Why do you doubt?
Have I not said?
You are anointed
You are called
You ask what
I have already told you
My anointing is on you
It is not for anyone else
Your anointing is for you
It is not a job lot
It is born out of intimacy
It is unique to you
You cannot copy
Nor imitate
It is on you for a reason
You will find that reason when you find Me
I have it in My hands
It is not the gift
It is you
Are you willing?
Are you ready?
The anointing is on your head for a reason
You need to understand
You need to know
Your thinking needs to change
As I show you
You will see
Look at Me
Look what is in My hands
The oil does not wash off
The anointing is permanent
Let it cover your whole body
Let it cover you
Every part of your being