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No holding back

Do you think He holds back from His children on purpose? It may feel like that but He does not. He makes it all available to you. You were designed to have a heart after His own heart and that is what He is doing. Search for Him in all the right places. This is not a game of hide and seek. He is not trying to be not found. He is hiding in plain sight. He has plans for you based on His dreams for this world. He dreams of you part of His kingdom. There is nothing that is going to be too difficult or too challenging. You will see Him as your source and your strength.

There is a coming time when you will make bold declarations and decrees. They may well laugh at you. God isn’t laughing. They may hope you fall flat on your face. But in Him you cannot fail. They may call you arrogant and expect Him to teach you a lesson. Instead His favour will rest on you. Your confidence will be in Him and in Him alone. He is faithful to you. Together with Him you will show others what they can have and what is possible. Let yourself submit fully to Him. Allow for the full force of His grace at work in you. It is greater and more compelling than you can imagine.

They will be astounded at the miracles you will perform. There will be ordinary miracles and extra-ordinary ones. There will be signs and wonders. Some people will encourage you and some will hinder you, either way leave that to Him. Your job is to rejoice in Him, love others deeply and forgive constantly. His desire is that they get the blessings that fall off you. Like water cascading off a rock. If people let you down, He will not.

He is permanently faithful. He will never forget you. He will raise you up. In Him you will never be disheartened because His heart is full. He is to be the love of your life. Everything will work out in perfect harmony. There will be perfect unity around Him at the centre. There is room enough for everyone. Everyone has a beautiful function and purpose. They will add diversity and infinite majesty of His glory. Through others you will see more wonderful facets of His Presence. Experiencing more of His joy and more of His peace. Your heart will beat along with the heartbeat of God.

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There is no limit

There is no limit to His kindness. If you believe you will see it. So believe in Him. Trust in Him and accept that He is the living God. He is The Creator. He is not a figment of your imagination. He is not an explanation for the universe but neither does anything make sense without Him.

So many have spoken faith and not believed in their hearts. A culture of unbelief is created. Accepting that to talk about it is one thing to act on it and believe it is another. That is the accepted norm. That is the challenge you face. People caution moderation. There is so much teaching. Who is going to demonstrate? How can you teach something you have not experienced. How can you show someone the way if you have not been there yourself.

You can get information about a foreign country simply by reading about it. You can even seem very knowledgeable, sound like an expert. Yet if you have never been there you are lacking first hand experience. God wants you to experience His kingdom first hand. The sights, the smells and the sounds. Your relationship is with the living God not a book. He is more than words. He wants you to experience Him.

He does not want you just to know about His goodness but experience it. To share the experience with others. To encourage people to experience it for themselves. To breathe in the atmosphere of heaven. To drink in His glory. To have your nose assaulted by the smell of His aroma. To taste of His goodness and listen to the sounds of His voice. There is no discord in heaven. The music is beautiful. You can eat of the fruit of heaven. The taste is beyond your wildest imaginations.

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Miraculous Verification

There is a tendency to see the miraculous as a sign of approval, it is nothing of the sort. Signs and wonders are meant to draw you closer to Him. The impact of seeing a miracle, sign or wonder is demonstrating His desire for you to seek Him. He is drawing people to Him not a book. It is for those who seek Him out of pure heart. Not miracle chasers. Not seeking the gifts themselves. Not even the ministry. Just to be near Him.

You may never stand in a pulpit. You may never be a conference speaker or stand on a platform. But He will know you and you will be known by Him. You will have the honour and joy of knowing Him. You will do great exploits with Him. His disciples did signs, wonders and miracles in His name. They didn’t do them standing behind a pulpit. They demonstrated His powerful love in the streets. Be prepared to take His love into the marketplace. You may not feel it is time yet to do that. All the same, let the preparations begins.

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A garment of Praise

He will bring fresh revelation to those who have ears to hear and are hungry enough to be fed by Him. It is not what you can do but what He can do through you. It is your capacity for how much God will do through you. How low you will go? How humble will you walk?

He is giving you a garment of praise. That is something that you wear on the outside. It is seen and heard. Praise Him with a joy derived from heaven. Join in with the hosts praising Him. The more you praise Him the more like Him you become.

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Freedom from lies

There is a glory to be revealed. Where you will understand and see His purposes. They are being revealed to you in stages. He is revealing Himself to you a bit at a time. As you seek Him you will get an increased sense of His Presence. You will feel His Spirit around you as you host Him. Only through a true hunger for Him will you experience it. He is revealing His plans for you. You are becoming the finished article and yet you have barely began the journey. His desire is to see you satisfied and fulfilled. He has not broken you but is reshaping you through challenges, trials and difficulties.

He is taking you to the point where you thought there was nothing left. He had to take you to the place of your upgrade. You will recognise your need for Him and the deep realisation that you are nothing without Him. You became nothing so that He can fill you. You will not be the same person you were. You will grow in stature, in grace and in favour.

You will experience the joy of His salvation for His joy knows no bounds. Quite simply He delights in you. He wants you to put your trust in Him and believe Him. To believe that He cares. To believe that He is that good. To understand and see that His kindness is at the heart of the gospel. You have a calling and He is commissioning you. It is a calling to bring His love to all the people. His desire is to set people free. To deliver them from bondage and to liberate them from the lies that has imprisoned them.

His plan is to fulfil His dreams through you. He is living His desires through you. He has brought you to himself. His great love for you is demonstrated time and time again. He forgives, then forgives again and again. There is no limit to how many times He will and does forgive you. He has delivered you. Freedom is yours. Liberty belongs to you and with that go and liberate others. Show them His heart of love and compassion.

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Personal authority is to do with your free will. His authority is an option available to you. When you lay down your own will at His feet and allow His rule and reign you adopt His. You will still exercise authority but it will be His authority not yours. His authority is much better. You can only do this willingly. Any other way is coercion, manipulation and control and He doesn’t do any of those.

Exercise this authority and use it to bless and encourage others. You can liberate and set people free from hopelessness. If you just rely on your own authority you will have a measure of influence but is limited and unreliable.

He wants His people to know the depth of His love for them. He wants them to know how special they are to Him. He wants them to see His glory in their lives. To have their freedom and be liberators of others. He has delivered all of us on the cross. He has made the way for us to walk in freedom. He is The Way. The only way.

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God doesn’t vacillate, change or need to change. He doesn’t have mood swings, have off days, He is a constant, He is the only constant in the universe. Everything around is changing but He doesn’t.

‪You can’t change God no matter how hard you try. It is you that has to change and the quicker you do that the better it is for everyone.‬

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The Truth will set you free

Get rid of your own plans. Put aside your own personal desires. Abandon your personal ambitions. Let Him take you on a journey into His glory. Allow Him to show you His wonders. Expose yourself to His love. Get to know His heart you will see and understand His purposes for you. You will see His plans for the future of this nation. He needs people who will rise up and carry the mantle further. Many have carried it in the past. Many of those around you have fallen asleep. They are dozing and need waking up.

As they wake up, it will be with a jolt. Some will complain that there was no warning. But at least they are awake. No-one should have slumbered. Be awake. Be alert. Listen to those who can see. Those that have put their heads above the parapet. They see the coming wind and rain. They can see the wave of His Spirit coming. They are sounding the horn announcing the coming King. There is a warning of change to the status quo as His mighty power sweeps through the nation and across the world. Some are starting to experience the beginnings of it.

Don’t strengthen your walls and barriers to protect yourself from the coming changes. Change is inevitable. Don’t harden your heart. A soft heart is needed. Pray for a softening of your heart. Be hungry for the truth. Jesus is The Truth that will set you free. Some may reject the truth, they are rejecting Jesus not you. What you thought was solid will be turned to dust. Only what is His will remain.

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You are very special

God has forgiven every sin past, present or future. He doesn’t weigh in the balance if the good bits out weigh the bad bits. You might well do that. He has dealt with all the bad bits through the blood of Jesus. Does this mean that we can sin as much as we want. If you are asking that question you have missed the point. If you do then you will face the consequences of your actions. It will mean that this life that He gave you in the first place will count for nothing. You won’t live life to the full, in full measure, running over.

Your life is not enhanced by sin. You were made, designed not to sin. It is your default setting. Your natural DNA is to do what is right. You have to deliberately work against the original design of your lives in order to sin. When you encounter Him you encounter His love and forgiveness and His grace. When you receive His grace you never earned it and never will. So what would entice you away from knowing His love? He has given you everything to live in the joy of His salvation, you have no excuses. However we are imperfect, there are forces at work to make you trip up, fall and give up.

God never condemns you. The enemy has only one aim in mind to disrupt your relationship with Him. The enemy will exploit every weakness in you, every flaw and any opportunity. So no matter what happens keep your connection with Him sacred and strong.

Do you sin? Do you fail? Do you feel that you let God down? Are you disappointed in yourself? Do you consider yourself a failure?Do you feel guilty? Do you feel ashamed? Do you think God is a little bit disappointed in you? Do you feel God couldn’t possibly use you? Do you feel that you have missed out because you haven’t been good enough? Do you feel dirty and unclean?

These feelings aren’t shared by Him. They don’t give you a licence to sin but they shouldn’t stop you from approaching Him. He knows and there is no condemnation. So if that is the case does it matter if we sin or not? Yes, very much. Although He doesn’t condemn us, we condemn ourselves, the enemy can accuse us, and the whole process makes our walk with Him so much harder. Sin will rob us of our inheritance and that is why God hates it so much. It breaks our relationship with Him but only from our side. He is so good that He will help you overcome yourself. He will help you overcome the world and everything it can throw against you. He wants you to be free and will move heaven and earth to help you.

Every single person is very special and extremely precious to him. You are exceedingly precious to Him. That means everyone you see or meet whether in church, at work, waiting for a bus or randomly walking past you are also special. Remember how He feels about them.

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Be near Him

You are an ambassador for Him. You will tell people about His kindness and show them His goodness. You will set people free. You will heal their sicknesses. You will deliver them from torment. He knows your limits. The task would be too immense and intense for you but not for Him. So rest in Him, let Him do it through you. Because through you He will bring His unbridled joy and peace to many but firstly and lastly be captivated by His love. Be singularly devoted to Him. Surrender everything. Let all ambition go. Let your desires be His desires. Just follow Him not your own plans. He is to be your goal.

As you aim to be near Him. He becomes the total of your ambition and desire. You will long for nothing else. Devoting yourself totally to Him. So walk with Him and commune with Him every day. Every fibre of your being will cry out for Him. For all of Him cries out for His people. Make it your goal to set His people free.

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