persevere in all things and at all times with what you believe to be true

Have a positive confession. In so doing you will turn every situation into an example of His goodness. There you will find that no situation will get you down, certainly not for long. You will see positives when everyone else only sees negatives. It is His desire that you see His goodness all the days of your life. For you to see possibilities not set backs. Yield your will to His. As you see Him for what He is and and who He is. Through trusting in Him fear and worry will not overcome you.

He is bringing His plans to fruition. He is looking for a people who want a personal relationship with Him. This is His desire for you to know Him, love Him and understand His heart. He is motivated with a desire to have a bride ready for the bridegroom. This is a marriage made in heaven. It will silence the clamour of the world as they see it come into its own.

As His power is manifest through His Spirit you will see the hearts of men and women fall into two categories ‘grace’ and ‘mercy’. Grace to those who are getting something they don’t deserve. Mercy for those not get what they do deserve. After receiving mercy then comes grace. Both are powerful truths and all because of Him who loves you.

Don’t stop at just receiving His mercy. Believe for His grace in all and every situation. His mercy is His forgiveness. His grace is His goodness. It is His favour resting on you. It is His blessing when you never deserved it. Grace is God’s nature manifest in someone. That someone is you. It will look like something, it is not a hypothesis. Don’t think for a minute His grace is ‘too good to be true’. It is always too good because we can never deserve it. It is true because it is real.

The more you surrender, the greater your access to what He has for you. There is a passion in His Spirit. He is a passionate God. For those who have met His Spirit understand how passionate He is. The Holy Spirit is unrelenting in His bid to reveal God’s goodness, love and favour. He wants every believer to experience the fullness of Heaven every day and in every situation. He is doing His very best to reveal it to you.

Doubt is cast in your mind when something doesn’t happen when or how you expect. Revelation matures only when faith is exercised. Revelation isn’t an end in itself it is worked out. It is living and breathing in you. The process starts when you get the revelation. Revelation isn’t the end product, you are. If you try something once and it doesn’t seem to work it doesn’t mean it is wrong. Keep believing.

It may still be right but you need to ask Him the right questions. If you get the go ahead then try again and again. This is what faith is – that you persevere in all things at all times with what you believe to be true. Just be willing for revelation from the Holy Spirit to change what you believe.