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Height and depth

There is no limit to where you can go and what you can do. There is a power that is not readily available to everyone. It comes through faith and it comes by grace. It isn’t earned. You have the same Holy Spirit that was on Jesus and on your spiritual heroes of the past. You will have your own anointing. You are to encourage others with your own anointing. It comes down to individual responses but there is no favouritism. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what your title or role in the church is. If you are willing He will use you to the limit of your imagination. This is only through exercising the faith He has given you and receiving the grace He pours out on you. You go to Him first and not just copy others.

You will not have any idea of what may happen, you cannot control Him nor your future. If you have asked for increase, for power or a breakthrough you will get it. When this happens it will certainly rock your world. Don’t be discouraged if initially you see nothing happening for at any moment you will not be able to recognise yourself and wonder how you ever got here. He is the God of the breakthrough. He looks to see who is willing. Who is hungry and who is thirsty. Seek Him faithfully and get yourself ready. Don’t worry if you don’t feel it but rest assured your prayers have come up to Him. He knows what your deepest desires are because He made you with them preinstalled.

But only when they are released from the hiding place does He hear them and smell the rich aroma of your prayers. That aroma comes up to heaven. He knows the passion that is in your heart. You want to see His kingdom and His glory because you have sought after Him. The battle for you has been fierce because the enemy knows what will happen when you get the breakthrough. There will be no stopping you. There is very little you need to do except persevere and strengthen your desire for Him. His Spirit has been sent to help strengthen you.

He also sends His angels to minister to you. They have been assigned to you. If your desire is to see healing, extra-ordinary miracles and signs and wonders, they will happen. Don’t put your trust in other men and women but only in Him and at all times look to Him.

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No condemnation

The chains have fallen off. There is no condemnation. You are free to love. Free to be all that you are meant to be. Those things that you fear have no hold on you. You have access to Him at all times. Do not allow what has happened in your past decide your future. That will limit you and more importantly it will limit Him. It will hinder you and prevent you from moving forward. Those chains have been broken, they are gone but you may think they are still there. Look closely they have gone. Your future is based on what He says about you not what you are accused of. Be free and live every day in that freedom. Nothing will hold you back, nothing at all.

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Golden Calves

The golden calves are those things that man sets up in place of God, they can be well meaning but ultimately have their origins in man. Either the golden calves (the worthless things that we hold so dear) are to be barbecued or the fire will consume them. The fire of His Spirit will consume them as it burns everything which does not originate by His Spirit. Those who are ready will be fire proofed. The fire will rage with such an intensity that nothing will quench it. Anything that tries will itself catch fire. Let the fire burn off everything that has no eternal value. Out of the ashes and embers there will rise a new living church. A church which He will breathe His life into. His Spirit will manifest Himself with signs and wonders and incredible miracles not yet seen.

Be ready and waiting. Ready for Him to move. There will be no warning. It will be important for people to know what He is like. That is where you come in. Find out what He thinks about those around you. Re-appraise how you see others in the light of how He sees them. Treat them according to the gold you see in them. Your change of thinking will change their thinking, it will transform them. They, in turn, will change how they view their neighbours, friends and relatives. There will be a domino effect. You are getting not just yourself ready but others as well. You will then be a blessing to Him. You will be doing them a huge favour.

A new foundation is being laid. If a good foundation isn’t laid then what happens next will make no sense at all. God isn’t ‘nice’ as we would define it, He loves us too much to be sentimental. If you have a problem with what God is doing then ask Him yourself but remember that He is Love, pure love.

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Forsaking all

Are you willing to forsake all? That means every ambition and every desire of yours is put aside to follow Him. You will need a pure and devoted heart. If you are willing you will see wonders without limit. He will take you places you didn’t even know existed. Experiences you had only heard of but never believed were real. You only need a small amount of faith to do great miracles. He will give you faith when you ask and it will be there when you need it. It is up to you to exercise it and receive it.

It is a supernatural faith not one that you can just drum up. You will notice the difference when you operate with His kind of faith and your kind of faith. There will be an increased confidence and belief that what you have said will definitely happen. You will speak and mountains will shift. There will be extra-ordinary miracles.

Putting aside everything means putting aside all that you hold dear. Everything that has a hold on you. Everything that controls you. Anything that prevents you being able to yield yourself to His perfect will. It doesn’t mean you won’t fall or have bad days but those things will not dominate you. Your disappointments will not define you. What will define you will be an unfading desire to serve Him wholeheartedly. You will want to be led by His Holy Spirit at all times in all things. You will be a friend not a slave because you will know His heart not just His commands.

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About the future

Firstly, don’t worry. Secondly, enjoy what you are doing even if nothing much seems to be happening. You may have been a Christian for a long time but you are only just getting to really know Him. Continue in your journey getting to know Him better and you will find it very rewarding. He has already started speaking to you about your ministry. It isn’t a ministry to people, it is firstly your ministry to Him. Your act of worship is being revealed to you. You will stop wondering what He is like and you will know the simplicity of His heart of love. Even so the wonderful mystery surrounding Him will be captivating. You will find that out as you give yourself to worship.

Worship Him in spirit and in truth. Your spirit leads the way. He will take you into all truth because He is Truth. How can you experience true worship if you don’t love Him? How can you love Him if you don’t know Him? If you know Him then worship Him according to what you know about Him. But there is so much more of Him to know. Don’t worship an image of God found on the pages of a book, meet Him face to face, every day. Seek to find out what He is really like. For He rewards those who are diligent and determined to worship the true King. See Him as He really is.

If you see Him as austere or aloof you don’t really know Him. If you walk in condemnation, you have a distorted view of His grace. If you believe He has given you an intolerable burden you are carrying burdens He never intended. Seek truth, The Truth and you can be free. If you condemn yourself, stop it. Make a decision to stand firm in the truth.

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Bread, wine and oil

What is bread but His daily word to you. You need it every day. It cannot be stored for long and you cannot live off last year’s loaf. What He provides will sustain you and strengthen you. You will have it provided every day. Fresh bread to eat, so eat and be full.

The wine will be His joy which will gladden your heart. It is part of your inheritance, it belongs to you. As you drink deeply of Him it will fill your whole life. Your perceptions will change because you will change and people will see you so differently. The joy you will have will seem irrational to others because they will not know the source of your contentment.

The oil is His blessing poured out on you and covers you completely. People cannot see this oil. It doesn’t evaporate like water because it soaks and penetrates right through. Unlike the wine and the bread, the oil is what He pours out. The bread and wine you have constant access to, He never withholds it. The oil is poured out on whom He wishes and He wishes to pour it out on you. There is no better time than now. You have been given a mandate (a document giving official instructions or commands). It will be specific to you but it will be within the boundaries of His mandate to the church. You will have a clear commission, it is your anointing.

People work hard at exposing sin and depravity. You, on the other hand, will expose His goodness, mercy and grace. In this don’t try to be what you are not. Do not put on a religious facade. God is not mocked for He will expose those things that are done in secret, He will expose the condition of men’s hearts. So don’t be envious of others, whether their ministry or their lifestyle. Be content with what He has given you and what you have. Rich will be your reward in heaven. Use what you have, it is enough.

Do not work for what has no eternal significance. Whatever you do, do it well and be passionate about it. Do what He puts in front of you. Be passionate about Him. Maintain your intimacy with Him for that will save you and sustain you.

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A heartbeat away

You are beginning to hear His heartbeat. Your feelings and emotions will go up and down but they are not to be confused with failure. Feelings can be overwhelming but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes out of a passionate heart comes strong feelings and emotions. Learn to handle and manage them well.

If it all feels too much for you don’t hate yourself for that. He has made you a certain way and that means extreme things can happen. For what is to happen may well be extreme and you will have to manage it. Nothing that God does with people who are passionate about Him is ever ordinary or normal. King David had extreme emotions and feelings and was not ashamed of them. Even as king David recognised them for what they were. He didn’t always deal with them well but his heart was true. He trained his heart to beat with His heart. It beat with His as few have done.

Be one of those who yield themselves to Him. Do not be absorbed into the world. Put your confidence in Him. This is not a popularity contest. What He thinks must be more important than what others think. Don’t be moulded into what would make you more acceptable to others. Rather make sure that you are acceptable to Him. He is looking at those who are broken and contrite with humble spirits. He opposes those who are arrogant, proud or men pleasers.

He will make sure your passion never dwindles. It will sustain you, keeping you on that road to glory and praise. As you continue to worship you will find yourself being drawn nearer to Him and deeper into Him. Worship is the demonstration of humility. Be prepared to see His glory and know what He wants you to do. Be willing to receive His grace and not be easily offended. His grace is not cheap, it cost everything. It cost more than you could possibly imagine. More than mere words on a page in a book.

Make knowing Him your goal. Let Him be your aim and your ambition. Your desires will be His desires. Your passions will be His passions.

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Power and Grace

He is going to help you operate in the gifts of the Spirit. To bring healing and health as well as signs and wonders. These will follow you. You will not be led by them. You are led only by His Presence and by His Spirit. Fasting and prayer brings powerful results but must not become ritualistic. It is not formulaic, it is relational. He wants you to do both, it is a lifestyle, it expresses your heart’s desire.

Your walk with Him isn’t based on your ability. You are the one He has chosen to release His goodness. People will see nothing in you except His grace and His power. They may even be a little disappointed because they would love to put you on a pedestal. You don’t have to be something you’re not. Be comfortable with who you are and don’t let them mould you into their own image. Don’t conform to what you should be expected to be like. Be you, be the one He made you to be. Listen intently to His Holy Spirit. You are closer to what He intended you to be than you think.

The world projects an image of self-confidence. Where skills and abilities are the template for a successful ministry. People constantly measure themselves and compare their ministry against others. He does not want you to wander down that path which makes it hard because you won’t fit in. Your desire is to please Him not your peers or even your leaders. He is encouraging you at every turn to throw off the shackles that bind you to a performance driven lifestyle. This is quite deliberate because He wants you for Himself.

He knows that you can be very disappointed with yourself. Don’t be because He is not disappointed in you. He loves you passionately and He wants to make His abode with you. Are you willing to be the one who will listen to Him and happily do everything He asks? If you are then you will experience Him first hand not through someone else’s experience. You will see His acts and you will know His ways. His heart is open to you and you will be welcome to share in His heart.

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Vows and promises

He is fulfilling the vows and promises He has made to you. What He has spoken to you in the past He still intends to do. He is waiting for you as you wait for Him. His words will be fulfilled and are being fulfilled. He doesn’t make promises He doesn’t keep. His promises are like a reservoir, that has been fed by many streams over the years, it is steadily filling up. Now it is getting full. As the gates are opened and the water released, power is generated. Be still, be ready, be willing and be faithful. There can be no striving just let it flow from within you. It will be effortless yet the impact will be devastating.

He inhabits the praises of His people and enjoys your worship. As you worship draw close to Him. Don’t worship from afar as if He is from a distant land. Draw near to His heart and feel His deep passion for you. Don’t treat Him as a visiting speaker, treat Him as your King.

He speaks so that you may hear. If you do not hear His voice how will they ever know what His desire is for you. So open your ears and eyes.

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Safety in numbers

Do you Hunger and thirst for the living God? Do you seek His forgiveness and mercy which He gives willingly. Be compassionate when He shows you compassion. Be patient because He is so patient with you. Fill up on His love daily and let His joy overflow to others. His nature is the purest form of joy and His very nature is in you by The Holy Spirit. You were invaded when you were born again. He lives and resides in you.

Not everyone perceives His presence. Many think the Holy Spirit is yet to show up. He has already come and is waiting for you to turn, look and listen. Every believer, every son and daughter of God has His Holy Spirit living within them. When you see Him demonstrate signs, wonders and miracles your awareness of His presence is heightened. You are possessed by The Spirit of love, joy, and peace. He cannot be or do anything else. He is not a supernatural force that can be used against the enemy like in Star Wars. He is not a weapon or a tool. Neither is He just a feeling or a sensation. He knows, He feels, He sees, He touches and He listens.

He so much wants to interact with you. Believe it or not He wants to talk and listen to you. Imagine that, the God of creation wants to sit down with you and talk and chat. If you want Him to work with and through you, you will need to get to know Him well. He really loves you and enjoys being with you. He has not left you an orphan. Neither has He left you helpless. That would be so negligent of Him. The Holy Spirit will tell you what God is thinking about. He will reveal what is on God’s heart. He won’t strive against you nor try to control you.

The best thing you can do is to yield to Him. Allow Him free reign. So that you work with Him, not against Him. You are meant to enjoy a very special relationship which is found nowhere else on earth. It is not about how good or bad you are. He doesn’t point out what you have gone wrong or where you failed. We’re already really good at that. That is simply the world’s way of doing things: which makes us feel we are never good enough.

It is not about what you can’t do but what you can do. It isn’t what you have succeeded at or failed at, it is simply what He sees you are capable of. You are not bound by the world’s system. The good news is you have the freedom to do what is right. He knows your heart and He knows your love. He also know what you struggle with. He is more than willing to help if you let Him. He wants to help and make life work for you. Keep on the path that leads to greater intimacy with Him. You will find that much of what weighed you down, slowed you up or hindered you will simply evaporate.

Don’t tackle these things head on. Let Him do the fighting for you. You have the power and ability to resist temptation, so just resist. Offer the sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving which is what you do when you don’t feel like it. You don’t have to live in despair and you never, ever, ever have to give up. He is more than capable of sustaining you and strengthening you.

Take control over what you listen to. Watch what you watch. You can rise above the lies of your apparent failures. Your self-destruct feelings are no longer your master. You are getting ever closer to the fulfilment of your deepest desires and needs. He has a wonderful inheritance for you. His reward is joy in its purest form and peace in every and all situations.

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