His plans for you…

Sometimes we are led by God through following a trail of bread crumbs, they are strategically placed so that we know where to go. Other times He will speak to us, telling us where to go, turn left, turn right, go straight on. At these times He often will only tell you when you get to the point where you need to decide, other times He will gently remind you as you go along until you gain confidence. Then there are the occasions when you need to know what path to take, He may stay silent, more likely He asks ‘which one do you want to go down?’, this may be because there is no wrong path and you can see that they will probably end up at the same point, other times it is more of a test.

A test isn’t necessarily a pass or fail, God never intends you to be a failure, to miss the mark, He dealt with all failure on the cross through Jesus and now sees you as a success. He wants to show you how far you have come, to celebrate. However He only sees you growing and may well want to help upgrade you through a series of events, circumstances and choices you make. He is constantly teaching, guiding and instructing you through the intimate work of His Holy Spirit.

Many decisions we make are not wrong, they just take us on a unnecessary detour, our final destination is secure but will miss out on the adventure and the opportunity. They can be distractions that pull us away from our purpose, from His purposes. I can fill my life with so many things, all of them completely safe, good, wholesome and even justifiable. The only slight fly in the ointment is that they are not really what He wants for you. He has much bigger, grander plans for you, in fact you cannot have a bigger plan for your life than the one He has laid out before Him in heaven.

Your job is to find out, to peer over His shoulder and see what He is looking at when He is musing over the plans and purposes. You are part of His master plan and you can see quite clearly that you are part of it, in fact to you it suddenly seems that not only are you an integral part of it but that you actually get the sense that it might not even work if you don’t play your part. It looks to you that you are a vital, indispensable part of the whole campaign.

However to see this master plan, to get to see it peering over His shoulder you have to get close, very close. This is where you come in, He is happy for you to be there, He loves it when you take an interest in what interests Him, He wants you to learn the family business, He wants you to take over your role as you mature, as you grow in favour. He is preparing you to receive your inheritance. This is true father son relationship.

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Your life is hidden in Jesus. He is all that you will ever need. He knows you so well, better than you know yourself. He loves you so you can trust Him completely. Nobody loves you as much as He does, not even yourself.

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If God is God…

Faith is believing what you believe. If God is God (and He is by the way), then what He said and what He showed us in Jesus is to be believed. Just because it is hard, difficult, challenging, uncomfortable and inconvenient doesn’t make what He said any less true. So keep praying until you have got it, seek until you have found it and knock until it opens.

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Washed clean

You are clean, His word has washed over you, you are whiter than snow. Nothing anyone can say will make you cleaner or more unclean. Take Him at His word, believe in His promises, His cleansing word. You have a future, a new life that has its origins in heaven.

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Radical Lifestyle

He wants you to live a radical life. A lifestyle that pushes the boundaries of what you think is achievable. Push yourself forward don’t shrink back. If you want to experience the excitement of His kingdom then you need to adopt a different attitude to life. Don’t play safe and don’t think that He is going to give you an easy ride. He didn’t call you to be ordinary and run of the mill. That is a fabrication of the enemy.

What has happened up until now has been a byproduct of your upbringing and experiences. It seems real to you but He wants you to see His version of you. The true version. The true you which is so very different to the one that has been painted in your head and on your heart. He hopes you will begin to understand the depth of the love and compassion He has for you. Believe it or not He does understand you even if you don’t.

He keeps asking you ‘Do you love Me?’ because He wants you to be blessed and to be a blessing. He asks you ‘Do you believe in Me?’ because He wants you to trust Him and encourage others to trust Him. If you decide in your heart to do all that He asks you to do, you will find peace, rest and joy. This is something to be learned, there is no short cut. Just a willingness to be obedient. Obedience is not just doing as you are told. It is yielding yourself to Him completely and trusting Him who loves you more than anyone, it is all about being faithful to Him.

The word ‘obedience’, in your mind, may be a negative word that conjures up images of a faceless bureaucrats or authority figures telling you what to do. With God that is not true. Anything He asks you to do is for your good and the good of others. He just reserves the right not to tell you why or have to explain Himself every time He asks you to say or do something. He doesn’t need to justify Himself to you or anyone else. He would love for you to just trust Him completely and unreservedly.

He wants you to believe in Him and love Him. His love for you is not conditional on you loving Him but your love for Him is conditional on Him loving you. On His part of the equation He has been faultless and faithful. All you have to do is respond to Him and not harden your heart through unbelief.

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Height and depth

There is no limit to where you can go and what you can do. There is a power that is not readily available to everyone. It comes through faith and it comes by grace. It isn’t earned. You have the same Holy Spirit that was on Jesus and on your spiritual heroes of the past. You will have your own anointing. You are to encourage others with your own anointing. It comes down to individual responses but there is no favouritism. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what your title or role in the church is. If you are willing He will use you to the limit of your imagination. This is only through exercising the faith He has given you and receiving the grace He pours out on you. You go to Him first and not just copy others.

You will not have any idea of what may happen, you cannot control Him nor your future. If you have asked for increase, for power or a breakthrough you will get it. When this happens it will certainly rock your world. Don’t be discouraged if initially you see nothing happening for at any moment you will not be able to recognise yourself and wonder how you ever got here. He is the God of the breakthrough. He looks to see who is willing. Who is hungry and who is thirsty. Seek Him faithfully and get yourself ready. Don’t worry if you don’t feel it but rest assured your prayers have come up to Him. He knows what your deepest desires are because He made you with them preinstalled.

But only when they are released from the hiding place does He hear them and smell the rich aroma of your prayers. That aroma comes up to heaven. He knows the passion that is in your heart. You want to see His kingdom and His glory because you have sought after Him. The battle for you has been fierce because the enemy knows what will happen when you get the breakthrough. There will be no stopping you. There is very little you need to do except persevere and strengthen your desire for Him. His Spirit has been sent to help strengthen you.

He also sends His angels to minister to you. They have been assigned to you. If your desire is to see healing, extra-ordinary miracles and signs and wonders, they will happen. Don’t put your trust in other men and women but only in Him and at all times look to Him.

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No condemnation

The chains have fallen off. There is no condemnation. You are free to love. Free to be all that you are meant to be. Those things that you fear have no hold on you. You have access to Him at all times. Do not allow what has happened in your past decide your future. That will limit you and more importantly it will limit Him. It will hinder you and prevent you from moving forward. Those chains have been broken, they are gone but you may think they are still there. Look closely they have gone. Your future is based on what He says about you not what you are accused of. Be free and live every day in that freedom. Nothing will hold you back, nothing at all.

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Golden Calves

The golden calves are those things that man sets up in place of God, they can be well meaning but ultimately have their origins in man. Either the golden calves (the worthless things that we hold so dear) are to be barbecued or the fire will consume them. The fire of His Spirit will consume them as it burns everything which does not originate by His Spirit. Those who are ready will be fire proofed. The fire will rage with such an intensity that nothing will quench it. Anything that tries will itself catch fire. Let the fire burn off everything that has no eternal value. Out of the ashes and embers there will rise a new living church. A church which He will breathe His life into. His Spirit will manifest Himself with signs and wonders and incredible miracles not yet seen.

Be ready and waiting. Ready for Him to move. There will be no warning. It will be important for people to know what He is like. That is where you come in. Find out what He thinks about those around you. Re-appraise how you see others in the light of how He sees them. Treat them according to the gold you see in them. Your change of thinking will change their thinking, it will transform them. They, in turn, will change how they view their neighbours, friends and relatives. There will be a domino effect. You are getting not just yourself ready but others as well. You will then be a blessing to Him. You will be doing them a huge favour.

A new foundation is being laid. If a good foundation isn’t laid then what happens next will make no sense at all. God isn’t ‘nice’ as we would define it, He loves us too much to be sentimental. If you have a problem with what God is doing then ask Him yourself but remember that He is Love, pure love.

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