From a place of love and authority

The church is meant to reflect the love of God and demonstrate His power to a world bereft of hope. Unless there is a deep and tangible love for Him, for each other and even for ourselves we will struggle to love a world hell bent on destroying itself.

We are the world’s only hope and yet we backbite, criticise and regularly fall out with each other with no thought of the consequences. Relationships become secondary to doctrine as if God isn’t relationational. He isn’t running a multinational corporation where Jesus is the CEO.

We like to talk organisation and structure and yet He seems to talk about relationship and love. Unless we deeply love Him we are going to struggle to love each other. His love for us, His forgiveness alone should melt out hearts.

Consecrate and surrender are not popular words (except in songs) but unless there is full, unconditional surrender to Him we can only glimpse at what could be. His love is unconditional but His promises are not.

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The marketplace

Church is meant to be governmental and influential. That can sound like a power trip and people who want that will go after that. Jesus demonstrated power and influence without corrupting both those two words.

We are meant to serve this culture, community or society not judge and criticise. We are to offer hope, a solution not an invitation to a meeting.

Businesses, schools, hospitals, the police etc should be getting solutions from the body of Christ. Solutions that have their origins in heaven not man’s thinking. God wants to bless His creation but we can stubbornly refuse to believe that we have anything to contribute.

There is no separation of secular and sacred. One impacts the other, they are intertwined. He created a physical world and a real heaven. The two operate together at all times. What you do in the physical impacts the spiritual and vice versa. Take the time to find out how and why.

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Be intentional

He made us to be relational. When we meet for a Sunday service we are meeting together but we are not meeting each other. Yes, we will greet each other, say ‘Hi’, ‘How are you?’ Etc. Our replies are usually in the order of ‘fine’, ‘could be better’ or ‘not too bad’. The weather is also a very useful safe topic of conversation.

How well do you know people in your church? When was the last time you had a meal with them or a coffee? Is it only with those you get on with? Do you know enough about them to pray specifically?

The church gathering on a Sunday is not the place to have deep and meaningful conversations. Neither is it when you are having coffee afterwards. It has to be deliberate, intentional.

This is also true of our relationship with God. Don’t keep Him at arms length. Don’t confine Him to the pages of a book. You can’t keep Him at a safe distance. Neither do this with those who you share your Christian walk with. Spend time getting to know each other. It is imperative. It is vital.


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Meeting driven christian lifestyle

First off I am not saying anything against meetings. Every time two or more people get together they are meeting. However how we view church is often based on either the institution or the meeting on a Sunday. We use phrases like ‘if only the church…’ or ‘I’m going to church…’.

We use these expressions all the time, I do but they don’t really convey what church is and sometimes it is helpful to use a different word to express it. So the word ‘Ekklesia’ can help to redefine what He means by The Church.

How we define it as traditionally a meeting of people in a certain place at a certain time on a certain day to sing praises to Him and hear someone teach from the bible. That is a gross oversimplification but the elements are there. There is structure and there is purpose.

We even measure people’s performance by their attendance. We mark the worship team out of 10 and the preacher/speaker out of 10, and even dream up better ways for the pastor or vicar to do a better job. The focus centres around the meeting on Sunday and everything else flows from that. The prayer meetings, the children’s work, youth or the Homegroup during the week.

Often this can mean a separation of the secular and sacred. That is church, this is work and this is family. Church becomes something we go to or have done to us. That is not His deepest desire or His ultimate plan. There is more, far more.

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Ekklesia (a brief definition)

“The word Ekklesia is the word translated church from the Greek.

This word means the judicial, legislative and governmental people of God.

It speaks of a people that have been granted legal positions on Earth and before the Lord.

We have been given the right and authority to get things legally in place so that God’s will can come into the Earth realm.”

Excerpt from “Operating In The Courts Of Heaven: Granting God the Legal Right to Fulfill His Passion and Answer Our Prayers” by Robert Henderson


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