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Light of the World, yes you

Matthew 5:14-16 (NIV)
14 You are the light of the world

This simple statement says it all.
This is who you are.
This is what you are. 

It is your identity. 
There is nothing more important, individually or corporately.You are light. 

You are hope. 
You are the answer and you beg the question. 
People will look at you and wonder. 

They will see the light that you have. 
In their minds and in their spirits they will ask the question.
They will want to know what you have. 

They will perceive that you are not from the same culture.
When Jesus said this He didn’t qualify it. 
He didn’t say you will become the light of the world when you are good enough. 

No, you are that light right now. 
That is what you are not what you are going to be. 
How brightly you shine is up to you. 

This light expels the darkness and attracts people. 
It is the very light of heaven in you. 
It is the glory of God in you. 

They will see Him in you and that is how it is meant to be. 
They will love you because they love Him first. 
They will hate you because they hate Him first. 

Let people see and experience the light that is in you. 
Believe that you are the light to the world. 
The words you have will bring life. 

They will bring encouragement. 
The love that will emanate from you will be His love flowing through you. 
The world is looking for answers. 

They want more than mere words.
They want a demonstration. 
Something they can touch. 

Something they can see as well as hear. 
You have that within you. 
The answer, complete and unabridged. 

You lack nothing because He that lives in you lacks nothing. 
That is why we can say ‘nothing is impossible’. 
With confidence we say ‘all things are possible’.

Simply because it is not us alone but it is Him in us. 
The beauty and genius of this is that He is quite happy to use flawed and broken people. 
If you have made mistakes or messed up you instantly qualify.

The light that shines in you is His light. 
It isn’t a dimmed, weak or ineffective light. 
It isn’t a broken bulb. 

It is the light of His glory. 
It is His kingdom seen. 
An expression of His love and His joy. 

It is the light of the good news that He cares passionately about every single person. 
The world deserves an encounter with Him. 
There is so much darkness where the enemy has had a field day. 

destroying people’s lives and relationships. 
He wants to heal and restore. 
He is going to do it through you.
He has a cunning plan.

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A life less ordinary

“Therefore, I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven—as her great love has shown. But whoever has been forgiven little loves little”
(Luke 7v47 NIV)

Don’t love little, draw closer to Him and you will see how much He loves you. 
Remind yourself what He has done for you.
Imagine life without Him, that should get you.

You can do nothing but be undone by it. 
The closer you are the more you cannot help love Him. 
Deliberately and intentionally spending time with Him, drawing close to Him will change everything.

Ask Him what love looks like? 
It might be different to what you might call love. 
Describe in your own words why you love Him and how you show your love to Him. 

It is for you to search out what that love looks like. 
It isn’t necessarily what you do in terms of serving in the church but that can be part of it. 
You live for Him.

There is no other kind of life.

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Money isn’t everything

Money is just one resource. There is your time, your intellect and your energy. They can be translated into hard earned cash. They can be offered to Him as an offering. many teach about tithing, giving 10% of your income. There is often a big debate as to whether it is net (after tax) or gross (before tax).

This would seem to me to be missing the point. I would go so far as to say it is the wrong answer to the wrong question. It isn’t how little you can give or what is the minimum before something bad happens to you. Rather it is how much you are willing to surrender to Him.

If you have ever said or sung ‘I surrender all’ then you have declared that everything is His. Your time, your money and your energy and even your skills, abilities and knowledge. He gave them all to you anyway.

Money tends to be the focus. It can be easily measured. It can also be our biggest downfall. More often than not we become transfixed by it. Obsessed by it. Love it. Fear it, and the list goes on. It can be our security and also a powerful weapon.

Money itself is inert. It isn’t evil. What we do or don’t do with it sheds light on the workings of our heart. Jesus was supported by the wealth of the ladies that followed Him. They took care of His needs out of their own pocket. If Jesus needed money so will we.

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Testimony Week #6

A healed back

A lady in our church hurt her back while at the gym lifting weights. She was in a lot of pain and struggled to even get her shoes on. After prayer that night from other christians in the church she found that the next day the pain had all but gone and was able to go back to the gym and exercise as normal. The back has remained healed.

Job at last

Someone who had been looking and praying for a permananent job for three years has finally been given one. This is an answer to prayer for many people have been praying. It was part of a process of God dealing with his own heart and attitude.

Lost luggage

After losing his wallet and case full of important dociuments we prayed for its return. A few days later his wallet was returned and then a day or so later his case was returned to him.

Keep praying, keep believing but above keep surrendering to Him. He knows what’s best for you.

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From a place of love and authority

The church is meant to reflect the love of God and demonstrate His power to a world bereft of hope. Unless there is a deep and tangible love for Him, for each other and even for ourselves we will struggle to love a world hell bent on destroying itself.

We are the world’s only hope and yet we backbite, criticise and regularly fall out with each other with no thought of the consequences. Relationships become secondary to doctrine as if God isn’t relationational. He isn’t running a multinational corporation where Jesus is the CEO.

We like to talk organisation and structure and yet He seems to talk about relationship and love. Unless we deeply love Him we are going to struggle to love each other. His love for us, His forgiveness alone should melt out hearts.

Consecrate and surrender are not popular words (except in songs) but unless there is full, unconditional surrender to Him we can only glimpse at what could be. His love is unconditional but His promises are not.

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Background noise

One of the things you have to contend with is background noise. There are so many thoughts and ideas in your head being fed by memories, sights, sounds, smells and feelings. They alone can be overwhelming, add to this cacophony is hearing His voice which seems to be the quietest.

They call it that still small voice. The reason it is so quiet is that all the others speak to your mind directly whereas He speaks to your spirit. There is no competition or at leat very little. The question is how can you differentiate between your thioughts, His thoughts and perhaps the devils attempts to influence you.

If I can suggest one simple answer ‘peace’. If what you hear sends you into a tailspin, confusion, doubt, worry, despair etc then you have a right to challenge what you have heard. This can also happen when He has spoken to you and you add your bits to it, extrapolate His words, adapt it, multiply it etc you get the picture.

It is never that our brains/minds are the enemy, far from it, rather it is perfect when our minds align with our spirits and particularly when our spirit listens to The Holy Spirit. It is a process of learning and I am still learning. A hard lesson especially when the pressure for a solution to a problem is on.

Train yourself to listen. It is a process and an art. It is a discipline but well worth it. making mistakes is all part of the learning process.

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Overcomplicated simple ideas

The Holy Spirit will give you ideas and solutions. They may be baby steps in the scheme of things but they are important steps none the less. As you ask Him for solutions to financial issues or just wanting an idea how to earn money He will tell you.

But are you taking the time to listen and actually do exactly as He says. Either you might dismiss it as to simple, lacking detail or you might very quickly develop it into something more strategic and get ahead of yourself.

Whichever is your response, repent if you think you know better. Ask again if necessary and do what He says without. God is the ultimate pragmatist. He has history to show that He knows how to get things done.

This is all part of your journey. This is all part of building a deep and meaningful relationship that interacts with and includes your finances and wealth. He does not separate wealth from worship, just don’t worship the wealth.

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The marketplace

Church is meant to be governmental and influential. That can sound like a power trip and people who want that will go after that. Jesus demonstrated power and influence without corrupting both those two words.

We are meant to serve this culture, community or society not judge and criticise. We are to offer hope, a solution not an invitation to a meeting.

Businesses, schools, hospitals, the police etc should be getting solutions from the body of Christ. Solutions that have their origins in heaven not man’s thinking. God wants to bless His creation but we can stubbornly refuse to believe that we have anything to contribute.

There is no separation of secular and sacred. One impacts the other, they are intertwined. He created a physical world and a real heaven. The two operate together at all times. What you do in the physical impacts the spiritual and vice versa. Take the time to find out how and why.

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Hearing His voice is critical

Waiting for random titbits from God is noway for a deep and meaningful relationship. It is meant to be a full blown relationship where communication is clear. Access to Him is permanent not intermittent.

We read His word and have a guess at what He is thinking. We look at others to workout His attitude towards someone or something. He is not a cosmic jigsaw that He has left lying around for us to puzzle over.

He will talk to you as much as you listen. The question is then are you listening? If He has already answered your question why go round the mountain again to ask the same question. Perhaps in the hope that He will have changed His mind or forgotten and then give you a better answer.

Don’t treat Him like a slot machine. You are too awesome to do that and He is too wonderful to be treated like that.

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Money doesn’t grow on trees

Money is not evil. God wants you to prosper. That may mean be wealthy. What He doesn’t want is for anything to come between you and Him. Being wealthy or poor is not a sin, it is simply a statement of being.

Money is abstract. Your time, your energy, your skills, your experience are not. Money is the means of sharing wealth. To buy or sell goods and services. It is what you do with it is the important thing. Not comparing how much you have compared to someone else.

Does God want you to prosper? Yes

It is the definition of prosperity that is difficult to pin down. At its most simplistic form, you go to work to earn money to pay the mortgage (rent) and buy food etc. After doing this a lot you get locked into that process. It becomes cyclical. A loop that is hard to break out of and look at it from any other angle except the treadmill you are on.

Work can be all consuming. Surviving to keep your job. Striving to get promotion. These become things themselves and end in themselves. You can lose sight of what you are and who you are to Him. He isn’t going to ask you your final salary was when you stand before Him.

Living for Him does not mean poverty. It does not mean lack. But it does mean surrender. That is the crunch.

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