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Another generation

He is overflowing with love for you. He is passionate about you. More so than you are of Him. There is no end. There is no limit. You can achieve anything you set your heart to. Som set your heart on Him.

His desires are within your own heart waiting to be discovered. Show the world how to live in perfect joy and peace. Helping to set people free from oppression. Vaporising lies. Removing all fear of man. To see their eyes opened. That light will flood into them and watch them shine like beacons.

Help to raise up another generation that are led by the Holy Spirit. Encourage them to want to have a deeper experience of Him. They are being prepared as you are. Their hearts are soft and pliable. The enemy is also after them. The victory is assured if you play your part and claim them for the Kingdom. Watch Him show amazing grace to them. For they will know Him deeper than others have ever seen or dreamt of. Experience it for yourself. Enjoy the journey. It will not be plain sailing but it will be glorious and wonderful.

You will lack nothing. Everything you need will be provided. Continue to pursue what He has set before you. Focus on what He has given you. For you are on the right track if you are following Him. You can never go wrong. Every challenge is there to strengthen you. Every attack can be turned to your advantage and every curse into a blessing.

Discern the difference. If unsure ask Him. Look back to what He has said before. He is there to help. He wants to encourage not discourage. He will help to direct your steps He will show you the way. Lean on Him. He can take the strain. Don’t try to work it all out. You don’t have to have answers for everything. You won’t have all answers anyway. So get used to it. You certainly won’t be able to work it all out. He will be your all sufficiency.

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Weapons of war

You will overcome. God has given you the insight you need. He has a strategy. The war has been won but the battle for you still rages. It will not go away by ignoring it. The challenges will not stop. But their grip and control over you will diminish. Circumstances will not overwhelm you neither will they define your destiny.

If you fall or trip up. Just get back up again. You are made for victory, not failure. Worship Him, praise Him and rejoice. Fill your heart, your words and your thoughts with gratitude. That is your mandate. Those are your weapons of war. Intimacy with Him is what really what the enemy fears the most and attacks first.

It is your primary purpose to rest in Him and enjoy your walk with Him. Do you believe that He wants you to enjoy your walk with Him? Does it seem too good to be true? He has news for you and it is good news. It isn’t too good to be true because it is true. You are meant to show people just how good He is. It is not a matter of trying to impress Him. He is not easily impressed. Nor can you manipulate Him. You certainly cannot control Him. Emotional blackmail doesn’t work either.

You will find Him for yourself. There will be no filtering. You will know His heart and His ways. The Holy Spirit will show you Himself. Remember, He rejoices over you. He takes great delight in you. He wants you to enjoy your relationship with Him.

To walk in truth. To teach others and show them. Demonstrating what it looks like to walk with Him every day.

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Rest in Him and rest assured. The enemy wants to intimidate you. To scare and fill you with fear and make you worry. Jesus wants to show you what love looks like and who is ultimately in control. He is able to create peace and joy in the most challenging and seemingly hopeless situations. The key is rest, trust and putting your faith in Him. He wants you to enjoy Him. To be completely free and live in real freedom.

You are the apple of His eye. Did you know that? He has chosen you to bring very good news to this world. You are the message and in you He will demonstrate that good news. So align yourself with the truth.

In life you will face many challenges. Every challenge requires a response. What has been your response to difficult situations? Do what you know to do? He will show you if you have any doubts. Do not let anything overcome you except sincere love. Remember, at all times He is with you and for you. This is true right now as you read this. He is completely for you. He cannot help Himself, He is passionately in love with you. With your co-operation He will use you to fulfil His plans and purposes.

Don’t allow fear and worry free reign. Recognise it for what it is. A pack of lies. Use your authority. Better still use His. You will see His power. You are an overcomer. What you feel is not a true reflection. Listen to His words about you. Just listen to Him. He speaks life to you. Whereas the enemy speaks fear, worry and death.

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What is your answer?

Matthew 10: 1 (TPT)
Jesus gathered his twelve a disciples and imparted to them authority to cast out demons and to heal every sickness (the Aramaic is ‘ailment’ or ‘afliction’) and every disease.”

The question is has He anointed (imparted to) you to do the same and note it says ‘every sickness and disease’.

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The Church Mouse

Don’t be wowed by charismatic personalities but be in awe of His Presence. You may see yourself as an inconsequential church mouse. That is not healthy nor correct. No matter what your personality type, you are never inconsequential and neither are you too important. Be humble but not false humility. He searches everywhere looking for those He can work through. Those who are humble, which is a characteristic not a personality. There is nothing wrong with having a charismatic or introvert personality. It is what you do with it that matters. In the end it is the heart that really matters. It is always a heart issue first.

Do not disqualify yourself on any level just because you are quiet and reflective. You can still be a burning fire for Him. You are called to rise and shine. Your personality must not become a stumbling block. It doesn’t define you. He has made you the way you are. But the circumstances of life may have reshaped you. Let what He created you to be shine. That means you will have to believe in Him and in yourself.

Promote Him not you. Be humble but do not put yourself down. Be confident but do not exalt yourself. You are never too inconsequential to be of any use. Are you willing to do whatever He asks of you? He is looking for those who are humble in heart but fearless in speech. More power is given to those who use it wisely. Humble yourself under His mighty hand and let Him show you what you are made of.

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Testimony week #1

  • After prayer a man with a major skin condition 90% healed
  • God’s provision after many weeks waiting for a house to come through, everytime God provided somewhere for a couple to live, now have their dream house and garden
  • A man diagnosed with cancer now able to clean and cook and go for extended walks after consistent and persistent prayer. Hospital is pleased with his progress
  • Despite car breaking down many times in a day (battery) God was right there and turned what should’ve been a disaster into a special blessing
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Believe in your prayers

Believe that the words that you speak will have effect. Don’t think that they won’t. Don’t even consider that possibility. Don’t let your feelings be in control. Master them. Make a choice to believe that there is power in your words. Don’t let doubt be a barrier. Barriers are there to get over. There is always a solution and with God it is an elegant one.

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Think Differently

Do you believe that you can you bring significant change? The world says if you believe in yourself then anything is possible. What we say is that if you believe in God anything is possible. That way it is not dependant on you. God believes in you. You have a clear choice every day. To believe what God says about you or to believe lies about yourself. How do you know the difference? Simple. What God says about you is true, everything is either a lie or at best a distortion. So, in an indirect way you too should believe in yourself, at least the you He describes.

Unless you believe you won’t persevere. Don’t live your life through someone else. Don’t compare yourself, He didn’t make two of you. Don’t be a copy, the original you is good enough for Him. The world is waiting to see the real ‘you’ show up. He created you for the benefit of this world. To make it a better place. Now is the time to believe in Him and believe in all that He created you to be. For it was His good pleasure to create you. He doesn’t (and didn’t) do a bad job. Neither does He do a half finished job.

If you have believed lies about yourself you are very much not alone. You may believe that you have little or much to offer. He thinks you were worth dying for and your words are worth listening to. He listens to you.

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Healing and forgiveness

He says you are forgiven, forgive yourself!

If you are in need of healing in your body you may need to forgive yourself. In Matthew chapter 9 Jesus forgave a paralytic man brought on a bed. He wasn’t healed at that moment not until He told him to get up. The man needed to know he was forgiven before he was healed. It was most likely that he believed that his condition was linked to sin either his or down the generations. Jesus dealt with that issue first. This doesn’t mean that sickness is always linked to sin but our thoughts can interrupt our healing especially if we don’t think we deserve it.

Matthew chapter 9 (TPT)

1 Jesus got into the boat and returned to what was considered his hometown, Capernaum. 2 Just then some people brought a paraplegic man to him, lying on a sleeping mat. When Jesus perceived the strong faith within their hearts, he said to the paralyzed man, “My son, be encouraged, for your sins have been forgiven.” 3 These words prompted some of the religious scholars who were present to think, “Why, that’s nothing but blasphemy!” 4 Jesus supernaturally perceived their thoughts, and said to them, “Why do you carry such evil in your hearts? 5 Which is easier to say, ‘Your sins are forgiven,’ or, ‘Stand up and walk!’? 6 But now, to convince you that the Son of Man has been given authority to forgive sins, I say to this man, ‘Stand up, pick up your mat, and walk home.’” 7 Immediately the man sprang to his feet and left for home. 8 When the crowds witnessed this miracle, they were awestruck. They shouted praises to God because he had given such authority to human beings.”

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The door of grace

He wants you to know how much He loves you. What He has is yours. Believe in His generosity. He won’t ever let you down. He won’t disappoint you. You aren’t a disappointment to Him.

There is little to prepare you for what is coming. You will just have to trust Him that He knows what He is doing. It will mean surrendering everything. This is not terminal even though surrendering everything feels like that. Neither are you going to collapse under the pressure. However, the enemy is determined to stop you. If he can’t he is going to make it as difficult as possible. You become a target. You will need Him to help you. This is a battle that is not an earthly one, it is a spiritual battle taking place here and now. It requires spiritual insight and understanding. He has given you a spirit and the help of the Holy Spirit to ensure you have everything you need.

You may have been taught to fight your own battles but in this case He is your advocate. He has fought for you already and won. He has done it all. It is Him that sustains and protects you. He has done all that is necessary to set you free. All you have to do is walk in that freedom. Believing the outrageous things He has said about you. Believe them because He has said them. He doesn’t lie nor exaggerate. The world didn’t believe Him and they won’t believe you. Even you may have doubts.

He is encouraging you to believe what you have heard from Him. That there is hope for the world and through you that message of hope comes. No matter how far from that reality you feel. No matter how discouraged you feel. That reality has not dimmed at all. You need to walk in it though. Your feelings will go up and down. His gospel is not based on how you feel. Decide what you are going to do about these feelings of doubt and uncertainty. They won’t just go away. You have a choice believe your feelings or believe Him.

He can see you clearly. He knows what is happening to you. Turn to Him and access His grace. Grace means you get what you do not deserve and don’t get what you do deserve.

You have no idea how good, how kind and generous He is. It will scare you to see it all. Dare to believe He is that good. Better than your wildest imagination. The people who have entered fully into His grace are those who have believed wholeheartedly and with humility.

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