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Do not despair

Do not get discouraged or frustrated when you do not see anything happening, for a time is coming when you will see Him at work in your life and you will see His glory. You will experience His hand of provision for you and taste the blessing of God and see His favour on you. His grace will abound towards you again and again and again. In this world you have to gain fame or achieve something spectacular before anyone notices you. In the Kingdom He chooses you, not based on what you have done, or how well you have performed or how many likes on Facebook. He looks for the humble, the contrite, the downtrodden, the rejected and shows His power in and through them. You can’t earn it nor work for it, you receive it because it is based on His love for you.

He ignores the powerful and the influential, instead chooses the low, the weak and the insignificant. The world rejects them but He does not. It exalts the wealthy, influential and gifted and pampers to those who are charismatic and eloquent. The church is not separate from society, it is never meant to be. Unfortunately it has moulded itself to fit in rather than bring kingdom influence and change. That will change as more people are filled with His Spirit and yield themselves to His will. When you see this happen, a passion for Him will take hold of people and it will shake the very fabric and foundation of the church. Only where the foundation is Jesus will it flourish.

This may sound very uncomfortable and a little unnerving but you should rejoice that you will see His power in greater measure at work amongst the rank and file. Be glad because it is His church that He is restoring. The church was for the healing of the nations. You are included in that. Remember He loves you and He loves His church and He is here to fulfil His promises to the world as well as for you. Ask what you will and it will be done for you. Be at peace with yourself and Him, enjoy His favour.

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A similar passion

There is a fast approaching time where the hearts of men and women will be addressed. He will once again draw people in increasing numbers to Himself. There is a perfect plan and purpose in what He is doing. It is not random or arbitrary. You may not understand it nor see the pattern. That doesn’t mean you won’t see the full picture one day. You are, even now, starting to get a tantalising glimpse into His purposes. An appreciation of the sheer depth of His heart for all people.

Remember patience and faithfulness is a virtue. Together with long-suffering, perseverance and persistence. The answer is not always easy or even obvious. When you search the scriptures they all direct you to Him. It is not a text book or a reference book. The Bible is a living epistle to all His children. A gift to all believers and to all people. It also means we have no excuse not to know Him.

Life can get very busy. You may find that tiredness sets in. Then apathy crouches at your door and a lethargy gets a hold. They need to be shrugged off. The number one objective of the enemy is to draw you away from any kind of relationship with Him. The relationship has a benchmark. That benchmark is described in the relationship between Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit. They are in complete unison.

Be patient with yourself as you go through a significant change. Being patient with others recognising that people will be at different stages in their relationship with Him, just as you are. One of your roles is to do whatever you can to bring others closer to Him. To show them, by encouragement, how to deepen the relationship.

Walking in unity occurs when you have something in common. When a group of people know Him deeply and intimately. When they are passionate about the same thing. This is not the same as having the same doctrine, same world view, same theology even. Just bringing people together is not unity. All you are doing is occupying the same room. For unity there has to be the same passion. The hallmark of true unity is that differences of opinion are considered superficial, they never get in the way of their relationship with Him because how we love each other matters so much to Him.

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His delight is in you

He delights in you and He loves to be with you. Often it is to simply talk and to listen. Not so much about doing. There will be plenty of doing because He wants you to give it away but He is not impressed with just being busy. Your challenge is make sure that your friendship with Him is not just maintained but strengthened. Much will happen that would like to break it, devalue it or destroy it. It is the most important relationship you will ever have. Every other relationship stems from this, whether it is with your spouse, children, parents or friends. Your relationship with Him comes first and is foremost. You want that relationship and He wants that relationship. So nothing can stop you, can it?

There is a battle. Don’t be surprised. Other things will distract you or pull on you. Your mind isn’t totally made up yet. It isn’t the only thing that you want. So you are going to have to decide what you want. Do you want Him more than anything? The worldly stuff and other things are very enticing and attractive. They are not bad, they just feel more immediate, necessary and real.

When people see the power of God released they suddenly want that added to their list of experiences. Understandably they want to see the manifestation of God in their lives. However, the feelings and the experiences that are associated with it will not satisfy very long before people move on to the next thing. There is no root. The talk is of things not Him. It is seen time and time again. The miraculous signs themselves don’t draw people to Him necessarily. They can cause division and strife in the church. His heart is what draws people together.

You may be wondering why He does them at all if they seem to cause so many problems. The reasons are simple because for some people it does draw them to Him. The signs and wonders act as a catalyst. People cannot necessarily agree on them but few ignore them. They expose the motives and desires of men’s hearts. Whether they are right or otherwise.

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The pull of gravity

You may feel that you are letting people down or not pulling your weight as you devote yourself to seeking Him. Some will certainly think this and may even voice it. He is drawing you to Him but people will also pull on you, as will your circumstances. Whenever anyone sets their mind to serve Him or follow Him there is always some resistance. Take comfort, for Jesus was resisted at every turn. At this time you will have to watch your heart and attitude. You have the choice of different responses to make, to either follow Him or walk away. This is when grace and obedience are most powerful. This is where the fruit of the Spirit ripens.

You may feel bruised and battered but you have only one course of treatment. He will strengthen you and restore you. Understand that what you go through isn’t anything new. You will not be the first nor the last. To continue and persevere is up to you. He will not force you but He will do everything to encourage you.

After all that happens and is happening do you still want to follow Him? Your mind needs a clear answer to carry you through this time. Your heart will say yes. Your deepest desire is for just that. The challenge is getting your mind to agree as well. Remind yourself daily of the eternal not just the here and now. Heaven is here now and so is your cross.

Passion will only carry you so far. Believing will only carry you so far but faith and trust in His grace will carry you right through. You have to be certain and know deep down. It has to be embedded within in you the truth that He will never let you down. You have to be utterly convinced because you will be challenged on it. This needs to be a daily decision.

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Losing your identity

It is a difficult stage as you leave behind your old identity and realising your true identity. Finding that treasure hidden in Him can also make you feel like a lost soul. It can even be a grieving period. You may experience a sense of loss. At this time you will be vulnerable and may want to fill your life with stuff. You will be tempted to re-create your own identity as the old one fades away. You should look forward to the experience but it will feel uncomfortable.

Doubt will crouch at your door. Even despair will try to get you. This is a critical time when you will have to draw deeply from Him. You cannot do this unless you are wholehearted. Throw yourself on Him. Listen to the Holy Spirit and lean on Him. Seek Him and find your rest in Him. Find out what He is doing in you and trust Him that He knows exactly what He is doing. Because He really does know what He is doing. This is key preparation for the future plans He has for you. You may find it hard but very rewarding.

He believes passionately in you. He wouldn’t put you through this if He knew you couldn’t make it. You will be an increasing blessing at each and every step of the process. The time is now, be prepared for change and a shift. Every time you revisit His words to you, you are reminding yourself of His goodness. They will be a comfort to you. Remember that righteousness, peace and joy are your lot in equal measure. What you have should overflow to many. It is not just for you to keep. He knows full well what is in your heart.

He is fully aware what your thoughts are. He doesn’t listen to your thoughts but He does listen to your heart. That deep desire that cries out to Him. Jesus is constantly praying and interceding for you. Before the throne of God He prays your heart. God the Father wants you to experience the full gospel so that you can share it. It will not be just a theory or doctrinal statement for you. It will be real and very exiting as the reality of this relationship with the Father impacts your life. It is more than mere words can describe. It will be much more than that.

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He is filling you up like a reservoir. One that is about to overflow. He is creating a greater capacity in you to love and to serve. It will release so much power it will take your breath away. Signs, wonders and miracles will follow you. Your words and your life will describe His heart for the world. Too many people see Him as a harsh, judgemental and uncaring God. Some believe in a supreme being who is completely holy and pure yet has no real love or compassion for them, they think He doesn’t really care, for if He did He would do something at it. The truth is He has done something about it, He made you. Our western culture revels in comparing itself against perfection knowing all the time that it fails to measure up. It is then easy to forget that He is full of mercy and grace.

He did not create man so that He would have something to vent His anger at. Rather the complete opposite. This was an opportunity to show how much He is willing to forgive. He is more ready to show mercy than condemn. He gave man free choice right from the beginning. He has been chasing after him ever since. Wooing him back to Himself. When you read the scriptures try reading them from the perspective of the love of a Father’s heart. You will see that He is that same God that you see manifest in Jesus. He was God’s express being in man. Jesus came to show the world in person what God is really like. You don’t need to look any further than Jesus.

The world works on a basis of rules, laws and judgement. There is no room or capacity in the system for grace and mercy. These are alien to most people. They want justice. They want to be kept safe and secure. They demand that of God, they expect it from Him.

It is a common assumption that you are meant to do everything in your own strength. To go with what you are comfortable with. Relying on using our own abilities and skills. However, He chooses the weak. So be childlike and totally dependent on Him just like young children are dependent on their parents. We think if we know the Bible well enough we won’t need to rely on God anymore. This is the independent spirit behind many people coming through. Even the gifts of the spirit can be used to promote ourselves and make us look good.

This misuse of the gifts isn’t a deliberate thing but it can creep in subtly. The Holy Spirit is grieved because He wants to reveal the Father. That is the primary purpose of the gifts. That is His primary role. Everything is geared to revealing the Father to us. Without Him we wouldn’t even be alive, He breathes His breath into us in the first place. He is life personified. The Bible is not a rule book. It is not a manual. It is a love letter from God and The Holy Spirit will guide you into a greater revelation of His love.

If you think you have to struggle through life, doing the best you can, then think again. Let God carry you rather than striving and struggling all the way. Heaven is more than a destination when you die it is the reality of the cross here and now, today and tomorrow and for ever. You are an eternal being, start living as one.

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Preparation is everything

He is preparing you now for a future time. A time where you will be overwhelmed by a love for others. You will run the risk of exhaustion. He is showing you how you can manage it. One of the keys are maintaining deep times with Him.

To sustain yourself will in some cases be practical ordinary things. Watching what you eat. Learning to resting well. Keeping your body healthy through physical exercise. Exercising your mind to keep it healthy and active. Above all to strengthen your spirit and for that you need The Spirit’s help. He needs you at full strength for what He wants you to do. Do not run on empty, you don’t have to. He will show you where your limits are. It doesn’t mean there won’t be heavy demands placed on you but He wants you to be strong enough to handle them. He is not trying to make you into something you are not but He will help you push those limits.

Don’t go searching for a model to copy but be yourself. Originals are worth more than copies. Be the you He made you to be. Understand that you have qualities that He has put in you for a very good reason. Those qualities will become more apparent as time goes on. He is building resilience into you so that you will not be easily affected. If you think you are failing or a failure then stop it. Stop that thought dead in its tracks. Everything around you is for a purpose and for purpose. You don’t have to understand it all to appreciate what He is doing and what He is like. But you do have to trust Him in the now and not just in the then.

Ask of Him what you will and He will answer according to His will for you. For His plans and purposes are bearing fruit even though He knows you cannot see them yet. One reason is that it isn’t the fruit you weren’t necessarily expecting to see. Be patient and be ready for rapid growth and rapid change. If you are not you could be caught out.

He knows your desires and He knows your frustrations. Everything will be fulfilled in the fullness of time. Just believe. Trust, wait and seek. The layers of lies and unbelief will unravel. Your eyes will see The Truth. You will see Him. A clearer picture of yourself will emerge and you will see what a beautiful bride the church is and will be.

He knows you want to know what He is really like. Too much too soon will blow your mind. Slowly and surely you will find out. The more time you spend with Him the closer you will be to Him. He is not that hard to find but you will have to seek Him out and look to Him.

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What is He like?

What is He really like? We try to build up a mental picture of what He is really like. The Sunday morning service should be a time to worship God together, the accumulation of your daily act of worship not the only time you give a thought to Him. It is not just to sing a few nice songs to make you feel good inside. Instead, offer a sacrifice of praise and do what makes Him feel good. Seek, in all your meetings and gatherings, to please Him and Him alone. Make the reason for doing anything and everything all to do with Him. Give Him everything not just a few minutes and a few coppers.

If you read or study your bible, do it to find His heart. If you want to know what He is really like you are going to need to experience Him first hand not second hand from someone else. If you were confident of what He is like you would have no trouble trusting Him. We have difficulties because it often ‘feels’ like it’s just a concept or idea. If He is really that good, then what is going to be your response? Do you know what He thinks about you? If you don’t know then you really do need to find out and find out quickly.

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Joy to be discovered

His joy is a gift. It isn’t something to be earned. It is something that is yours. His joy in you is the most natural thing in the world. It just needs to see the light of day more often. It is buried under years of rubbish, lies, misunderstanding and misconceptions. The Truth about who you are and what He is like has been distorted and put out as a truth.

Through your desire to know Him you will find The Truth and those years of accumulated grime will be washed off. Focus your attention on Him. Look upwards towards Him, not downwards or inwards. For in Him is the answer to everlasting and abundant life.

This is where faith comes in. It is the start and finish of your faith, it is Him. He has given you enough to seek Him and to know Him. All you have to do is believe in Him. If you continue to believe you will never give up seeking Him or give in to doubt. The parable of the talents demonstrates that whatever measure of faith He has given you use it wisely and use it to its max. He has given you a measure of faith but it is up to you if you use it. One day He will ask you what you did with it. Don’t squander what He has given you. Look for that seed of faith and encourage it. Feed it and watch it grow and multiply.

Have faith in God and joy will be close behind. It will spring up. This joy wells up as your spirit influences your mind and your emotions. Joy is more than a collection of feelings. It is a state of mind with an expectation of good things. It is glistening hope. That is why when you begin to see Him as He really is your joy will begin to increase. Joy is written into your DNA.

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Transforming power

He loves you as you are but loves you too much to leave you like that

He wants you to know how much He loves you even through the many difficulties and challenges you have faced. Use them to make yourself stronger and more reliant on Him. Make yourself more aware of His goodness by training yourself to see it. He is filling you with His transforming power. It will mark a change in you, it will mark you out. It is the difference between those who want to carry on with their own ways and those who listen to His Spirit and respond to His voice.

His desire and dream is that His goodness will overflow to many. So that His Spirit and His nature is poured into many hearts. He wants a people bursting with joy and thanksgiving. Working amazing miracles and performing signs and wonders to draw people to Him but the greatest desire will be for His Presence.

Transformation will be most evident when people’s hearts are ready to receive His goodness. Some will still try to earn it by trying hard to please Him their way not His ways. I encourage you to rest in Him for He is all you need. His grace extends to you regardless of your life choices. Grace is there because of your decisions whether deliberately self-destructive or otherwise. This grace doesn’t stop when you became a believer. It helps you to make the right choices and decisions through choosing a lifestyle that reflects His forgiveness and goodness. He does not want to control you but He does want to win you over with His love. He is incredibly gentle and patient. He brings correction for your own good. He loves you as you are but loves you too much to leave you like that.

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