Waterfalls generally never cease. They will vary from season to season but God’s love is not dependent on seasonal changes but it is a constant, night and day. He doesn’t sleep or slumber. He doesn’t have mood swings. There is no seasonal change with God and yet there appears to be seasons in the life of a believer and in the life of the church. In the church it is the season to pronounce grace, love and compassion. It is not the latest ‘thing’ from God. It is not the latest teaching or special revelation it is getting the church ready to be His bride, a bride that will wow the world. At the moment the world is wowing the church and the church is falling in love with the world and out of love with Jesus. Although this may seem harsh, there is such a focus on doing rather than being. The passion for Jesus has waned.

It is a matter of believing in Him and accepting His desires and His will rather than imposing our plans and ambitions on Him. Seek first His Kingdom, is putting everything else to one side and seeking Him as our King, not just a king. Being a church is more than the sign outside and the meeting on a Sunday.

Where He has given you a prophetic word about your future and destiny He will confirm His prophetic word to you. All He has to do is get your identity to fit your destiny. It will be fulfilled. There will be no more barrenness. Now is the time to rise and speak. Now is the time to rise and act. Now is the time to rise and shine. Where He has spoken, it is for you to act. Test Him in this. Test His goodness remembering that He responds to faith. Your act of faith no matter how small releases the operation of blessing. The small releases the big. Every act of faith has a corresponding response from God which is totally out of proportion. You speak one word and He moves a mountain.

Don’t despise small beginnings, they may seem insignificant. In the fullness of time they release His blessings which are certainly not insignificant. Each small step will bring significant change. That is why you will be able to ‘run and not grow wearing’ because it won’t be your strength and endurance alone. It will be Him pouring Himself into you, just receive. Faith releases the Heavenly storehouses. Blessing will reign down on you as you simply respond to Him. His children hear His voice. You know His voice. You are to be led by His Spirit, not by sight nor by your own wisdom or understanding.

Listen to His Spirit. Train yourself to hear and gain understanding from acts of obedience. They aren’t to test you they are opportunities for God to bless you. He cannot release blessing without faith and you cannot have faith without believing. Nor can you produce faith just by being busy. Listen to His Spirit. He will prompt you. Resist the temptation to work it all out in your head. Your head isn’t big enough! He will not always give you the full reasons behind His actions. Nor a full understanding otherwise it wouldn’t be trust. So believe in Him and strengthen your spirit.

Don’t be surprised is it doesn’t seem to go smoothly because smooth or slick rarely happens when God acts. People don’t always want change or to change. Nor do they respond well to being challenged. We can work very hard at being comfortable and safe but when His Spirit is at work in you it will expose your heart.

The power of a transformed mind is very effective. Healing comes from the transformation that takes place within you. Both for you and for others around you. Your thoughts are either going to release you or limit you. So, it is time to have a better thought.