He is overflowing with love for you. He is passionate about you. More so than you are of Him. There is no end. There is no limit. You can achieve anything you set your heart to. Som set your heart on Him.

His desires are within your own heart waiting to be discovered. Show the world how to live in perfect joy and peace. Helping to set people free from oppression. Vaporising lies. Removing all fear of man. To see their eyes opened. That light will flood into them and watch them shine like beacons.

Help to raise up another generation that are led by the Holy Spirit. Encourage them to want to have a deeper experience of Him. They are being prepared as you are. Their hearts are soft and pliable. The enemy is also after them. The victory is assured if you play your part and claim them for the Kingdom. Watch Him show amazing grace to them. For they will know Him deeper than others have ever seen or dreamt of. Experience it for yourself. Enjoy the journey. It will not be plain sailing but it will be glorious and wonderful.

You will lack nothing. Everything you need will be provided. Continue to pursue what He has set before you. Focus on what He has given you. For you are on the right track if you are following Him. You can never go wrong. Every challenge is there to strengthen you. Every attack can be turned to your advantage and every curse into a blessing.

Discern the difference. If unsure ask Him. Look back to what He has said before. He is there to help. He wants to encourage not discourage. He will help to direct your steps He will show you the way. Lean on Him. He can take the strain. Don’t try to work it all out. You don’t have to have answers for everything. You won’t have all answers anyway. So get used to it. You certainly won’t be able to work it all out. He will be your all sufficiency.