What is bread but His daily word to you. You need it every day. It cannot be stored for long and you cannot live off last year’s loaf. What He provides will sustain you and strengthen you. You will have it provided every day. Fresh bread to eat, so eat and be full.

The wine will be His joy which will gladden your heart. It is part of your inheritance, it belongs to you. As you drink deeply of Him it will fill your whole life. Your perceptions will change because you will change and people will see you so differently. The joy you will have will seem irrational to others because they will not know the source of your contentment.

The oil is His blessing poured out on you and covers you completely. People cannot see this oil. It doesn’t evaporate like water because it soaks and penetrates right through. Unlike the wine and the bread, the oil is what He pours out. The bread and wine you have constant access to, He never withholds it. The oil is poured out on whom He wishes and He wishes to pour it out on you. There is no better time than now. You have been given a mandate (a document giving official instructions or commands). It will be specific to you but it will be within the boundaries of His mandate to the church. You will have a clear commission, it is your anointing.

People work hard at exposing sin and depravity. You, on the other hand, will expose His goodness, mercy and grace. In this don’t try to be what you are not. Do not put on a religious facade. God is not mocked for He will expose those things that are done in secret, He will expose the condition of men’s hearts. So don’t be envious of others, whether their ministry or their lifestyle. Be content with what He has given you and what you have. Rich will be your reward in heaven. Use what you have, it is enough.

Do not work for what has no eternal significance. Whatever you do, do it well and be passionate about it. Do what He puts in front of you. Be passionate about Him. Maintain your intimacy with Him for that will save you and sustain you.