Be a friend and lover first. Someone who is a worshipper of truth by worshipping the God of all truth. Let nothing else matter. You will walk with Him and seek His inheritance for you together.

For if you seek Him with all your heart you will find Him. Don’t be casual about this. Your happiness is not based on your job or your finances. It is not based on your position or role in the church. It isn’t even dependant on your relationship with your spouse or partner, good although those things can be and they are all meant to be a blessing.

It is based purely on the depth of your love for Him. Your love for Him is a mirror of His love for you. Celebrate the joy of your special relationship as a son or daughter with your Heavenly Father. You are a loved child of God. Even though you walk the streets unnoticed He notices you and thinks wonderfully things about you.

You are going to be an inspiration to many in the same way others have been to you. You are so lovely to Him, so precious. He loves spending time with you. He knows how far you have come.

Seek Him passionately and wholeheartedly.