You are an ambassador for Him. You will tell people about His kindness and show them His goodness. You will set people free. You will heal their sicknesses. You will deliver them from torment. He knows your limits. The task would be too immense and intense for you but not for Him. So rest in Him, let Him do it through you. Because through you He will bring His unbridled joy and peace to many but firstly and lastly be captivated by His love. Be singularly devoted to Him. Surrender everything. Let all ambition go. Let your desires be His desires. Just follow Him not your own plans. He is to be your goal.

As you aim to be near Him. He becomes the total of your ambition and desire. You will long for nothing else. Devoting yourself totally to Him. So walk with Him and commune with Him every day. Every fibre of your being will cry out for Him. For all of Him cries out for His people. Make it your goal to set His people free.