You are His special envoy, His ambassador. You have all the rights and privileges of His kingdom in this earthly realm. You represent all that is best about His kingdom.

You are meant to influence this culture with the heavenly one. Don’t settle for anything less. You are meant to represent the God of the Universe. To do the same works as Jesus did and to love like He did (and still does). It is a daily decision to keep pressing on towards the calling He has placed on your life.

No matter how tough or how pointless it may feel at times His calling on your life has been written but it is not guaranteed. You have to do your bit to make it happen. You can’t earn it but you do need to believe it to receive it.

A present (or gift) is always yours but it only becomes a gift when you open it and use it, otherwise it is just sitting in a nice box. Dedicate yourself to Him. Devote yourself to finding His will and pleasure. You will fulfil His destiny for you. Take the time to find out what He believes about you. To your astonishment you will find that He believes in you. The question is do you know what He believe about you. Don’t you want to know?

You may be surprised to know that He has great confidence in you. With Him and in Him there are more reason for you to succeed than fail. If you believe with His faith your confidence can only grow. Everyone has been given a measure of faith, use it.

One thing you can do is to rejoice with Him. Do this once and then do it again and again, continually and especially when you don’t feel like it. His grace and favour is like a seed and that seed grows best in an environment thankfulness.

Ask whatever you wish but remember that His blessings don’t automatically mean a comfortable ride or an easier life.

Be led by His Spirit at all times. There are many voices that demand your attention but only His voice is going to lead you to the abundant life promised you. It is yours and is waiting for you.