Be prepared for the fire from heaven. A revival fire. A fire that will burn up all the rubbish. He will bring revelation to you. It will reveal more about you. It will also show you a glimpse of His glory. He will release His goodness to you and through you. This will only increase as you yield your heart to Him. Don’t compromise or become stingy in your affections for Him. He does not do or say anything to worry you. But you may be alarmed when He takes you straight into the heat of the battle. He wants you to be sober minded in the hope that you will seek Him for who He is not for what He can provide. Seek Him with all of your heart.

The spiritual realm is difficult to see because the world has blinded people. As your eyes are healed you will begin to see the wonderful truth of His love. You will see the blessings waiting to roll out and be poured into your lap.

All your challenges seem to be the external. The people you live and work with or the circumstances around you. However, it is the internal world which provides the greatest challenge of all. The events happening inside of you. The thoughts, feelings and desires that you have can all drive you to distraction and pull you away from Him.

Listen carefully to Him. Look intently at what He is doing. There is evidence of His handiwork but it can be as small as a mustard seed. His finger prints are on everything but barely visible. Have eyes to see and ears to hear. keep searching and keep seeking. Persistence will get you there. Find ways to empower and encourage people around you as you demonstrate His love and kindness. Encourage them to recognise His incredible goodness.

Lots of meetings does not guarantee anything. One meeting with Him changes everything. Only when people come humbly and wholeheartedly to a meeting does relationship happen. Bring your walk with God not a mask. Bring your passion and hunger for Him and you will share in the feast together. There is a certain type of power and anointing displayed in a corporate gathering. The faith or doubt of a group has a powerful affect. See what happened to Jesus. Play your part by preparing yourself. There is an individual response which has a collective impact. Train yourself to listen and open your eyes to see. Don’t think you know everything or even a lot. Be willing to spend a lifetime learning.