Be patient with yourself. There are many changes happening all at the same time. He never said it would be straightforward, logical or even linear. It won’t necessarily be one step at a time, it can be several things overlapping all at the same time. This may throw you into confusion but He makes no apology for that. Over time the fruit will come. Do not lose heart nor give up. This is often a painful time when He is transforming you.

Trust in Him and believe at all times because He is thinking of your welfare. Just because it doesn’t feel like it doesn’t mean it isn’t true. When someone comes out of an operation they aren’t instantly ready to run. It doesn’t mean the operation wasn’t a success. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of time to heal and for you to get your strength back. A time of rest is what is needed to fully recover and that doesn’t mean sitting around doing nothing.

A scientific and logic approach determines what should happen when and how and under what circumstances. When God does something it is far from logical, to our eyes at least. If anything it can be messy and chaotic. However what He does is very effective. What He may be doing is dealing with several interconnected issues all at the same time. We are made up of Body, Mind and Spirit. They are all connected, even if they seem totally unrelated.

You have full access to Him but that doesn’t mean He will tell you everything that is going on or even why. He asks you to trust Him, and trusting Him looks and feels like something. The hardest part is to believe that He is fully aware and fully involved in every detail. He is, much more than you can see or realise. Remind yourself that He is fully aware of your situation even when, and especially when, you feel all at sea. That is why it is so important to continually praise and worship Him. This is for your benefit otherwise you will start to believe and worship your own circumstances and your own thoughts, that will take you round and round in ever decreasing circles.

He is leading you along a path which is straight but not straightforward. The world would love to keep you going round in circles, on a merry-go-round. The funny thing is we generally call that progress.