He cares passionately about you. You are the desire of His heart. He created you for beauty and for joy. You were created from His pleasure for His pleasure. You are a joy to Him as a father enjoys his children. He rejoices over you. He watches over you. He knows your heart. Your heart will melt when it comes close to Him. You were born to love His Presence. You have an inbuilt love for His people and cherish them like He does.

He sees your frustration. He uses that to bring you closer to Him. He wants to show His love for you. To pour it over you again and again. It is free and yet costs everything. It is in abundance and yet you have to be hungry for it.

He is hidden in plain sight. He knows you have a hunger for Him and He is feeding you. He is feeding you Himself with the choicest of foods. All He asks is that you get rid of pride and stubbornness. Replace it with a humble heart as you present yourself before Him. Accept your calling. Don’t just look and hunger for the superficial and sensational. Instead play your part in His business of redeeming this world by discipling the nation. Listen to Him. Follow Him and submit to Him no matter how inconvenient or uncomfortable it is.

You will find deep satisfaction and contentment in your life if you surrender fully to Him. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else or their ministry. You never know what will be birthed from a simple act of willingness to be obedient. From a small acorn a mighty oak tree will arise and grow tall. It takes time, it doesn’t happen overnight. It is one of the slowest growing trees and yet the strongest and most revered of all trees. You can be like that oak tree maturing at the right time. Slowly but with purpose.

An acorn contains a forest.