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Do you love Him?

Never give up hope. He is God. The creator of heaven and earth. Joy is one of His middle names. He rejoices over you. He doesn’t struggle to like you. He doesn’t have to think twice whether to bless you. He already knows you’ve done nothing to deserve His goodness.

He loves you because you are you. You are His child, His creation, His idea. You cannot easily define it nor measure it. What He is doing in this transformational process is revealing the real you to you. Then part two is to reveal you to the world. Love, which is part of your original design and is part of your very being, is what you were made for.

You don’t need to work hard at loving people more but learn to be loved by Him. It will simply overflow from you to others. That is in your heart right now. That is what He wants to release to an unsuspecting world. Something nobody can argue against. Be prepared to do some daring acts of love. They might look like random acts of kindness. Don’t wait till you feel like it. You don’t need to go on a mission trip. Start now, here, today.

He knows that what you could be doing in the future would scare you if He told you everything now. He holds some of that back. He may give you a glimpse but He doesn’t want to scare you off.

Be prepared. He will ask searching questions of you. They will expose the state of your heart. Not to condemn you but give you a glimpse of where He is taking you next. It is all part of your planned upgrade. He doesn’t do condemning. Why would He? For what purpose? What good would that do? God is better than that. Just respond in complete humility. Be humble before Him. Respond don’t react.

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You are perfect

You can’t touch Him nor see Him and yet you love Him. How is it possible to believe in someone or something you can’t see or touch?

It is not meant to be a deep or philosophical question? It is intended to make you think. We take so much for granted that we never stop to reflect on what we believe or why believe it. The good thing is that He wants you to ask those sort of questions. He has wonderful life rich answers for you. He wants to bring you into a real and meaningful relationship with Him. He has made you to be something wonderful.

This heavenly creativity hasn’t stopped even though we think it was finished a long time ago. What you see when you look in the mirror is not the finished article. You are becoming what you were all along. The finished article is with Him. Hidden in Him. He sees you standing before Him without spot or blemish. That is how He sees you. That is the you He talks to. He sees you perfect without any flaws.

Your mind struggles to comprehend it. It is complete and yet it is still in process. He is simply transforming you into what you already are. It is up to you to allow that transformation. Don’t resist it. It is the most natural thing in the world. You are becoming more and more like Him every day. That is a good thing.

That is why He says ‘be perfect as I am perfect’. He asks you to be an ‘imitator of God’. Why? Because that is who you really are. He doesn’t set you up to fail. That is not in His nature. You won’t fully appreciate it yet but you will. That is also why faith and trust is so important. It is so misunderstood. It is not the faith to get something done. It is not the faith to receive a gift.

The faith He want to see is that which brings the real you into existence. That faith has already been given to you, to everyone. It is His faith. He wants a glorious bride not an army of clones. He created each of us to be different with unique qualities that are to benefit others.

He is expressing Himself through the church. Through His beloved people and that is why He is so excited. He is so full of hope and joy because He knows what is to come. So your job is simple, rejoice with Him and make Him happy.

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Live in it

He will feed you from so many sources. Like a reservoir or lake is fed by many streams. So will you be. Strengthen yourself and allow all those streams to contribute to fill you. Be aware it takes time to fill up so be patient.

What is the most important thing to you at this moment in time. If it isn’t knowing Him and fellowship with Him what could possibly be more important. Without Him you are going to struggle in life.

Nothing less that wholehearted devotion to Him is what is required. Nothing less will do. Going to church isn’t enough. Reading your bible everyday isn’t enough. Saying your prayers isn’t enough. All those can become ritualistic and mechanical. They can be done without any love for Him. Love Him deeply first and then everything you do has purpose and meaning.

In Him you will find love, joy and peace. All that Fruit of the Spirit is also in you waiting to ripen. It is waiting to be seen by others. That is the real you. He has made you into a mighty reservoir. Capable of bringing great transformation and change to many. Demonstrating His power to a world bereft of real hope.

If you think this is all about you it isn’t. It is all about Him. Yet He talks as if He can’t do it without you. You can’t do anything without Him and He won’t do anything without you. You are indispensable.

An abundant life full of powerful hope. That is the life you are called to. So live it. Live in it. As you are being transformed you will do all that is in His heart. You owe the world an encounter with Him. He is calling you and has called you. You might have missed the memo.

This is no small matter. He wants the affection of your heart. Worship is in spirit and in truth. His Spirit and The Truth. Twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. This requires so much more than an hour of singing on a Sunday.

True worship comes from a renewed mind. You learn to be deeply loved and to love deeply. Unhindered by shame and guilt. He has the best for you and sees the best in you.

Your journey begins now to find out what that looks like.

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Power flows

We justify what we believe and therefore our decisions are justifiable. We resist change especially if it is uncomfortable but change is inevitable. Nothing stays the same. It is better to embrace it. When you meet Him everything changes. This is a good thing. Even if in the short term it looks less than appealing.

Let Him be God to you in every situation. Always be completely humble. Allow Him to do a work of grace in your life. He will turn your upside down world the right way up.

Life is meant to be lived to the full. That means being fully immersed in Him. You then have a true perspective on life. Which means you can enjoy a wonderful and rich relationship with Him. Do not let anything come between you and God. Nothing now or ever. Let nothing tell you that you are missing out by following Jesus. Just be faithful to Him and you will experience heaven.

For heaven is here and now and not some distant future. Seek Him more than you seek anything else. Let Him be your driving force. Let Him be your passion.

Use your time wisely, get yourself ready. Watch and pray. The devil prowls around to see whom he can devour. If you stand your ground and he will run away from you. Do you know why? It is because he sees who is standing behind you. Your confidence will grow exponentially when you realise who is with you.

You have a measure of power and influence. Learn how to use it well for yourself and not forgetting to bless others. Whatever you are expecting don’t be disappointed. Do what He gives you to do. Do what is in front of you. The key is just doing what He asks you to do no matter how mundane or simple it may seem.

When you do the simple things He asks you to do you are using that key. For when you turn the key. That is when the power flows. The key to success is the willingness to let go of everything. No matter how dear it is to you. Let go and serve His purposes.

When you do this you will receive His power in increasing measure. His life will overflow to many. It will be a torrent not a trickle. You will have an impact on everything and everyone. If that doesn’t thrill you, what will?

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The only true constant

The Holy Spirit wants to live and dwell in you. He wants to help you renew your thinking. He will help change your thought patterns. A bit of rewiring needs to take place. He can only show you if you are willing to listen and absorb what He says. You have an inbuilt firewall which filters anything new through what you already know or believe to be true.

To bring about a transformation in you He is going to need access to all areas of your life. Internally and externally.

He is your benchmark. The only true constant in the universe. As you listen to Him it becomes less about information and more about relationship. It is more about trusting Him and trusting in Him.

You will also learn to trust yourself. That is the nature of faith. It looks like something. It is not theoretical. When you use your spirit together with your five senses you are starting to function as He intended. Your physical senses are there for purpose but they are only part of it. There is much more, so much more.

Only through training yourself to hear and by acting on what He says will your confidence increase in Him and yourself increase. He is such a great teacher and you have just enrolled into His school of ministry with a curriculum that has been dovetailed just for you. He knows where you are at, what you need, where you are going and how to get you there. How good is that!

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Our sixth sense

If you rely on a combination of your feelings, experiences and knowledge you are relying on something not altogether relaiable. God has to be your reality and your security.

We have grown up with our five senses and trained to use our intellects to process that information through experience and experiment. We create an understanding of the world around us. If you limit yourself to what you currently understand then you are limiting yourself to the physical realm. The spiritual realm also has to be experienced. His word helps us to take baby steps in that direction. Just because it doesn’t work out doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Just because a young child falls over doesn’t mean won’t or can’t walk.

If you do not take God at His word then His hands are tied. He can do nothing to help you. Otherwise He would have to override your free will. He is your new reference point. You have a new way of seeing and experiencing through your spirit. This is now the true and complete you. Previously everything was a shadow no matter how real it may seem to you.

Your brain is a brilliant processing machine. It was created by God just for that purpose but it has physical limitations. Sorry but your brain has. Even the Einsteins of this world know and understand very little compared to what He knows. Just imagine you can have access to information, knowledge and understanding more powerful than all the supercomputers put together. The Holy Spirit is the ultimate search engine. There isn’t anything He doesn’t know. So why not ask Him. He isn’t a machine, you can’t manipulate Him or control Him. He is the Spirit of the Living God.

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The battle within

When the Holy Spirit speaks to you there is often an internal struggle. For what He says to you can be at odds with what you currently understand and have been led to believe.

This is normal if not a little disconcerting. Don’t panic, you will find that this will happen a lot. The tension it creates can be exhausting as you try to piece it all together and make sense of it. He understands that and the very fact you are going through this process means you are taking it seriously.

He is not trying to confuse you, rather get you to ask the right questions. He is drawing you into this wonderful relationship with Him and He is daring you to ask those difficult questions. Provoking you to have a different thought.

What you believe is what you believe, so start there. He will take you from there to where you are going. You may have a lot of theology, lots of doctrines, principles and philosophies. At the end Jesus is perfect theology. It is interesting that even much of what Jesus says can be challenging to understand when He uses parables. They can be very cryptic.

There is a reason for that. I suspect one of the reasons is so that you can’t rely on your intellect. It doesn’t mean your brain is redundant.

He has gives you the Holy Spirit who will help you to appreciate what He is saying. He speaks to you right now and as you read the scriptures. Even His disciples had to ask Him to explain what He meant, so you are in good company.

Be comfortable when you don’t know everything all the time. It can be frustrating, I know. The Holy Spirit knows everything and He is a genius. That is why I cannot stress enough the importance of learning to hear Him clearly. Practice training yourself to be led by Him. It may take time to get it right but He is a good and patient teacher. Be kind to yourself in that process.

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An easy ride

You are His special envoy, His ambassador. You have all the rights and privileges of His kingdom in this earthly realm. You represent all that is best about His kingdom.

You are meant to influence this culture with the heavenly one. Don’t settle for anything less. You are meant to represent the God of the Universe. To do the same works as Jesus did and to love like He did (and still does). It is a daily decision to keep pressing on towards the calling He has placed on your life.

No matter how tough or how pointless it may feel at times His calling on your life has been written but it is not guaranteed. You have to do your bit to make it happen. You can’t earn it but you do need to believe it to receive it.

A present (or gift) is always yours but it only becomes a gift when you open it and use it, otherwise it is just sitting in a nice box. Dedicate yourself to Him. Devote yourself to finding His will and pleasure. You will fulfil His destiny for you. Take the time to find out what He believes about you. To your astonishment you will find that He believes in you. The question is do you know what He believe about you. Don’t you want to know?

You may be surprised to know that He has great confidence in you. With Him and in Him there are more reason for you to succeed than fail. If you believe with His faith your confidence can only grow. Everyone has been given a measure of faith, use it.

One thing you can do is to rejoice with Him. Do this once and then do it again and again, continually and especially when you don’t feel like it. His grace and favour is like a seed and that seed grows best in an environment thankfulness.

Ask whatever you wish but remember that His blessings don’t automatically mean a comfortable ride or an easier life.

Be led by His Spirit at all times. There are many voices that demand your attention but only His voice is going to lead you to the abundant life promised you. It is yours and is waiting for you.

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An uncomfortable truth

Why not expand your world and your thinking? Don’t give in to frustration, don’t let it set in. Say ‘yes’ to the invitation to His world. Both worlds exist in the same place and at the same time. To get our minds around this idea we live in two realms at the same time we need the help and insight provided by the Holy Spirit.

As you set about trying to understand this, you will discover the depth of His love and how it creates a whole new world available to you. What you uncover will change everything and it won’t necessarily be what you expected.

His Holy Spirit and His grace enable you to believe and embrace ideas about God that are sometimes uncomfortable and inconvenient. They don’t slot into any nice and neat category. They will be hard to explain but real enough to experience. It feels risky to step outside the familiar and the rational. Except it is actually the opposite. You are returning to where you were created from. When you have been there a while you will start to understand.

You have to be aware that the lies of the enemy are just that, a fabrication. They are based on half-truths, not The Truth. To know the difference you need to know The Truth and compare it. The is only one truth and it is personified in Jesus. To get to know Jesus you need the Holy Spirit. He is the Spirit of Truth. He is the Spirit of Jesus.

The lies of the enemy are fed to you to keep you from knowing the truth and the reality of His presence. If you pursue Him and seek Him, guess what, you will find Him. To achieve that you need to be actively looking and actively listening.

Being on the front line with Him is the safest place to be. It is where He is at His most wonderful. It is where He wants you to be because that is where you are at your best.

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Is He safe?

You may try to use the Bible as a manual or a self-help guide but it is really a love letter. You view His kingdom from the perspective of your worldview. You try to connect the two worlds as you try to combine them. This happens dramatically in the first few moments of becoming a christian. It is quite overwhelming as if woken up from a deep sleep.

You almost instantly believe everything and anything is possible (if you have forgotten just listen to new believers talking). However, over time life in this realm starts to assert control and dominance. Hope can, for many be like air leaking out of a balloon. This was never meant to be and isn’t irreversible.

You may hear a powerful testimony, read an inspiring book or be touched by an uplifting sermon. However when you stretch out and grab it and bring it into your world it doesn’t seem to fit. When that happens your world has to change, your thinking has to be renewed. Your belief system has to change. Your mindset has to change. Your attitude has to change and above all your heart has to change. Let God’s kindness and love soften your heart.

He doesn’t just crash into your world. He wants you to follow Him into His. He wants you to enter His kingdom. To live in His realm under His kingship not just make His kingdom fit your world (which it won’t). You have to realise which is the greater reality. The world your body lives in or the one your spirit lives in. One thing to realise is this physical realm was created by His heavenly realm. He simply spoke it into being.

You cannot change His kingdom to suite you. You have to change. To go make that journey and leave the comfort of your safe, carefully controlled, world. There is nothing ‘safe’ nor ‘easy’ about following Him but it is the best thing you will ever do.

The spiritual realm is more real than this world. You were created to live in both. You were made for both. You are dovetailed perfectly to know and live in the spiritual realm. It may take some adjustment but He has given His Holy Spirit it help us, ask Him if you are not sure.

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