, fellowship and love. He knows He can call on them. Can He call on you? Strengthen your relationship no matter how you feel or what is happening around you.

Learn to be a good listener and a brilliant doer.

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Dark places

You are to set people free from dark places. You are to bring His light to this world. This is a mystery because it won’t be according to your logic. It won’t even seem sensible or feasible. Yet He says go. He says set people free.

You have His words in your mouth. Speak them out. You will be surprised what the outcome will be. Don’t always expect to see the full impact instantly. One day all will be revealed as He unravels what you have done and each thread will be seen for what it really is. So encourage yourself and be full of faith (faithful).

Give yourself to what is important. That is what is important to Him not what others demand or expect of you. He will help you prioritise and manage your life. So that you bring the maximum glory to Him. He gets the glory when everyone can see that God did it and not you (or anyone else).

One of the biggest challenges at present is stress. Stress is the norm for most people in one form or another. Mostly it is blamed on one’s job or personal circumstances. They can certainly be a factor or trigger but stress is mainly caused by having too high an expectation placed on yourself by yourself. It may come through others but the stress is self-generated, it is internal, it is an inside job.

You may think if you can get control then everything will be good. However when God moves it can look messy, chaotic and unstructured and that is the point. If it not what you want or expect that can cause stress to surface. You cannot control God. He wants to deal with the stress through dealing with you. Internally. If you want to see revival (whatever that looks like to you) in your church or organisation you need His structure not yours and that means letting go.

The illustration of the new wineskin is where the wrong wine was put into the wrong container. This is not to say that either is wrong but there needs to be an adjustment and the adjustment starts with you. This isn’t an organisational issue it is a heart issue. It is about your relationship with Him and your willingness to change.

This is also true of a church. The culture of the church does need to change if it wants to bring about visible change and that means individuals also need to change. That in itself is challenging.

Above all enjoy Him. He dances and sings over you. He is so pleased with you and speaks well of you. The simple solution is to just agree with Him, believe what He says about you and change the attitude of your heart to be like His.

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Dwell in His house

No matter what I am for you
Are you for Me?
I will fulfil your dreams
The dreams you have forgotten
The ones long buried
In the mists of time
You have forgotten your first love
Your first passion
Resurrect it
Let Me show you
Your deepest dreams will live again
You will dream again
Rather than just want
Let Me show you
What you have forgotten
The dreams we d
The dreams we dreamed together
They are still there
They are stirring
Awaken yourself
Start living in My House now
My house is big enough for everyone
Invite them in
Even if they will not come
Show them what they can have
That their dreams will surface again
Be a dreamweaver
Weave those dreams together
And you will see that they are one dream
My dream

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