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Daily Bulletin 4th April 2020

Hi all, Please find a link below to the daily bulletin we send out to our church family - this one is for 4th April 2020 - hope you find it helpful Keep safe and have a good day Presence Church (Harrogate) family

Daily bulletin 3rd April 2020

Hi all, Please find a link below to the daily bulletin we send out to our church family - this one is for 3rd April 2020 - hope you find it helpful Keep safe and have a good day Presence Church (Harrogate) family

Daily bulletin 2-4-20

Hi all, Please find a link below to the daily bulletin we send out to our church family - this one is for 2nd April 2020 - hope you find it helpful Keep safe Presence Church (Harrogate) family    

Daily bulletin 1-4-20

Click on this link to see our daily information sheet for 1st April 2020 Keep safe  

#53 Embrace His reality

Then Thomas (also known as Didymus) said to the rest of the disciples, “Let us also go, that we may die with Him.” (John 11v16 NIV) They only saw the world through their own eyes.  Influenced by what they saw, heard and felt.  That is normal but when you meet Jesus everything changes.  What used to make sense doesn't any more.  What seemed mysterious suddenly makes sense.  This is the work of the Holy Spirit revealing the Kingdom of God to you. He is revealing reality to you. A greater reality. It is like waking up from a dream. A

#50 Have a different thought

Jesus had been speaking of his death, but his disciples thought he meant natural sleep. (John 11v13 NIV) Isn’t it interesting that even though they actually heard His words and the intonation of His voice, yet they still misunderstood. There is something in this exchange that is significant. It would leave a lasting impression on them. It was as if Jesus was not really talking to them. Sounded like a conversation with someone else. They were used to hearing His parables but this wasn’t a parable. There shouldn’t be any ambiguity with God. But there was clearly a misunderstanding. He

#48 He has some questions for you

After he had said this, he went on to tell them, “Our friend Lazarus has fallen asleep; but I am going there to wake him up.” (John 11v11 NIV) Don’t be put off. Don’t allow confusion to overwhelm you. When Jesus speaks to you He can be a little bit cryptic. He is talking about a greater truth. He means to show you something profoundly important. You may wonder why He said what He did. I do, often. He is trying to show you what it looks like from His perspective. His answers often seem to fit another question. He

#47 The light inside

It is when a person walks at night that they stumble, for they have no light.” (John 11v10 NIV) If you are led by your thoughts, feelings and emotions you are being led by something unreliable. Walking in the light means to walk by the light of the Holy Spirit. That light is inside of you. How bright is it? Has it dimmed? Has all hope, joy and passion evaporated? There is only one absolute truth. There are no certainties except Jesus. His reality is greater than yours. He is The Light not a light. He is The Truth not

#46 Look into His face

Jesus answered, “Are there not twelve hours of daylight? Anyone who walks in the daytime will not stumble, for they see by this world’s light” (John 11v9 NIV) Jesus was aware of the real dangers. Yet He wasn't about to avoid them. He was led by the Spirit, not by feelings, whether they be fear or pleasure. He was walking in the light, not allowing the darkness around Him to cause Him to stumble. There was resistance even from the disciples. You will inevitably face resistance if you decide to follow Jesus. Learn to be led by the Holy Spirit.

#45 Take it seriously

“But Rabbi,” they said, “a short while ago the Jews there tried to stone you, and yet you are going back?” (John 11v8 NIV) The disciples wondered if Jesus was going to commit suicide. They knew the dangers He and they faced. They saw the threats and tried to persuade Him otherwise. Their comments were an attempt to get Him to change His mind. Jesus knew exactly what He was doing. Even if they didn’t. Your walk with Him is different to anyone else’s. It is not identical from one person to the next. He may take you on a

#44 No matter how you feel

and then He said to His disciples, “Let us go back to Judea.” (John 11v7 NIV) After two days He decides it is time. Did He wait on purpose or was He needed there for those extra two days? We simply don't know. Waiting is part of walking with God. It isn’t just about you. Sometimes it is also about others. God may be waiting for them. He is patient. So should we. Are you willing to wait for others if He is? Ask Him to help you wait. To trust and to believe. Perseverance, patience and persistence are often

#43 He doesn’t make mistakes

So when He heard that Lazarus was sick, He stayed where He was two more days, (John 11v6 NIV) This seems a strange response.  Why didn’t He hurry back? He didn't just take His time.  He knew that delaying might upset Mary and Martha.  He ran the risk that they wouldn’t understand.  He knew that it was for a greater purpose. When you pray, is there a delay in getting an answer? He knows the pain you feel.  He knows the hurt that can eat away at you.  He understands that disappointment can stop you enjoying life.  But He is

#42 His love for you is incomparable

Now Jesus loved Martha and her sister and Lazarus. (John 11v5 NIV) He loves you just as much. There is no limit. He isn't concerned or impressed with your social or economic background. He doesn't favour the successful. He doesn’t look to the intelligent and the strong. You are not disqualified if you are not an achiever. Don't disqualify yourself. How much do you love your life? Ask Him why He made you. Ask Him how much He loves you. Write down what He tells you. Ask Him regularly how much He loves you. It will take time to fully

#41 He said yes

When he heard this, Jesus said, “This sickness will not end in death. No, it is for God’s glory so that God’s Son may be glorified through it.” (John 11v4 NIV) This was Jesus' declaration of faith. He was making a statement which appeared not to be true. Lazarus did die (but not for long). However, He made it clear that there was a bigger issue here. He recognised what this event would signify. Are you willing to allow God to be glorified in and through you? It may not be comfortable but it will be glorious. Do you still

#40 Can you hear Him?

So the sisters sent word to Jesus, “Lord, the one you love is sick.” (John 11v3 NIV) They cared for Lazarus, yet they knew where their hope was. They turned to the One who could help them. The One who could heal Lazarus. They needed Him to come straight away, for they knew Lazarus was gravely ill. He didn't come straight away, even though He got the message. They waited for Him to come. Are you still waiting or have you given up? Remind yourself of what you have prayed for. Then remind Him. Starting with the things that are

#39 Leaving a legacy

This Mary, whose brother Lazarus now lay sick, was the same one who poured perfume on the Lord and wiped his feet with her hair. (John 11v2 NIV) John's reference is to Luke 7. One way or another Mary was going to be remembered. Do you want to be remembered? How do you want to be remembered? Live the life He has given you to the full. That way you will leave a powerful legacy. Live a life of faith, trusting in Him. He may be able to encourage people through you long after you have gone. Ask God what

#38 The love that looks like something

Now a man named Lazarus was sick. He was from Bethany, the village of Mary and her sister Martha. (John 11v1 NIV) God doesn't show favouritism. He demonstrates His love and grace through His family. You don't have to be perfect. Simply accept His offer of love. Seek His forgiveness. Receive His grace. This grace looks like favour. It looks like acceptance. It looks like forgiveness. And it looks like love all rolled into one, given to you as a free gift. Undeserved and unexpected. You never have been, you never will be, good enough to earn it. Get any

Intimate relationship

So much depends on your relationship with Him. So much is based on that one thing. You cannot do His will without a very deep, intimate and personal relationship. 

#37 His expectations are higher

“but few things are needed—or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.” (Luke 10v42 NIV) Mary and Martha had the same choices. Both Mary and Martha knew their responsibilities to visiting guests. But Mary chose what was the most important thing at that moment of time. A greater culture was here. Martha decided to follow duty and expectation. Don't let the expectations of others drive you. Seek Him above all else. Don't let the fear of what people will think stop you sitting at His feet. What is driving

Relationships are important

Enjoy today, fill it with relationship with Me. Talk to Me, talk with Me, ask Me whatever you want. I want to dialog with you, so that you understand the nature of our relationship and see the future I have in store for you. This is what I desire more than anything. 

#36 Let Him set you free

“Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things,” (Luke 10v41 NIV) Jesus was so gentle with her and He will be with you. But He got straight to the point. Straight to the issue at hand. He won’t mince His words. He loves you too much to ignore you. He knew what was going on inside her. He knows exactly what is going on inside you. Let Him speak peace into you. He can only speak peace into you if you are listening. If you are afraid that He will tell you something you don't

Raising up

God is trying to raise up a people who know Him, who know His heart, who hear His voice and who see His face. The world is waiting for you.

#35 He deserves your full attention

But Martha was distracted by all the preparations that had to be made. She came to Him and asked, “Lord, don’t you care that my sister has left me to do the work by myself? Tell her to help me!” (Luke 10v40 NIV) Martha was serving Jesus. She was busy. But too busy to listen. She was busy making sandwiches that Jesus hadn't ordered. In her role and function she was being the perfect hostess. She was doing what seemed the right thing. Unfortunately it wasn't the best thing. She was missing out because of the cultural expectation placed on

#34 Open the door and sit with Him

She had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet listening to what he said. (Luke 10v39 NIV) Although Martha invited Him in, it was Mary who took full advantage of His Presence. You can open the door to Him but you also have to sit with Him. Take the time to listen. Mary was absorbing everything He was saying. She gave Him her full attention. Give Him the main course not just the left overs. Don't let your past success or failure reduce your passion for Him. How much time are you willing to give to Him?

#33 He stands at the door and knocks

As Jesus and His disciples were on their way, he came to a village where a woman named Martha opened her home to Him. (Luke 10v38 NIV) Notice that it is Martha opened her home not Mary. It was Martha who invited Him in. You too need to open your heart to Him. When you open your heart to Him you welcome Him in, He doesn't gatecrash your life. Although it can feel like it sometimes. Invite Him. Make Him welcome. As good hosts, everything that is yours is His. Be a friend to Jesus and anyone else He calls

#32 Having complete trust in Him

Jesus said to the woman, “Your faith has saved you; go in peace.” (Luke 7v50 NIV) Forgiveness will save you. Your faith will save you. Your repentance will save you. Mean it. Be intentional. Be real. Be completely honest with yourself. Be purposeful. He will know the difference, you can’t fool Him. Start by accepting yourself as you are, not what you are pretending to be. That is what this lady did. She knew what she was and what she had done, and yet poured an acceptable offering over Him.    What is your confidence in? Are you more confident

#31 Unconditional forgiveness

The other guests began to say among themselves, “Who is this who even forgives sins?” (Luke 7v49 NIV) How long does it take to restore someone who has fallen? Do you judge and condemn someone who has fallen, sinned and say that they are permanently disqualified. If He forgives then you forgive, no question. You should forgive others their failings and forgive yourself? How many times should you forgive? Lots and lots. More than you can count. We can't make people forgive us but we can forgive others. Forgiveness is very powerful to heal, but bitterness is very destructive to

#30 How does He see you?

Then Jesus said to her, “Your sins are forgiven.”  (Luke 7v48 NIV) Your sins are forgiven. Step one: Repeat after me. Step two: Rejoice and rejoice well. Be exceedingly happy.  Doing this puts everything into perspective. Step three: Expect Him to shower you with His love.  Here is a really good question; how happy are you? Ask God to show you what that means and what that looks like.  There is joy, peace and deep contentment available through rejoicing. How can you be happy if you are in the middle of a crisis or you are depressed? The answer is

#29 A life less ordinary

“Therefore, I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven—as her great love has shown. But whoever has been forgiven little loves little.” (Luke 7v47 NIV) Don't love little, draw closer to Him and you will see how much He loves you. Remind yourself what He has done for you. Imagine life without Him, that should get you. You can do nothing but be undone by it. The closer you are the more you cannot help love Him. Deliberately and intentionally spending time with Him, drawing close to Him, will change everything. Ask Him what love looks like? It might

#28 Love Him from the heart

“You did not put oil on my head, but she has poured perfume on my feet.” (Luke 7v46 NIV) Surrendering all means being willing to take the low position, to be a servant and lover. Your love for Him is a sweet fragrance in heaven. He can smell it every time you worship Him with your time, energy and affection. Worship looks like something and it is much, much more than singing songs. Worship only comes from the heart. Worship is an act of your will. How much do you love Him? To answer that question, ask Him how much

#27 Changing for the better

“You did not give me a kiss, but this woman, from the time I entered, has not stopped kissing my feet.” (Luke 7v45 NIV) Kissing is an intimate act. It shows love and affection. Don't stop kissing His feet. It keeps you from being proud. It sets you apart from those who are observers. Some people want to be in the same room as Jesus but don't want to kiss His feet. How humble are you? This may seem like a strange question to answer and quantify. Who do you identify with most in this story? Ask God to show

#26 Spending time with Him

Then he turned toward the woman and said to Simon, “Do you see this woman? I came into your house. You did not give me any water for my feet, but she wet my feet with her tears and wiped them with her hair.”  (Luke 7v44 NIV) Jesus showed Him that love looks like something.  The woman honoured Jesus and worshipped Him with a thankful heart. Simon thought it would look good on him having Jesus visit. That kind of intimacy looks like something.  It more than mere words. We tend to celebrate people if they are important, high achievers

#25 Be eternally grateful

Simon replied, “I suppose the one who had the bigger debt forgiven.” “You have judged correctly,” Jesus said. (Luke 7v43 NIV) Simon replied correctly, 10 out of 10. If your answer would be the same, what are you going to do about it? Walk away and forget, or make some changes in the way you love and forgive others? That is the true measure of how much you believe you have been forgiven. How you treat others, especially those who have let you down, disappointed you or hurt you. We have all been hurt and let down, some more than

#24 How much do you love Him?

“Neither of them had the money to pay him back, so he forgave the debts of both. Now which of them will love him more?” (Luke 7v42 NIV) How do you measure the value of what He has done for you? If you don't value something, then it has little importance to you. He sees what is of most value to you. If you have little value for His grace; then you have little value for Him. The measure of the debt isn't about how bad you've been; that is simply false humility and pride. It is recognising that you

#23 We owe Him a great debt

“Two people owed money to a certain moneylender. One owed him five hundred denarii, and the other fifty.” (Luke 7v41 NIV) We owe God everything. We owe Him a huge debt. One we can never repay. How big is that debt to you? Do you think that life owes you something. Do you believe that God owes you something? Ask Him to make you aware of what He has done for you. It will make you humble. Humble yourself before Him. As you allow the Holy Spirit to make you aware of the debt you owe, respond by thanking Him.

#22 Let your heart be full

Jesus answered him, “Simon, I have something to tell you.” “Tell me, teacher,” he said. (Luke 7v40 NIV) Jesus, in all this, didn't speak to her but spoke to Simon the Pharisee.  He was less concerned for her than He was for Simon.  He knew she understood. People may make a mess of their lives in lots of ways, but He will look straight at you and talk to your heart.  Simon was at least willing to listen, but I suspect he wasn't going to like what he was about to hear.  Do not think that your status will carry

#21 Fill your head with His thoughts

When the Pharisee who had invited Him saw this, he said to himself, “If this man were a prophet, He would know who is touching Him and what kind of woman she is—that she is a sinner.” (Luke 7v39 NIV) We judge people externally and believe some are more deserving than others.  What He looks for is on the inside.  We judge only what we can see and hear externally.  He is often never that impressed with our version of righteousness.  What criteria do you judge people on? Now ask Him how He sees people. When you ask Him what

#20 Wipe His feet with your tears

As she stood behind Him at His feet weeping, she began to wet His feet with her tears. Then she wiped them with her hair, kissed them and poured perfume on them. (Luke 7v38 NIV) This is such an intimate sight. Notice that Jesus didn’t try to stop her. He didn't flinch or recoil even though He knew what kind of lifestyle she led. There were no words, just an act of worship. She was emotional but that emotion was directed towards Him. He lay there as her tears wet His feet. Imagine that. He didn't move while she then

#19 You have something of value

A woman in that town who lived a sinful life learned that Jesus was eating at the Pharisee’s house, so she came there with an alabaster jar of perfume. (Luke 7v37 NIV) Here was a brilliant example demonstrating that Jesus was comfortable with everyone.  He is never shocked or surprised.  He was in the house of a Pharisee and a prostitute walks in.  Imagine that.  The Pharisee was the pillar of society, separated from the average person.  Because we can't fully appreciate the position and role of a Pharisee in that culture, the sheer audacity is lost on us somewhat. The

#18 Who do you think you are?

When one of the Pharisees invited Jesus to have dinner with him, He went to the Pharisee’s house and reclined at the table. (Luke 7v36 NIV) Jesus did not show favouritism nor did He reject people because of their beliefs.  He was comfortable with everyone and loved everyone, even though some wanted to silence Him and kill Him. Do you accept everyone in the same way? Recognise when you show favouritism. Look at who you talk to and spend time with.  Is it only with those who like you or make you feel good?  Make a list of five people

#17 People are so lucky to meet you

“Truly I tell you, wherever the gospel is preached throughout the world, what she has done will also be told, in memory of her.” (Mark 14v9 NIV) People will know you and be blessed because of you. Make it your aim to show them His love, so that when they meet you, they meet Him. He wants all of you, not just bits of you. You already have all of Him. You are made to be a blessing. How are you going to be a blessing to people today? Find ways to express His love today; it is harder not

#16 Let Him be the measure of you

She did what she could. She poured perfume on my body beforehand to prepare for my burial. (Mark 14v8 NIV) Do what you can, do not measure yourself against anyone else. Do not beat yourself up, but rather accept His forgiveness for what it is. Unite yourself with Him and love Him with all your heart; nothing else really matters. If you compare yourself to others, stop it. Do you feel as if you let Him down, disappoint Him or underachieve? Remember that you did nothing to earn His love. Ask Him what He thinks about you. Ask Him how

#15 The main thing

“The poor you will always have with you, and you can help them any time you want. But you will not always have me.” (Mark 14v7 NIV) Make Him the main thing in your life. Worship Him: not your desperate efforts to please Him. Self worship is when you put yourself before Him. When your feelings have greater value than His Presence. Love Him first before you even try to love others. This is so you can truly show His kind of love. Check if He really is the most important thing in your life. Do your feelings dictate whether

#14 He enjoys yours your presence

“Leave her alone,” said Jesus. “Why are you bothering her? She has done a beautiful thing to me.” (Mark 14v6 NIV) He loves it when you give Him your attention and devotion. He loves to spend time with you. He loves it when you seek His Presence. He loves being in your presence. Let Him into your heart and let His love fill you. He is for you, no matter how much people criticise you. Your adversary will be speechless. The only thing that matters is what He thinks about you. Aim to enjoy spending time with Him alone. You

#13 Forgive unconditionally

“It could have been sold for more than a year’s wages and the money given to the poor.” And they rebuked her harshly. (Mark 14v5 NIV) What is your reaction to someone when they fail you or let you down? If what they said or did hurt you, don't let your emotions and feelings decide how you are going to respond. People will let you down. You most likely have been hurt. But Jesus has never let you down. You may have let Him down. Yet He forgives you every single time, time and time again. So forgive everyone, no

#12 A person of pure motive

Some of those present were saying indignantly to one another, “Why this waste of perfume?” (Mark 14v4) When is a sacrifice not a sacrifice? Don't look at the cost as if it is a sacrifice.  Think of it as a love offering. For no amount of money compares to His love for you.  To serve Him is no sacrifice at all but rather an offering of love.  Your offering is in response to His love to you. He richly deserves your affection. But He doesn't demand it of you. Offer it freely and willingly and not as a duty. What

#11 The affection of your heart

While he was in Bethany, reclining at the table in the home of Simon the Leper, a woman came with an alabaster jar of very expensive perfume, made of pure nard. She broke the jar and poured the perfume on His head. (Mark 14v3) This perfume was worth a year's wages. A lot of money in anyone's book. Make sure that what you give to Him is of value and not the scraps. He doesn't deserve the left overs. Give Him the devotion of your heart. Nothing less than that is acceptable to the king of kings. Nard came from

#10 Capacity to love everyone

“But not during the festival,” they said, “or the people may riot.” (Mark 14v2 NIV) Do not make a pretence of love. Be patient and forgive, not just with words but from the heart. You may say all the right words but still not really mean them. You may fool everyone else, but there are at least two people who know the truth and one of them is going to have a chat with you about it one day. Are you critical of people? If you are, stop it! Pray for His blessing on them. Pray for any need of

#9 See the gold in others

Now the Passover and the Festival of Unleavened Bread were only two days away, and the chief priests and the teachers of the law were scheming to arrest Jesus secretly and kill Him. (Mark 14v1 NIV) We may not be in the business of killing people for their religious beliefs.  But we are ready to kill an idea if it doesn't fit in with our own.  We regularly assassinate our brothers and sisters in words, in thought and in our actions or lack of them.  Especially if we don't agree with them or they don't agree with us.  We use

#8 Leaving a legacy

“Truly I tell you, wherever this gospel is preached throughout the world, what she has done will also be told, in memory of her.” (Matthew 26v13 NIV) Jesus made sure that her prophetic act was going to be remembered over 2000 years later. To be talked about in a country that she would never have heard of and a culture she could never have imagined. You never know what impact a simple act of worship can bring. Do not underestimate what you have and what legacy you can leave. Think in terms of 100 years rather than just for today

#7 He delights in you

“When she poured this perfume on my body, she did it to prepare me for burial.” (Matthew 26v12 NIV) Jesus knew the significance of what she was doing, even if she didn't.  She was preparing Him.  She was also prepared for Him.  He recognised it as a sign of what was to come.  Are you ready for what is to come?  It wasn't some random act.  This wasn't Jesus being morbid about His future.  He recognised what His mission and purpose was.  He was doing it out of love.  What He was about to do was the most extravagant act

Quiet places

He takes you to quiet places and ask you to rest so that you are not too busy to hear what He has to say or see what He has to show you

He believes in you

He believes in you. He has confidence in you. He knows you and He understands you. He made you and knows what you are capable of. Let Him show you how He sees you. It takes time and persistence.

#6 You live for Him not your emotions

“The poor you will always have with you, but you will not always have me.” (Matthew 26v11 NIV) This wasn't Jesus being callous. These words were in the context of where they were and what was around them. Bethany was a place for the poor, the unclean, the outcast and sick. The point Jesus was making was that we should honour Him first. Seek His kingdom first. Then you will have the means and the resources to help others. You are to love them with His love not to satisfy your own emotional needs. He wasn't saying don't care for

#5 You are a worshipper

Aware of this, Jesus said to them, “Why are you bothering this woman? She has done a beautiful thing to me.” (Matthew 26v10 NIV) Jesus wasn't concerned about the monetary value of the gift but rather what it meant to her.  When people express their love to Jesus don't compare it with yours.  It is not a competition.  Sibling rivalry doesn't look good in the church.  He appreciates any act of worship that comes from the heart.  That is acceptable worship to Him, that is the only worship. Is worship only singing on a Sunday to you? Make a list

#4 free to serve

“This perfume could have been sold at a high price and the money given to the poor.” (Matthew 26v9 NIV) They could only see monetary value in what she had. To Jesus it was an act of love and devotion.  Don't let money be your measure.  Love should be the driving force that motivates you.  Don't even be driven by need.  There is always more need than you can possibly meet.  Look to Him who is the solution to your deepest needs.  He is also their salvation not just yours. The question is: what do you value the most? The

#3 You have gold in you

When the disciples saw this, they were indignant. “Why this waste?” they asked. (Matthew 26v8 NIV) No love-offering made to God should be looked down on.  He accepts it and so should you.  You can demonstrate your love for Him by loving everyone around you and do it unconditionally.  Not because they may deserve it and certainly not because it may make you feel good.  There is no place for sentimentality.  The extravagant expression of love by this woman revealed her heart.  It also exposed the hardness of the hearts of those in the room.  Watch and guard your heart

#2 He desires you above all

...a woman came to Him with an alabaster jar of very expensive perfume, which she poured on His head as He was reclining at the table. (Matthew 26v7 NIV) Every offering you make to God is special.  Give Him what you have, not what you don't have.  No matter how small or big.  What He desires is the offering from the heart.  When you offer yourself you are giving Him the devotion of your heart.  He is getting what He deserves.  It is what He desires above all; you.  Love Him with what you have; for those that love little,

Uncomfortable answer

If you are willing to go wherever He sends you and do whatever He asks you. Then ask Him the question and be prepared for an uncomfortable answer

It affects everyone

Since he was not able to pay, the master ordered that he and his wife and his children and all that he had be sold to repay the debt. (Matthew 18:25 NIV) This is in the context of forgiveness.  This is how seriously He takes it.  Unforgiveness affects everyone.  Like a ripple effect.  Everyone you know.  Everyone you come into contact.  Is indirectly affected.  There is no escaping.  That is the debt that builds up.  It accumulates over time.  Don’t let it fester.  Don’t let it grow and be a part of you.  Whatever happened to you.  Whatever was done to

Every word, thought and action

As he began the settlement, a man who owed him ten thousand bags of gold was brought to him. (Matthew 18:24 NIV) You have His attention.  He knows you.  He may choose not to know all about your debts.  He is the King.  Whether He is your king or not.  For those who profess to serve Him, He is their king.  You are in His debt to whatever amount.  It doesn’t matter.  It will be more than you can pay back.  It is accrued from the day you were born.  You have added to it over the years.  You are not

Accounts settled

“Therefore, the kingdom of heaven is like a king who wanted to settle accounts with his servants. (Matthew 18:23 NIV) You can know His will. You can know His forgiveness. Let His will be real to you. Let His forgiveness be real to you also. This is not a suggestion. It is a reality. He is the King. There is no other like Him. A king has servants. He also has sons and daughters. He doesn’t need to settle accounts with them. Jesus has settled the account. He has paid the debt. The Son has paid your debt to the King.

After all, He made you

Will he thank the servant because he did what he was told to do? (Luke 17:9) What is your motive? Is your reasoning to create a convenient God? One where He serves your needs and wishes? He may want to know why you think that you have a higher purpose than His. Don’t think you can get away with halfheartedness. For half a heart is as good as no heart. A heart only works when all the constituents are working. Failure of one part is usually fatal. You are not going to function at full capacity. This is not how

Too much to ask

Won’t he rather say, ‘Prepare my supper, get yourself ready and wait on me while I eat and drink; after that you may eat and drink’?  (Luke 17:8) Isn’t it our joy and privilege to serve His purposes? To wait on Him hand and foot? He is worth it. He is so loving. He provides all for you and me. There is no lack with Him. He makes your heart beat faster when you hear His voice. He calls to you. He loves you. Yet we are to serve His purposes. For the grand design. That is all that is expected.

Your future plans

“Suppose one of you has a servant plowing or looking after the sheep. Will he say to the servant when he comes in from the field, ‘Come along now and sit down to eat’?  (Luke 17:7) We are to serve Him not ourselves. Jesus is a servant king but He is still a King. He is not at your disposal. Wait on Him. In more ways than one. He is the King of Kings. Of a kingdom without limit. Greater than any kingdom on earth. Let your service be for Him, not for yourself nor for anyone else. Him alone. He

A better way

No one takes it from Me, but I lay it down of my own accord. I have authority to lay it down and authority to take it up again. This command I received from my Father.” (John 10:18) What instructions have you had from the Father. What has He said to you and about you. He created you for purpose. He gave life to you for a reason. I suspect just working to earn money was not top of the list. You are greater than that. Let Him shine through you. His life is in you. Despite your best efforts to

Let it flourish

The reason my Father loves Me is that I lay down my life —only to take it up again. (John 10:17) How much do you love? Do you love like Him? He was willing to be obedient. Whatever it cost. His relationship with the Father was firmly rooted in love. This was the only motive. The Father knew of His son’s willingness. He knows the cost. And He knows the final outcome. There was no uncertainty. Be certain of your hope. It cannot be misplaced. Hope in anything else is not hope. He is Hope personified. Your relationship with Him matters.

Nothing else matters

I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd. (John 10:16) One flock and one shepherd.  Not lots of flocks and lots of shepherds.  He wants people to serve His purposes together.  Unity isn’t different factions working on a project together.  Unity is when there are no factions and one shepherd.  He wants all His people to know Him as their shepherd.  There are streams, factions and denominations because of our hardness of heart.  He loves all equally. 

Love what He loves

just as the Father knows me and I know the Father —and I lay down my life for the sheep. (John 10:15) What more can He do? He has done it all for you. A love that is absolute. Not based on how He felt that morning. You can draw close to Him safely. For that is His heart. It is also the heart of the Father. How much more can He love you? Do you love Him? How do you respond to His love and affection for you? Open your heart wide. Allow His affection for you fill you.

More than a hired hand

The man runs away because he is a hired hand and cares nothing for the sheep. (John 10:13) People often exalt a man above Jesus. People also replace God with the bible. Wouldn’t it be great if your heart respond to His love. After all it is for your freedom that He set you free. Don’t live in bondage again. Even to a noble cause. He has stuff for you to do. That have their origins in heaven. That no-one has yet seen or heard of. Did you know that yo are His answer to a world of need. Let Him

An inconvenient walk

The hired hand is not the shepherd and does not own the sheep. So when he sees the wolf coming, he abandons the sheep and runs away. Then the wolf attacks the flock and scatters it. (John 10:12)

More than a fairy tale

“I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. (John 10:11) He is the only way.  The true way.  He is good in the broadest and deepest sense.  Nothing comes close to comparing with Him.  He alone is good.  He can be trusted.  You can trust Him with your life.  He created you.  He knows what is best for you.  Yet He still allows you to choose.  Whether you follow Him or not.  Whether you trust Him or not.  Is He your shepherd?  Do you allow someone else to take that role?  He is more

Please Him not your fears

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. (John 10:10) Don’t focus on the thief but on Jesus.  Don’t be fear driven but life driven.  Life is stolen when you fear.  Driven by a need to protect yourself.  He comes to reassure.  He is the reassurance.  Enter through Him and Him alone.  In Him is safety.  He is where your life begins.  Not only on the day you were born but everyday.  Let Him flood you with His peace and His joy.  By surrounding yourself

Enjoy Him now

I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved. They will come in and go out, and find pasture. (John 10:9) This isn’t about hell. This isn’t even about eternal life. It is about life. His life in you. You think it is something to come. Maybe when you die. But hope is for now, not then. He is your hope. He is your joy. Share in it as part of your inheritance. Saved from misery. Saved from hopelessness. Saved from yourself. Hell bent on self destruction. He others you life. In all its wonderful glory. Greater and

Listen to Him

All who have come before me are thieves and robbers, but the sheep have not listened to them. (John 10:8) Strong words. What does He mean? Who is He talking about? Have others claimed to be the messiah? The people wanted a solution. Someone to lead them out of bondage. To be their king again. They wanted independence. They wanted freedom. But everyone who came to lead them out. Was still just the same. With no hope. With no possibilities. Only more of the same. He is offering real freedom. Freedom for everyone. From tyranny. From bondage. From sin. He

It will be worth it

When He has brought out all His own, He goes on ahead of them, and His sheep follow him because they know His voice. (John 10:4)  Are you with Him? Are you one of His own? Follow His voice.  Follow Him.  He knows your heart.  He knows its condition.  Whether you are truly in love with Him.  Passionate about what He is passionate about.  He is passionate about you.  He knows you.  He knows those who are His.  Who have surrendered their hearts fully to Him.  No compromise.  No conditions.  He wants His own.  Those who know and love Him.  He

His voice

The gatekeeper opens the gate for Him, and the sheep listen to His voice. He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. (John 10:3) He knows you. Do you know Him? There is only one shepherd. Follow Him. The only one. Can you hear His voice? Listen carefully. He is speaking to you. Softly and yet clearly. Hear His voice. It will comfort you. It will encourage you. More than you think. Don’t be afraid to draw close He won’t shout at you. His voice will soothe your soul.

Embrace Him

The one who enters by the gate is the shepherd of the sheep. (John 10:2) He alone is the One. The one true Shepherd. He will show you the way. He will guide and help you. He is for you. All the way, all the time. He has laid down His life for you. He never stops loving you. He never stops, full stop. His care is greater than any other. Run to Him. Throw yourself into His arms and embrace Him. He constantly thinks about you. Night and day He watches over you. Like a shepherd guarding his sheep.

The end of all things is Him

“Very truly I tell you Pharisees, anyone who does not enter the sheep pen by the gate, but climbs in by some other way, is a thief and a robber. (John 10:1) Don’t take shortcuts. Don’t think it doesn’t matter. His church matters. His sheep matter. Their welfare is paramount. That they know the true Shepherd. You cannot get to be an under-shepherd by any others means. You either are under His discipleship or you are not. Do not usurp His sheep from under Him. His sheep need to hear His voice. They need to hear Him. They need to

He cannot fail you

In the same way your Father in heaven is not willing that any of these little ones should perish. (Matthew 18:14) He is the true desire of your heart. Your true desire, full stop. He will satisfy you with good things. With a desire for all that is good. He wishes none that would perish. For He has given life to all. That you might live a full and satisfied life. This is His desire. This is what He longs for. That His creation knows Him. Knows and experiences His love. It is so real and more powerful than anything. Believe

It always does

And if he finds it, truly I tell you, he is happier about that one sheep than about the ninety-nine that did not wander off.  (Matthew 18:13) You will satisfy Him. The longing of His heart. To have a people of His own. Who don’t serve their own interests. Who look out for others. Seeking their needs. Loving with a passion. Full of love for Him. Knowing His heart. Yet He still seeks them. To find a people after His own heart. Are you one? Do you seek Him with all of your being? In your response make your spirit strong.

Satisfied and filled

“What do you think? If a man owns a hundred sheep, and one of them wanders away, will he not leave the ninety-nine on the hills and go to look for the one that wandered off?  (Matthew 18:12) He will always bring you back. For He is your shepherd but are you willing? He doesn’t coerce nor force. You are His child. Sheep of His flock. This is to His glory, joy and delight that you enjoy the pasture He leads you to. Don’t wander off. He will have to leave the others and go looking for you. Time is wasted.

Open the present

He said to them, “Therefore every teacher of the law who has become a disciple in the kingdom of heaven is like the owner of a house who brings out of his storeroom new treasures as well as old.” (Matthew 13:52) Treasures are what He is. He is the treasure.  You are to receive Him as your treasure.  This is to His glory that you enjoy the riches of His inheritance.  You are His inheritance.  He sees you.  He sees you perfectly.  There is nothing hidden in Him.  So do not hide from Him.  Let Him show you the wonderful reassures

Like a waterfall

...and throw them into the blazing furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. (Matthew 13:50 NIV) Don’t let this be you. This not meant to be your destiny. He believes in you. Believe in Him. He has wonderful plans for you. You are loved by Him. Not just a little bit. He doesn’t just tolerate you. He loves you with a passion. He isn’t halfhearted about you. When you embrace Him you embrace everything good. This is your destiny. But it is your choice. He offers it to you. Accept it. That is all you have to do.

He stands knocking

This is how it will be at the end of the age. The angels will come and separate the wicked from the righteous (Matthew 13:49) He doesn’t want you to be disappointed. That you have been barking up the wrong tree. Seek Him, now. Turn you affection to Him while you can. Allow Him in. He is so full of love for you. A day does not go by when He doesn’t think of you. You are always on His mind and in His thoughts. Give a thought to Him. Turn your attention to Him. One day there will come

First be filled with His love

When it was full, the fishermen pulled it up on the shore. Then they sat down and collected the good fish in baskets, but threw the bad away.  (Matthew 13:48)  Be a good fish. What does that look like?  How do you know if you are a good fish? Ask Him.  All those loved by Him are good fish.  Those that reject His love are the bad fish.  They do not want to love.  Love is not in them because only He is pure love.  This may seem harsh and black and white.  But He knows who are His.  So love,

Do it with Him

“Once again, the kingdom of heaven is like a net that was let down into the lake and caught all kinds of fish.” (Matthew 13:47) There is no one like you.  He made you unique. Wonderfully made. He didn’t make a mistake. Nor got the plans upside down. You weren’t a guess. Nor an accident. He created you for purpose.  His Kingdom, His purpose. He wants you to fulfil your destiny. He will help you every step of the way. He won’t do it all for you. But He will do it all with you.  He hasn’t left you as an

No pretending

When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it. (Matthew 13:46 NIV) The cost is relative.  What does it mean to you? How much does it mean to you?  Does He all consume you? You know Him. He knows you. His love for you is undiminished.  It hasn’t faded over time.  Is that true for you?  Your love means everything to Him.  He never holds back His love.  It is genuine and consistent.  You are never far from His thoughts.  Ever mindful and ever concerned.  He has your best interests at heart. 

Deep calls to deep

“Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. (Matthew 13:45 NIV) What are you searching for? Is He what you are looking for? Look deep, for there you will find Him. Not hidden. But search Him out. Seek Him with all your heart. He is not far away. Your joy will be a delight to Him. As you discover that pearl. It will be more precious than anything. You are so precious to Him. You are His great find. He is searching for you. When He finds you He will rejoice over you. Don’t hide

What is your passion?

“The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field. (Matthew 13:44 NIV) Without passion there is no motive. If you are truly hungry then you will pursue until satisfied.  What will it cost you? Nothing, if it a passion and desire.  The cost is the value you place on something.  God does not rob you.  He isn’t after your money. He is after your heart.  He wants you to have the same passion as He

Embrace Him

He told them still another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like yeast that a woman took and mixed into about sixty pounds of flour until it worked all through the dough.” (Matthew 13:33 NIV) Sometimes it requires a little effort from you. What He has done in you should affect all of your being. The yeast affects the whole dough. There isn’t one part that is unaffected. Just because you hear His word to you. Doesn’t mean that you have embraced it. You have to work it into every area of your life and being. Your body and mind have

As you go along

Though it is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds come and perch in its branches.” (Matthew 13:32) You may see Heaven as something big and beyond comprehension. It is but it starts as a small seed in someone's heart. Yet if allowed to, it will grow and grow. How can something so small be compared to something so powerful? Even fully grown it isn’t as tall as the biggest tree. It is basically a large garden plant. You are meant to grow. That

A better understanding

He told them another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field. (Matthew 13:31) He wants you to understand what His kingdom is like.  He has to speak in parables because your mind struggles to understand the spirit realm.  He uses simple imagery to create a mental picture.  With a semblance of what it looks like.  The kingdom is to be experienced not just understood.  He likes to talk to you just the way we need to hear. Whatever language you speak or understand. Through music, films, the Bible, walking

The seed is His

As soon as the grain is ripe, he puts the sickle to it, because the harvest has come.” (Mark 4:29 NIV) This is the harvest you will see.  It isn't for another generation.  It is for today and it is for you.  If you want to see this harvest then look to Him.  He is the one who gives the growth.  He is the one who is planting that seed within you.  The harvest will come because of you.  Be willing and humble enough to allow Him to do that.  He needs good soil.  Be that good soil.  You will see

Let it grow

All by itself the soil produces grain—first the stalk, then the head, then the full kernel in the head. (Mark 4:28 NIV) You have everything you need. For that seed to grow. To its full maturity. Don't ever say you can't. Nor believe that you are not able. You are more than capable. You are also capable of limiting its growth. Let it grow. Watch for the shoots to emerge. You are a fruit producer. More seed to create more plants. That seed should multiply. Let this happen. It will come from within you. Not from or by someone else.

A source of blessing

Night and day, whether he sleeps or gets up, the seed sprouts and grows, though he does not know how. (Mark 4:27 NIV) This is not about you.  Yet His goodness is revealed through you. He wants to see His fruit in you.  Not through your own striving.  Not a man made environment.  Where man dictates. But the true Kingdom where He is ruler and king.  Even though the spiritual realm is beyond your understanding.  Yet He chooses to let you see it.  You think you know.  Because you have had a glimpse.  Yet you are key to it.  You play

A give away

He also said, “This is what the kingdom of God is like. A man scatters seed on the ground. (Mark 4:26 NIV) He is putting His word and His promises in your heart. They are seeds of faith and expectation of good. They are easily identified and just as easily ignored. Let those seeds arrive in good soil. They are His words to you, His promises and instructions for you. Believe them and nurture them. They are for you and to benefit everyone else. The fruit is to give away.

A bright light

Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Whoever has ears, let them hear. (Matthew 13v43 NIV) When you shine it is so bright and clear. The people will see how great it is. They will give glory to Him because of you. So shine like the sun. Let your good works. Your deeds. Your words. Light up people's lives. Do not think that you will see it happen overnight. Build your faith up. Fill yourself with His oil of gladness. That oil will be fuel for the fire. It will burn brightly. Lighting up

He knows the real you

They will throw them into the blazing furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. (Matthew 13v42 NIV) This seems terrible and at odds with a God of love. Forgiveness and compassion.... This is nothing to do with ignorance. It is for those who know about the power of God. Yet chose to follow the devil and serve his schemes. Everyone has a choice. Many live in ignorance. For that there is forgiveness. However there are some who deliberately thwart His purposes here on earth. Even though they can see the good it does. They have a built

He will resource you

The Son of Man will send out his angels, and they will weed out of his kingdom everything that causes sin and all who do evil. (Matthew 13v41 NIV) This is part of His judgement.  To remove everything that causes people to sin.  Gets to the very root of the problem.  His angels will do this.  It is not a figure of speech but a declaration of truth.  He will do it. Those who do evil are those who persistently follow and satisfy their own lusts at the expense of others.  It is not those who out of ignorance do not

He is so much better than anything

“As the weeds are pulled up and burned in the fire, so it will be at the end of the age. (Matthew 13v40 NIV) There is no easy way to put it.  There is no sugar coating it.  People need to realise that this is a serious matter.  There is no other way to address the issue.  There is a reckoning. Don’t think that everyone gets the same regardless.  Don’t leave it too late. Draw close to Him now.  Serve Him not yourself.  If you are bothered you will do something about it.  It is the here and now and it

Love all

and the enemy who sows them is the devil. The harvest is the end of the age, and the harvesters are angels. (Matthew 13v39 NIV) Seeds of doubt are sown. People believe a lie. Faster than the Truth. Hearts dulled. Resisting the Truth. Resisting His Passion. There are weeds. There will always be some. Don’t let you become one of them. Ask of Him. Draw close to Him. Love Him and be loved by Him. Do not use weed killer. It will kill the plants. They will grow together. Love all. Forgive all. Let Him be the judge.

Take no offence

Then he left the crowd and went into the house. His disciples came to him and said, “Explain to us the parable of the weeds in the field.” (Matthew 13v36 NIV) He has so much to say. But are we ready to listen? He is willing to explain. You will hear the truth. Revelation is waiting for those who will hear. Give time to Him and sit at His feet to listen. Some will reject what He says. Too familiar. Walking away shaking their heads. His words speak directly into the heart. They bypasses the brain. And avoid human logical. Your

Too few harvesters

Let both grow together until the harvest. At that time I will tell the harvesters: First collect the weeds and tie them in bundles to be burned; then gather the wheat and bring it into my barn. (Matthew 13v30 NIV) There will come a time. Take what He says seriously. He will be asking you questions. He will want to know what you did with what He gave you. What manner of life you lived. And did you love. Keep a pure heart. Let nothing come between you and Him. The condition of your heart is your responsibility. He will always

A better future

“‘No,’ he answered, ‘because while you are pulling the weeds, you may uproot the wheat with them. (Matthew 13v29 NIV) Take care how you deal with people and their issues. The field is His, He is the God of the harvest. He doesn’t not want any of His children to fall or stumble. He misses nothing. But He is patient. What He tolerates He does so for good reason. Honour everyone not just the few. Even those whom you think aren’t important. For deep and genuine love will change hearts Do not write people off. He loves them deeply. You

Purify your own heart

“‘An enemy did this,’ he replied. “The servants asked him, ‘Do you want us to go and pull them up?’ (Matthew 13v28 NIV) You may want to fix things. Take a sledgehammer to the problem. In an effort to get rid of the bad. Removing the bad can destroy the good. Remember Judas emerged in the middle of a bunch of Jesus disciples. That will happen. The reaction can be brutal. To protect the church, people, Jesus or God. It has more to do with protecting ourselves. He knows the hearts of men and women. Those which have a good

There is no excuse

“The owner’s servants came to him and said, ‘Sir, didn’t you sow good seed in your field? Where then did the weeds come from?’ (Matthew 13v27 NIV) The spiritual realm is not easy to understand. People talk and teach on it. There are varied views. There is evidence. There are testimonies. Jesus demonstrated miracles, signs and wonders. It is like piecing together bits of a jigsaw. Some bits fit together and others seem to be from another jigsaw. There are clues in the bible but there is still mystery. This parable talks about an enemy. Who knows what to sow,

Growing faster

When the wheat sprouted and formed heads, then the weeds also appeared. (Matthew 13v26 NIV) Jesus is looking for people who will listen. Who let His promises grow within them. Have you got ears to hear or is it too noisy? Listen to what He says. Believe it. Act according to what you believe. You are surrounded by noises and voices all trying to get your attention. Making decisions difficult. His voice can be drowned out. He is speaking to you right now. Find somewhere quiet. Be still and wait. Then you can be alone with Him. Talking and listening.

He stirs the waters

But while everyone was sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and went away. (Matthew 13v25 NIV) God has a plan and a purpose for you. They are good. But there is a problem. Doubt and uncertainty creeps in. Did He really say that or was it me? It can suddenly seem risky and very unappealing. Yet He is very patient. But His patience will only last so long. If He does nothing you might never change. He stirs up the water. Lest you become complacent. Many do not want a King like Him. They want one

Love hurts sometimes

Jesus told them another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field. (Matthew 13v24 NIV) When you hear the words of Jesus.  You have a witness in your spirit.  That His words are true because He is Truth.  He speaks so you can hear  And he wants you to understand.  You hear the Spirit behind the words.  You might expect His words to be logical.  You expect His words to make sense.  But often they don’t.  Your mind is full of stuff.  Your heart craves it.  But your mind can cancel it out. 

Nurture the seed

But the seed falling on good soil refers to someone who hears the word and understands it. This is the one who produces a crop, yielding a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.” (Matthew 13v23 NIV) What do you think 'understanding' means? It can have different meanings. It is not just knowledge. The heart understands but the mind is dulled. It is not just your intellect as we generally believe it to be. Studying the Bible can be based on your intellect and reasoning. He is looking where the good soil is. Where there is a heart of understanding.

His way is The Way

The seed falling among the thorns refers to someone who hears the word, but the worries of this life and the deceitfulness of wealth choke the word, making it unfruitful. (Matthew 13v22 NIV) It is quite one thing to accept what He says.  It is quite another thing to put it at the centre of everything you do and are.   What is planted in you needs to grow strong and healthy.  Otherwise you will struggle to thrive.  The word implanted is meant to be taller and stronger than the weeds.  Bigger, better and greater.  Without Him dwelling in you.  You

Don’t give up

But since they have no root, they last only a short time. When trouble or persecution comes because of the word, they quickly fall away. (Matthew 13v21 NIV) Meeting Jesus is more than just an experience or feeling.  Feelings fade.  There is an initial excitement but there is more to this.  That joy is meant to deepen and not wane.  You are not in a religious bubble.  Many things conspire to end this wonderful relationship.  You will face many challenges.  Resisting the desire to follow Him wholeheartedly.  Jesus never promised easy. Because of what Jesus has done in you and for

Received with joy

The seed falling on rocky ground refers to someone who hears the word and at once receives it with joy. (Matthew 13v20 NIV) Everyone receives their salvation with joy. It is is a sudden event. It can even be a surprise to you and others. It is as if you have discovered something unexpected. A whole wonderful world opens up inside of you. Your spirit comes alive and you experience something which is brand new. Everything seems different. There is now light where there was darkness. Hope where there was hopelessness. That event was wonderful. But there is more. Much

Speak, pray and fast

When anyone hears the message about the kingdom and does not understand it, the evil one comes and snatches away what was sown in their heart. This is the seed sown along the path. (Matthew 13v19 NIV) This is talking about a state of readiness.  Many dismiss anything new.  If it doesn’t fit comfortably into their world view.  Everyone has the capacity to understand the mystery of the gospel.  For some their minds are dulled through repetitive hearing.  They don't want to hear, they don't want to understand.  It has everything to do with your free will.  He never takes it

Ears to hear

“Listen then to what the parable of the sower means: (Matthew 13v18 NIV) Listening is the key.   Having ears to hear.   It is about having an understanding of Him. He will happily explain things.  Give you insight.  Reveal deep truths hidden in the scriptures.  The Holy Spirit is the only one who can give you reliable revelation of the scriptures.  You only see it from your perspective.  That can be very superficial.  Familiarity can also be a hinderance.  What you have been taught in the past can be a stumbling block.  You have to decide for yourself what you

Release His goodness

Still other seed fell on good soil, where it produced a crop—a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown. (Matthew 13v8 NIV) This is what the seed was made for.  This is where it is meant to be.  Seek to be the place where it grows at its best.  If what you are doing is not conducive to growth.  Change it to allow His seed to grow and multiply.  How you respond is what matters.  Your responsibility is to ensure that you feed well.  He provides everything for your nourishment and health.  Create the environment where you are going to

A reliable guide

Other seed fell among thorns, which grew up and choked the plants. (Matthew 13v7 NIV) The culture surrounding you is not conducive to living a godly life. Hard choices have to be made. A daily decision to walk with Him. What you are comfortable with may be a hinderance. The thorns are the problems and pleasures that encompass you. Choose the path rather than the comfy chair. There are so many things that can choke your life. How things make you feel is not to be your guide. He is the only reliable guide. He is consistent. He is unchanging. He

His word lives in you

But when the sun came up, the plants were scorched, and they withered because they had no root. (Matthew 13v6 NIV) The sun is not the enemy.  It is the challenges of life.  The sun gives life.  Without it there would be no life.  The plants withered because there was no root.  Knowing about Him is not the same as knowing Him. Some want to grow quickly.  To have influence.  The process of transformation becomes a stumbling block.  He has a better strategy than you could ever have. You are nothing without Him. Yet He needs you.  Put your roots down

Performance driven lifestyle

As he was scattering the seed, some fell along the path, and the birds came and ate it up. (Matthew 13v4 NIV) Don't think that everything you do is a waste.  Just because the seed that you sow lands on ground that is snatched away.  Your job is to be faithful.  Whether people receive it or not.  To get the seed onto the fertile soil some of it lands on the path.  If you throw it deliberately on the path that is a waste.  Bless everyone. Scatter the seed wherever. Unless told not to.  Don't be performance driven.  Don’t react to

Listen and believe

Then He told them many things in parables, saying: “A farmer went out to sow his seed. (Matthew 13v3 NIV)  He is giving everyone a chance to know Him.  To hear Him and respond.  This seed is information about His kingdom.  He sends His message through signs and wonders. He demonstrates His power.  It is not just a good sound bite.  They are not well meaning sentiments.  The seed is being sown, it is continuous.  He expects a harvest.  He expects there to be growth.  Who will listen and believe?  Who will turn themselves over to Him?  Who will honour Him. 

His fruit in you

If it bears fruit next year, fine! If not, then cut it down.’” (Luke 13v9 NIV) What little sentiment.  Sentimentality is not a fruit of the spirit.  The world can't wait for sentiment.  It is looking for power.  A demonstration of God’s love.  To experience His healing.  A world that wants to embrace His joy and peace.  He loves you too much to be sentimental about you.  He doesn't let His feelings rule Him like they can rule us.  You may have strong feelings. You may be able to justify them. He may not necessarily share your sentiment.  How you feel

Bearing fruit is what you do

Sir, the man replied, leave it alone for one more year, and I’ll dig around it and fertilise it. (Luke 13v8 NIV) There is one more chance.  A fourth year.  Three should've been its maximum. You can be given more chances but there is a limit.  Don’t be indifferent towards God.  Learn how to bear fruit.  What fruit is He expecting from you? He won’t ask anything unreasonable from you.  Bear fruit for Him. Bear the fruit that He created you for. Not what people expect or demand from you.  Just because there is a need and someone asks doesn’t mean

Do what is in front of you

So he said to the man who took care of the vineyard, ‘For three years now I’ve been coming to look for fruit on this fig tree and haven’t found any. Cut it down! Why should it use up the soil?’ (Luke 13v7 NIV) Three years is a long time.  Plenty of time.  For whatever reason no fruit appeared.  The owner wanted it to bear fruit and gave it a chance.  However, enough was enough.  It was using resources that could be better used.  It wasn’t an ornament.  What He wanted wasn’t unreasonable.  It only had one job.  Who or what

Fruit that will last

Then he told this parable: “A man had a fig tree growing in his vineyard, and he went to look for fruit on it but did not find any. (Luke 13v6 NIV) You are designed to bear fruit.  That is what He is expecting. That is what He is hoping to see.  You have been planted in His vineyard.  He expects to see you bear fruit.  Abundant fruit.  Notice that it is a fig tree in a vineyard.  The owner wanted the fruit off it.  The vineyard was a commercial enterprise to make wine.  It was meant to be profitable.  There

He has invested Himself in you

But the one who does not know and does things deserving punishment will be beaten with few blows. From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked. (Luke 12v48 NIV) Where there is ignorance there is some grace.  You should take the time to find out what He wants.  He is your God and the church is His.  The church does not exist for your benefit,  You are there to serve Him.  To love others and make them look good.  Be always helping them

From the heart

“The servant who knows the master’s will and does not get ready or does not do what the master wants will be beaten with many blows. (Luke 12v47 NIV) What are those blows? It doesn't sound good whatever they are.  Is Jesus saying that God will punish those who know what they should do and don't do it?  Seems harsh and yet justified.  It may challenge your fundamental thinking about God being nice all the time.  But is He as nice as we try to make Him be? If you are harsh with people.  Indifferent to their needs then you may

You only get one

The master of that servant will come on a day when he does not expect him and at an hour he is not aware of. He will cut him to pieces and assign him a place with the unbelievers. (Luke 12v46 NIV) Don't treat what He has given you with contempt.  Receive prophecies with the gravity they deserve.  Treat His body, the church with deepest respect.  Not as a plaything for you.  But serve those who are part of the body for their benefit.  Even if it is inconvenient.  Protect the work of the Holy Spirit in all that you do. 

If you are still waiting

But suppose the servant says to himself, ‘My master is taking a long time in coming,’ and he then begins to beat the other servants, both men and women, and to eat and drink and get drunk. (Luke 12v45 NIV) This isn’t you. This isn’t what you are like. You would never do such a thing.  Yet do you criticise others?  Describe them in a negative way? Have a poor opinion of them.  Do you treat people well at work? At home? Or your neighbours? He sees what you do. He hears what you says. He knows what you are thinking. 

He sees it all

Truly I tell you, he will put him in charge of all his possessions. (Luke 12v44 NIV) These are Jesus’ words not mine. He wants to know who He can trust with true riches.  He is your reward.  It is more than you deserve.  More than you could ever dream of. Greater than you could imagine.  He will trust you with true riches.  He is looking for those He can trust.  If He can trust you with the small things then He can trust you with the big things.  Make every effort to be faithful in the small things.  He sees

He has given you a realm of responsibility.

The Lord answered, “Who then is the faithful and wise manager, whom the master puts in charge of his servants to give them their food allowance at the proper time? (Luke 12v42 NIV) You have been given a degree of responsibilities.  This is not just for your benefit.  It is for the wider body.  Be faithful with the job in hand.  Not doing what you please.  Nor to please yourself.  Use your wisdom to benefit others.  Use your gifts wisely.  Do what is in front of you to the best of your ability.  Don't be intimidated by others.  Whatever their attitude

Don’t be too busy

You also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.”(Luke 12v40 NIV) This is true.  You will not expect Him.  This is so that you do not waste time waiting until the last possible moment.  Make Him the main thing.  Make Him the focus of your being.  Make Him your purpose in life.  This is not about being busy with church stuff.  Your ambition is not to complete a rota.  Your aim is not to attend meetings.  Unless you put Him first.  Unless you put His kingdom first.  Life

Pray without ceasing

But understand this: If the owner of the house had known at what hour the thief was coming, he would not have let his house be broken into. (Luke 12v39 NIV) This is a shift from being ready for Him.  To being on your guard against the circumstances of life.  You still have to be aware of where doubt and unbelief creeps in.  It is your responsibility to be ready.  Don’t allow lethargy and apathy get a grip.  Allowing circumstances to escalate out of control.  Your circumstances will rob, kill and destroy you if they can.  But if you are aware

Dream His dreams

It will be good for those servants whose master finds them ready, even if he comes in the middle of the night or toward daybreak. (Luke 12v38 NIV) However long it takes.  No matter how tired you get.  Do not give up.  Show yourself to be serious.  For only one thing matters and that is Him.  Find out what are His desires, dreams and plans.   It is about your heart attitude.  Whether you love Him.  Do you care about the things He cares about? If He is not first in our thoughts every time then what is and why? Let

He will wait on you

It will be good for those servants whose master finds them watching when he comes. Truly I tell you, he will dress himself to serve, will have them recline at the table and will come and wait on them. (Luke 12v37 NIV) How wonderful He is.  We don't deserve to have Him serve us.  He just loves you so much. It will be worth the wait.  Be in anticipation.  It will be more wonderful than you can imagine.   Being ready means we are watching out for Him.  Listening for any sound that He might make.  Our hearts beat faster with His

Testimony week 7

After a long day, at altitude, jet lag and lack of sleep went to fill the car up at a petrol station and put the debit card in the wrong slot. Put it the receipt by mistake. It is not that we haven’t done this a million times but... so stood there thinking what we were going to do so I prayed, asking God to help, the owner came out and could not get the card so I declared ‘there is a solution’ but it was not looking promising. He left us with a paper clip and a large plastic

Be still servants waiting for their master to return from a wedding banquet, so that when he comes and knocks they can immediately open the door for him. (Luke 12v36 NIV) There is so much that can distract you.  Not just what is going on around you.  But also what is going on inside of you.  If you are distracted or preoccupied.  Then you will not be ready when He knocks at the door.  You may not even hear Him knocking.  Have all your senses on high alert.  As if nothing else matters.  Expect to see or hear something. You may have

No matter what

“Be dressed ready for service and keep your lamps burning, (Luke 12v35 NIV) Believe that you have something to offer.  Nobody has nothing.  Everybody has something.  Your service to Him is important.  You need to recognise it.  To understand what it is and what it looks like.  You are offering yourself to Him in His service. Which is freely given.  You are not His slave.  If you want to be in His service then you need to be ready, willing and available.  You never know when He will call on you.  If you are ready for His service then you will

He means you

What I say to you, I say to everyone: ‘Watch!’ (Mark 13v37 NIV) Watch what? What does He want you to see.  To keep your eyes and ears open at all times. Or you might miss it. There will be something to see.  There will be clues and indications.  Yes, it is about praying.  but it is more than that.  It is a lifestyle.  He has given you your five senses for a purpose.  They are to be used to inform you.  They are not meant to give you direction.  When you see or hear something, ask Him, enquire.  Even if

Be fully alert

If he comes suddenly, do not let him find you sleeping. (Mark 13v36 NIV) Don't fall asleep.  Stay awake.  Don’t be lazy about your relationship with Him.  In your attitude don’t become apathetic.  Don’t allow lethargy to grip you no matter what the delay may be.  Be a person of action.  Not of reaction.  You are not a passive person.  But a person of passion. Be ready at a moments notice to do His bidding.  Keep your weapons sharp.  Keep them by your side.  Be alert to anything He is showing you. Be full of His Holy Spirit. Be fully aware

Keep watching and keep praying

“Therefore keep watch because you do not know when the owner of the house will come back—whether in the evening, or at midnight, or when the rooster crows, or at dawn. (Mark 13v35 NIV) Watch and pray.  For you do not know when He will come.  This is not so much the end times but a personal call to be ready at all times. Do not think for a moment that He might be asleep.  Indifferent or not watching.  So that you can do what you want.  He will expect you to be ready.  To be willing.  Just because He doesn't

The second blessing

“This is how it will be with whoever stores up things for themselves but is not rich toward God.” (Luke 12v21 NIV) Notice that Jesus didn't say any mention about giving to the poor.  It is nothing about helping those in need.  You could argue that it was implied.  But that is an assumption we can easily make but it isn't what He said.  There are two questions here… What does He mean by 'this is how it will be…'? How can we or how should we be rich towards God?  The man may have died prematurely.  But we all

He has a better plan

“But God said to him, ‘You fool! This very night your life will be demanded from you. Then who will get what you have prepared for yourself?’ (Luke 12v20 NIV) It is never going to end well if God calls you a fool.  You can't expect to have a heart attitude like that and expect there to be no consequences.  We are all answerable to God for what we do.  Even what we say and what we think.  He sees it all and nothing is hidden from Him.  He is not asleep as some think.  Neither is He paralysed to

Ekklesia #3

Following on from our look at Ekklesia this is our third (#3) instalment...

Ekklesia #2

The church is meant to have political and cultural clout in society.  It isn’t just about individuals but towns, cities, regions and nations.  "One would assume that during His years of public ministry, Jesus must have spent considerable time teaching about the Church, specifically about its nature and also how to plant and grow one. Get ready to be surprised, because as far as the four gospels are concerned, Jesus used the word translated “church” in our Bibles only three times (see Matthew 16:18; 18:17). That is the extent of His recorded teaching on the subject in the gospels." (from

Ekklesia #1

Jesus did not say ‘I will build my synagogue or temple’ He said ‘I will build My Ekklesia’ Church is translated from the Greek origin Ekklesia  When we say church what do we think of? Meeting, building, leader, worship, teaching, offering, organisation, membership? We talk about ‘...being at church’ or ‘...going to church’ or ‘...the church should...’ ‘...I am a member of...’  As if it is a thing itself.  “During the days when Jesus walked this earth, however, Ekklesia—the Greek word translated into English as “church”—was not religious in nature or connotation at all. In fact, by the time He

Light of the World, yes you

Matthew 5:14-16 (NIV) 14 You are the light of the world This simple statement says it all. This is who you are. This is what you are.  It is your identity.  There is nothing more important, individually or corporately.You are light.  You are hope.  You are the answer and you beg the question.  People will look at you and wonder.  They will see the light that you have.  In their minds and in their spirits they will ask the question. They will want to know what you have.  They will perceive that you are not from the same culture. When

A life less ordinary

“Therefore, I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven—as her great love has shown. But whoever has been forgiven little loves little” (Luke 7v47 NIV) Don't love little, draw closer to Him and you will see how much He loves you.  Remind yourself what He has done for you. Imagine life without Him, that should get you. You can do nothing but be undone by it.  The closer you are the more you cannot help love Him.  Deliberately and intentionally spending time with Him, drawing close to Him will change everything. Ask Him what love looks like?  It might

Money isn’t everything

Money is just one resource. There is your time, your intellect and your energy. They can be translated into hard earned cash. They can be offered to Him as an offering. many teach about tithing, giving 10% of your income. There is often a big debate as to whether it is net (after tax) or gross (before tax). This would seem to me to be missing the point. I would go so far as to say it is the wrong answer to the wrong question. It isn’t how little you can give or what is the minimum before something bad

Testimony Week #6

A healed back A lady in our church hurt her back while at the gym lifting weights. She was in a lot of pain and struggled to even get her shoes on. After prayer that night from other christians in the church she found that the next day the pain had all but gone and was able to go back to the gym and exercise as normal. The back has remained healed. Job at last Someone who had been looking and praying for a permananent job for three years has finally been given one. This is an answer to prayer

From a place of love and authority

The church is meant to reflect the love of God and demonstrate His power to a world bereft of hope. Unless there is a deep and tangible love for Him, for each other and even for ourselves we will struggle to love a world hell bent on destroying itself. We are the world’s only hope and yet we backbite, criticise and regularly fall out with each other with no thought of the consequences. Relationships become secondary to doctrine as if God isn’t relationational. He isn’t running a multinational corporation where Jesus is the CEO. We like to talk organisation and

Background noise

One of the things you have to contend with is background noise. There are so many thoughts and ideas in your head being fed by memories, sights, sounds, smells and feelings. They alone can be overwhelming, add to this cacophony is hearing His voice which seems to be the quietest. They call it that still small voice. The reason it is so quiet is that all the others speak to your mind directly whereas He speaks to your spirit. There is no competition or at leat very little. The question is how can you differentiate between your thioughts, His thoughts

Overcomplicated simple ideas

The Holy Spirit will give you ideas and solutions. They may be baby steps in the scheme of things but they are important steps none the less. As you ask Him for solutions to financial issues or just wanting an idea how to earn money He will tell you. But are you taking the time to listen and actually do exactly as He says. Either you might dismiss it as to simple, lacking detail or you might very quickly develop it into something more strategic and get ahead of yourself. Whichever is your response, repent if you think you know

The marketplace

Church is meant to be governmental and influential. That can sound like a power trip and people who want that will go after that. Jesus demonstrated power and influence without corrupting both those two words. We are meant to serve this culture, community or society not judge and criticise. We are to offer hope, a solution not an invitation to a meeting. Businesses, schools, hospitals, the police etc should be getting solutions from the body of Christ. Solutions that have their origins in heaven not man’s thinking. God wants to bless His creation but we can stubbornly refuse to believe

Hearing His voice is critical

Waiting for random titbits from God is noway for a deep and meaningful relationship. It is meant to be a full blown relationship where communication is clear. Access to Him is permanent not intermittent. We read His word and have a guess at what He is thinking. We look at others to workout His attitude towards someone or something. He is not a cosmic jigsaw that He has left lying around for us to puzzle over. He will talk to you as much as you listen. The question is then are you listening? If He has already answered your question

Money doesn’t grow on trees

Money is not evil. God wants you to prosper. That may mean be wealthy. What He doesn’t want is for anything to come between you and Him. Being wealthy or poor is not a sin, it is simply a statement of being. Money is abstract. Your time, your energy, your skills, your experience are not. Money is the means of sharing wealth. To buy or sell goods and services. It is what you do with it is the important thing. Not comparing how much you have compared to someone else. Does God want you to prosper? Yes It is the

Be intentional

He made us to be relational. When we meet for a Sunday service we are meeting together but we are not meeting each other. Yes, we will greet each other, say ‘Hi’, ‘How are you?’ Etc. Our replies are usually in the order of ‘fine’, ‘could be better’ or ‘not too bad’. The weather is also a very useful safe topic of conversation. How well do you know people in your church? When was the last time you had a meal with them or a coffee? Is it only with those you get on with? Do you know enough about

Afraid of asking?

He is a good Father. He loves you and accepts you. He loves you the way you are but He loves you too much to leave you like that. He is for you not against you. You can trust Him like no other. If you are afraid to ask Him because of what He might say then it is likely that your perception of Him is based on a lie. I can’t put it any less blunt. If you are not listening to Him the question is who are you listening to? Let’s be straight He isn’t just a warm

Money is a thing

Money is a strange thing it is neither real nor abstract. You can hold it but what you are holding isn’t worth anyhting as a piece of paper or a piece of metal. It is a promise, an agreement to carry a value. You can use it to exchange your time working in an office with a burger at MsDonalds. You get paid a salary which is in the form of money and you are free to do with it as you please. In heaven there is no money, there are no goods and services, no jobs to go to

Meeting driven christian lifestyle

First off I am not saying anything against meetings. Every time two or more people get together they are meeting. However how we view church is often based on either the institution or the meeting on a Sunday. We use phrases like ‘if only the church...’ or ‘I’m going to church...’. We use these expressions all the time, I do but they don’t really convey what church is and sometimes it is helpful to use a different word to express it. So the word ‘Ekklesia’ can help to redefine what He means by The Church. How we define it as

Let Him be the measure of you

She did what she could. She poured perfume on my body beforehand to prepare for my burial. (Mark 14v8) Do what you can, do not measure yourself against anyone else. Do not beat yourself up but rather accept His forgiveness for what it is. Unite yourself with Him and love Him with all your heart, nothing else really matters. If you compare yourself to others, stop it. Do you feel as if you let Him down, disappoint Him or underachieved? Remember that you did nothing to earn His love. Ask Him what He thinks about you. Ask Him how He

Asking Him the right question

There are two ways to ask a question, open and closed. I realised that I was using both. I was asking Him should I do such and such a thing and the answer was either yes or no or you choose (unhelpful sometimes). The other times were more open ended, like what should I do in a specific situation. So what you may ask. The challenge I face with the first, closed questioning I am choosing the flow and I have to either accept or reject what He says. This is where it can be hard to want to hear

How you can hear God

He has written a book about you It is in heaven He wants you to read it Spend time with Him He has a lot to tell you You are a spiritual being You live in a body You have a mind He has created you with the ability to hear HIm  

Ekklesia (a brief definition)

"The word Ekklesia is the word translated church from the Greek. This word means the judicial, legislative and governmental people of God. It speaks of a people that have been granted legal positions on Earth and before the Lord. We have been given the right and authority to get things legally in place so that God’s will can come into the Earth realm." Excerpt from "Operating In The Courts Of Heaven: Granting God the Legal Right to Fulfill His Passion and Answer Our Prayers" by Robert Henderson  

He delights in you

When she poured this perfume on my body, she did it to prepare me for burial (Matthew 26v12) Jesus knew the significance of what she was doing. Even if she didn't. She was preparing Him. She was also prepared for Him. He recognised it as a sign of what was to come. Are you ready for what is to come? It wasn't some random act. This wasn't Jesus being morbid about His future. He recognised what His mission and purpose was. He was doing it out of love. What He was about to do was the most extravagant act of

Free to serve

This perfume could have been sold at a high price and the money given to the poor. (Matthew 26v9) They could only see monetary value in what she had. To Jesus it was an act of love and devotion. Don't let money be your measure. Love should be the driving force that motivates you. Don't even be driven by need. There is always more need than you can possibly meet. Look to Him who is the solution to your deepest needs. He is also their salvation not just yours. The question is: what do you value the most? The need


Be disciplined. That is more than routine. Discipline is pulling away from wandering off doing your own thing, getting distracted and keeping on the path you are on with Him. Do this every day, we have a tendency to wander.

You have gold in you

When the disciples saw this, they were indignant. “Why this waste?” they asked. (Matthew 26v8) No love offering made to God should be looked down on. He accepts it and so should you. You can demonstrate your love for Him by loving everyone around you and do it unconditionally. Not because they may deserve it and certainly not because it may make you feel good. There is no place for sentimentality. The extravagant expression of love by this woman revealed her heart. It also exposed the hardness of the hearts of those in the room. Watch and guard your heart

He desires you above all

...a woman came to him with an alabaster jar of very expensive perfume, which she poured on his head as he was reclining at the table (Matthew 26v7 NIV) Every offering you make to God is special. Give Him what you have, not what you don't have. No matter how small or big. What He desires is the offering from the heart. When you offer ourselves you are giving Him the devotion of your heart. He is getting what He deserves. It is what He desires above all, you. Love Him with what you have. For those that love little

You are priceless

While Jesus was in Bethany in the home of Simon the Leper, (Matthew 26v6 NIV) Your identity isn't in your name, nor in your job but in Him. Jesus loves to spend time with you. Nothing is too much bother because you are priceless to Him. It has nothing to do with whether you are working class, middle class or upper class. Whether you are unemployed or have a career as a top flight executive. It has little if anything to do with your achievements or your failings. Simon (in this account) was described as a leper. This is not

Your true reality

He wants you to believe what He says about you. Believe in Him all the time not just when you feel good about yourself. His love and compassion for you isn't based on how He feels, He doesn't have moods except one, a good one. Your trust in Him should be firmly based in His love not on your circumstances, so never give up hope. Chose to believe that He has got good things in store for you. He doesn't see any situation as hopeless. See it from His perspective. Make it your aim to believe in His goodness every

In an instant

William Booth once said... "The chief danger that confronts the coming century will be religion without the Holy Ghost, Christianity without Christ, forgiveness without repentance, salvation without regeneration, politics without God, heaven without hell." Don't let that become true. You are His ambassador to this world. whether at school, at home or at work. Whatever your role, function, position or job - make sure you know His heart right where you are each and every day. If you are not sure ask Him. Wait until you hear, it is the single most important thing you can do, He is waiting

Pray a blessing

He wants His church back. He wants to demonstrate His goodness through the people of God to this world. We are His plan A and there is no plan B. We are to be a blessing to each other, to your family, your work colleagues and to your neighbours. In other words everyone. We will do this though praying. Speaking words of blessing over people rather than criticising them. Releasing blessings rather than curses. We pray for Harrogate, we speak a blessing over each and every person whether we know them or not.

It is time

Put childish things away and think with sober judgement. This isn't a game. It is about life and death. The choice is just surviving or abundant life. He wants you to chose the better one. He has created abundant life for all. It is time to get serious. To put away things that are not important. You are more than the sum of your pleasures. More than the total of your possessions. They may be good but don't let them fill your life. The question is, can you let go? Can you exchange your desires and ambitions for His passion

Don’t be robbed

Following the world and believing all its promises is likely to rob you of your inheritance. You can miss out on your inheritance if you do not know you had one in the first place. He created one before you were born. He does not allow challenges just to teach you a lesson. It is not a form of punishment. It is part of the transformational process taking you to your inheritance. So embrace it. He is a good Father. He sees you as His child. A good Father would never exasperate his children. He wants you to know His

Do you love Him?

Never give up hope. He is God. The creator of heaven and earth. Joy is one of His middle names. He rejoices over you. He doesn't struggle to like you. He doesn't have to think twice whether to bless you. He already knows you've done nothing to deserve His goodness. He loves you because you are you. You are His child, His creation, His idea. You cannot easily define it nor measure it. What He is doing in this transformational process is revealing the real you to you. Then part two is to reveal you to the world. Love, which

You are perfect

You can't touch Him nor see Him and yet you love Him. How is it possible to believe in someone or something you can't see or touch? It is not meant to be a deep or philosophical question? It is intended to make you think. We take so much for granted that we never stop to reflect on what we believe or why believe it. The good thing is that He wants you to ask those sort of questions. He has wonderful life rich answers for you. He wants to bring you into a real and meaningful relationship with Him.

Live in it

He will feed you from so many sources. Like a reservoir or lake is fed by many streams. So will you be. Strengthen yourself and allow all those streams to contribute to fill you. Be aware it takes time to fill up so be patient. What is the most important thing to you at this moment in time. If it isn't knowing Him and fellowship with Him what could possibly be more important. Without Him you are going to struggle in life. Nothing less that wholehearted devotion to Him is what is required. Nothing less will do. Going to church

Power flows

We justify what we believe and therefore our decisions are justifiable. We resist change especially if it is uncomfortable but change is inevitable. Nothing stays the same. It is better to embrace it. When you meet Him everything changes. This is a good thing. Even if in the short term it looks less than appealing. Let Him be God to you in every situation. Always be completely humble. Allow Him to do a work of grace in your life. He will turn your upside down world the right way up. Life is meant to be lived to the full. That

The only true constant

The Holy Spirit wants to live and dwell in you. He wants to help you renew your thinking. He will help change your thought patterns. A bit of rewiring needs to take place. He can only show you if you are willing to listen and absorb what He says. You have an inbuilt firewall which filters anything new through what you already know or believe to be true. To bring about a transformation in you He is going to need access to all areas of your life. Internally and externally. He is your benchmark. The only true constant in the

Our sixth sense

If you rely on a combination of your feelings, experiences and knowledge you are relying on something not altogether relaiable. God has to be your reality and your security. We have grown up with our five senses and trained to use our intellects to process that information through experience and experiment. We create an understanding of the world around us. If you limit yourself to what you currently understand then you are limiting yourself to the physical realm. The spiritual realm also has to be experienced. His word helps us to take baby steps in that direction. Just because it

The battle within

When the Holy Spirit speaks to you there is often an internal struggle. For what He says to you can be at odds with what you currently understand and have been led to believe. This is normal if not a little disconcerting. Don't panic, you will find that this will happen a lot. The tension it creates can be exhausting as you try to piece it all together and make sense of it. He understands that and the very fact you are going through this process means you are taking it seriously. He is not trying to confuse you, rather

An easy ride

You are His special envoy, His ambassador. You have all the rights and privileges of His kingdom in this earthly realm. You represent all that is best about His kingdom. You are meant to influence this culture with the heavenly one. Don't settle for anything less. You are meant to represent the God of the Universe. To do the same works as Jesus did and to love like He did (and still does). It is a daily decision to keep pressing on towards the calling He has placed on your life. No matter how tough or how pointless it may

An uncomfortable truth

Why not expand your world and your thinking? Don't give in to frustration, don't let it set in. Say 'yes' to the invitation to His world. Both worlds exist in the same place and at the same time. To get our minds around this idea we live in two realms at the same time we need the help and insight provided by the Holy Spirit. As you set about trying to understand this, you will discover the depth of His love and how it creates a whole new world available to you. What you uncover will change everything and it

Is He safe?

You may try to use the Bible as a manual or a self-help guide but it is really a love letter. You view His kingdom from the perspective of your worldview. You try to connect the two worlds as you try to combine them. This happens dramatically in the first few moments of becoming a christian. It is quite overwhelming as if woken up from a deep sleep. You almost instantly believe everything and anything is possible (if you have forgotten just listen to new believers talking). However, over time life in this realm starts to assert control and dominance.

Drawing you closer

People say that they want more of Him. For that to happen He will want access to more of you. He wants more of you. I suspect the cry of your heart is a greater intimacy with Him. You can't get more of Him. You already have all of Him. He is in you and you are in Him. You have access to all of Him but does He have access to all of you? I suspect it is a little one sided even if you think the problem is on God's side. He is not the one hiding. Give

Expectations of others

As you try to live up to other peoples expectations you will only experience disappointment. You will never measure up. You can’t because the bar is always raised, so don't even try. It is what He thinks that is important. It is how He feels about you that truly matters. He is making you more resilient and yet still retaining a sensitivity to His Spirit. He will be your strength. He is and will be everything you need Him to be. His feelings for you are secure. He has very good thought for you. He cares passionately about you. He

Be a passionate lover

Be a friend and lover first. Someone who is a worshipper of truth by worshipping the God of all truth. Let nothing else matter. You will walk with Him and seek His inheritance for you together. For if you seek Him with all your heart you will find Him. Don’t be casual about this. Your happiness is not based on your job or your finances. It is not based on your position or role in the church. It isn’t even dependant on your relationship with your spouse or partner, good although those things can be and they are all meant

Take Him seriously

He is so very good, but will need to take Him seriously. There is no other way of doing it. He is a righteous God. There is no room for sin. We must flee sin and reject it. He is utterly holy but in His Holiness He doesn't reject you but reveals Himself to those who are earnestly, wholeheartedly seeking Him. If you are willing He will make you clean, He will set you free. He tells you to be holy, to stop sinning because He knows you can. The only person who can disagree with Him is you. The

Dark places

You are to set people free from dark places. You are to bring His light to this world. This is a mystery because it won't be according to your logic. It won’t even seem sensible or feasible. Yet He says go. He says set people free. You have His words in your mouth. Speak them out. You will be surprised what the outcome will be. Don't always expect to see the full impact instantly. One day all will be revealed as He unravels what you have done and each thread will be seen for what it really is. So encourage

Dwell in His house

No matter what I am for you Are you for Me? I will fulfil your dreams The dreams you have forgotten The ones long buried In the mists of time You have forgotten your first love Your first passion Resurrect it Let Me show you Your deepest dreams will live again You will dream again Rather than just want Let Me show you What you have forgotten The dreams we d The dreams we dreamed together They are still there They are stirring Awaken yourself Start living in My House now My house is big enough for everyone Invite them

Love follows

There will be a trail It will be seen My goodness in your life Embrace My love You will leak it wherever you go Others will be blessed through you They will know Me because of you Humble yourself Let My dreams fill you Guide you Instruct you And lead you Fulfil My purposes for you I made you to be a blessing My desire is for you to be blessed There is nothing greater Nothing so wonderful To be blessed by Me I care deeply about you You are everything to Me Turn your heart to Me Turn your

My cup overflows

Know My love It has no end I pour My love into you It overflows to many You are the desire of My heart The focus of My affection Your cup is always full My love never ceases Don’t put your hand over the cup It is meant for you Receive My love You don’t deserve it You never will No-one does But I love deeply the undeserving With am insatiable compassion There is no end to the depth of My love Let Me in Let My love live in you Overflowing to many I love you I will love

Anointed with oil

Why do you doubt? Have I not said? You are anointed You are called You ask what I have already told you My anointing is on you It is not for anyone else Your anointing is for you It is not a job lot It is born out of intimacy It is unique to you You cannot copy Nor imitate It is on you for a reason You will find that reason when you find Me I have it in My hands It is not the gift It is you Are you willing? Are you ready? The anointing is on

A banquet just for you

I am not your enemy I do not oppose you For you are My beloved Embrace Me Fold your arms around Me I am for you My love for you knows no limits You are cherished Turn your heart to Me Engage with Me I offer you everything that you need I hold nothing back I am your comfort The delight of your soul I am the desire of your heart I am everything you could possibly want Nothing else compares For I am your joy and your peace The banquet is an ‘all you can eat’ It is free

They comfort me

I am your comforter Take no other comfort For I will guide you Protect and serve you Love you Don’t allow anyone to tell you differently I am not disappointed in you You have not failed Me I know you And I know who you are Let Me show you who you are That you are well loved And cared for I love My sheep I protect those who graze in My pasture I love those who listens to My voice Listen with ears that hear I am good not angry I know what you are like I know what

With me

I am with you Are you with Me? Trust Me if you are I trust you with My gospel There is no one else You have been given a commission To show and demonstrate My love To a world that is bereft of hope I am your hope I am with you Are you with Me Follow Me Let Me show you what you can do Let Me show you who you are Let Me show you what I have called you to There is no greater pleasure Than to enjoy My Presence There is no greater delight Than to

Fear no evil

This is to be your declaration I am your declaration For I am good Whatever comes against you I am greater My goodness will last for an eternity Learn to love Let it be the passion of your heart Nothing less is acceptable I want your full surrender To acknowledge Me as King As sovereign Lord My kingdom will last forever Everything else will fade Your joy will know no bounds For I am Joy personified There is no lack in Me I do not fail I do not give up A smouldering wick I do not blow out I

Know Him

Don’t base everything that you believe in on what you’ve been told by someone. You are meant to know Him, follow Him, believe what He says about you and you can’t do that if you don’t know Him, see Him or hear Him. He is calling you to full surrender. To seek His face as if nothing else matters. You matter to Him, more than anything. Knowing Him, loving Him is critical to your wellbeing, your eternal wellbeing.

The darkest valley

Life isn’t always fun But I am with you You have nothing to fear except fear itself You are Mine With Me you are safe Safer than houses My arm is strong It stretches to the farthest reaches You cannot go where I am not I call to you I sing to you I love you Draw near to Me and the darkness will flee I am your light I am your joy There is no other Nothing will last But I last I never give up I never give up on you I will always be with you I

He guides me

I am your guide This is for your benefit And Mine Others will benefit too Are you willing to follow I will guide you Nothing else is necessary Listen to My voice Look into My face Be willing Be humble Learn to love For you will discover love on this path A deep love from Me A deep love for Me There is none greater There is none purer It is the path of love It is the path of forgiveness Other paths offer much Only My path is true It has an eternal destination All others end


Drink deeply from Me I am a well for your soul I know your thoughts My burden is light I am light to you Spend time with Me It will be like having a spa One minute with Me is better than strife I comfort you I soothe you I am your calm in the centre of a storm Come into My presence There is no fear here There is no worry here In Me there is perfect peace

Quiet waters

Why? so you can hear They are not noisy waters There is no thrashing around Neither are they silent For I speak so you can hear Me Yet I do not shout You have to be quiet Being busy isn’t listening I am leading you Not driving you There is a difference You can only come if I lead you You can only come of your own volition

Green pastures

Worship Him on your face, give Him due reverence. He is King. There is nothing casual about this, nothing halfhearted. He is our provision, food for His sheep, the sheep of His pasture. There is safety, there is provision. Worship Him in awe and wonder.

Lack nothing

This is so true. He has everything for Me. He has made Himself available to me, fully and without reservation. I have access to all His resources. All I have to do is believe it and if I believe it then how can I worry or be afraid.

Testimony Week #5

Speaking English When someone from our church was recently visiting a church in Eastern Europe a man started to pray over him. In English. The remarkable thing was he couldn’t speak English and didn’t have a clue what he was praying. Debts paid off After receiving a large bill a couple turned to God for help. Tried what they could to pay it themselves. Threw themselves on God, prayed and now the bill is paid in full, early. Acts of kindness following a prophetic word about interesting encounters a man was visiting another city in the UK, as he was

He has a solution

Take time to hear His voice. He has things to tell you. He needs you to pray and intercede. Let Him show you how. No problem is insurmountable in His eyes. You are here for the blessing of the nation not the other way round.

He is good all the time

He is good all the time. We sing it, it is taught and declared. Few truly believe it. You may sing exuberantly and dance wildly but do you really believe He is that good? How good do you think He is? Often it is linked to how you feel. As if it has anything to do with you. His goodness is based solely and purely on His nature. He doesn't wait until you are good enough to deserve His goodness. It is for all those who believe. If you doubt yourself, get over yourself. He is not impressed with empty

How much He loves us

How much He loves us. With wild passion and enormous fury. There is nothing gentle about His methods yet He is gentle, kind and forgiving. He is so awesome that it is possible to die in His Presence. He is fearsome otherwise why would demons be scared of us. We are so special to Him, He created everyone of us perfectly to fit into His plan. Now is the time to show the difference between existing and living. To those existing there is no significance. To those who are living they can never go back to just existing, they would

The same Holy Spirit

The same Holy Spirit is in all of us from the greatest to the least. He wants to work through each and everyone of us. It will look different for each and every one of you. He doesn't separate out one person being more important or significant than another, we do that quite easily. Our job is to find out what The Holy Spirit wants to do through us and then do it. Making ourselves as available to Him as possible. It is all about His grace and His passion for you. He is not halfhearted about His love for

He believes in you

You may not believe in yourself. You may have little or no confidence in yourself or in your ability to do anything. You may feel exhausted, gripped by worry and fear. You may wonder what hope is there for you. You may wonder what is wrong with you. Why do You feel this way if you have done everything possible to be what He has made you and called you to be. The answer is... He is your only hope. He is your strength. This is so true when there is nothing of you left. As you feel empty, now

My grace

You will be surprised at what He will do. It won't be what you will expect. He knows your train of thought and your desires. Your expectations are based on what you have been taught, what you have read and what you have seen. He knows it is hard for you to fully understand what He has in store because it is outside your current understanding and experience. He knows your emotions rob you of the joy you are entitled to. What you expect is so far removed from the reality of what He have for you. His thoughts about

Testimony Week #4

A book once lost A man had a collection of books, a series on a particular theme by a particular author except for one. There was one missing. To complete the set he needed to find it. Looked everywhere but only the new editions were available and the only one he could find was a first edition for £80. As he was setting off for a walk God told him to go to a particular shop (not a book shop) and he would find it there. He did so and he found all the other books in the series except

The poor and the proud

Today is a new day. You are going to be the bringer of good news to the poor and wealthy. You will reveal a God who cares, who loves and is good to all especially to the poor. The poor in spirit, the poor in soul as well as the financially poor. He has a heart for the poor, they know they need help. They know that it is pointless pretending. Theirs is the kingdom, the rich, the wealthy, the powerful reject what He did on the cross. They reject it because they can see no need. They only see

Worry or not to worry

Worry is often seen as an acceptable sin, a simple consequence of daily life. Who is going to help? You are! Yes you, make worry a thing of the past. Demonstrate it by being a person of peace, for He is the God of peace and you are just like Him. See everything from His perspective and keep a sense of perspective. It is not difficult for Him to shield you from all the challenges of life, but He doesn't and He does that because He wants you to know how great He is. This is so that your faith

Worship is the key

The solution is very, very simple all you need to do is worship. You can't worry and worship at the same time. If you are still worrying you aren't worshipping. As you worship you become stronger. When you worship your spirit is to the forefront. That is why it is good to worship throughout the day. Everything you do should and can be your act of worship. It is an act of your will. Your work and pleasure can be worship. It is what comes from you. Just putting a CD on is not worship. Just singing is not worship.


Your emotions can make you feel rubbish at times. They are based on your thought pattern. What you are thinking and what you are dwelling on. Most of what you think about doesn't change anything. You can end up just going round in circles. Probably coming to slightly different conclusions each time. Not really helping and changing nothing. You were not made to worry. Fear is not meant to be your master. It is not in your DNA. Does God worry? Is He afraid? If you are going to fear anything/anyone, then fear God. Your thought life is what determines

He is so extravagant

If you do not build on what you know you will keep revisiting the same thing over and over again. Like going round the mountain again and again. Never progressing. Don’t be happy with the status quo. Your relationship with Him might stagnate. Don’t resist change just because it looks threatening or scary. Stay put is scary. He will never lead you away from Himself. Knowing Him will bring you closer to Him. Trusting Him is required every day. You can be comfortable but never satisfied. If you eat your favourite food all the time (and nothing else) after some

Forget not all His benefits

Remember the Psalm 'Do not forget all His benefits' why do you think he said this? The answer is very simple because people do forget. They forget what they are and forget who they are meant to be. It starts by forgetting to look at Him. Forgetting that they can believe in Him completely. He does a miracle and only a few days later people forget as if it never happened. Instil in yourself the discipline of being thankful. It is not a question of the power of memory but a daily encounter with Him. It is living every minute

Testimony Week #3

Dutch Lights When someone was cycling home in Holland they had a dilema. It was night-time and it was illegal to cycle without a front light. This person was not Dutch and did not know who to contact or ask for help and yet still had to get home. So she prayed that she wouldn’t meet a policeman on her journey home and set off. She then saw a policeman in the distance and started to panic and hoped that he wouldn’t see her. She looked down at the lamp on her bike and it was now on, as she


Being led by the Spirit and being driven can look very similar. The question is what is driving you. The Holy Spirit will lead you into all truth. He will guide you and help you. Everything else will drive you. Powerful forces are at work and you need to be self-aware to realise when it is the Holy Spirit prompting. The emotion of the moment can overwhelm very rapidly. You may not like the idea that He sometimes allows you to fail. This is so that your focus is solely on Him. He has something even better for you. An

How do you feel?

Don't think about how you feel. Spend your time thinking what God feels about you. He thinks you are wonderful even if your feelings are contrary. If you feel like rubbish then He doesn’t. To believe the lies about you and about God creates a living hell. Your identity has nothing to do with your successes (or your failures) nor is it about your job title. Your identity is hidden in Him and you’ll have to go into Him to find it. It is all about discovering the real you. He has poured His life into you so that you


At one time you used your imagination to satisfy your own desires and plans. You lived to serve your own ambitions. But they never satisfied. With Him, however, it is completely different. You will create masterpieces of living work. His creative talents will be seen in your hands. You will bring peace where there was discord. Releasing His good pleasure to heal. With real blessings and encouragement for other people. For this is not just for your benefit. Enter His Presence. You can never appreciate what He has for you unless you do. It cannot be found simply by knowing

How great is His love

How great is His love for you. There is no limit to what He will provide for you. There is no limit to what He will do for you.Getting to know Him is the single most important act of will you make. Setting aside time getting to know His ways. Hearing His thoughts. Lining up your desires with His desires. Finding out His loves and His hates. Just when you think you know Him He reveals more of Himself. Don't stop seeking Him. Every day He reveals more of His heart. He has been waiting to show you His goodness

Testimony Week #2

Down’s Syndrome Two children with Down’s syndrome who have had problems swallowing were healed at a conference in Harrogate. Blind eyes opened In Kenya there have been reports of around 50 people who were blind had their eyesight restored through prayer.

Melt their hearts

Rejoice and keep rejoicing. Then, when all is done, rejoice again. You are a person after His own heart. So behave like it. Be the son or daughter that He has always wanted. You may not be able to see what He is doing with your life at present. Your future may be shrouded in mystery. So don't create false expectations. Just trust Him. Rejoice, worship and let Him lead you into everything. Then lead others along the path of intimacy with Him. Their path will not look the same as yours and bear in mind that not everyone will

Another generation

He is overflowing with love for you. He is passionate about you. More so than you are of Him. There is no end. There is no limit. You can achieve anything you set your heart to. Som set your heart on Him. His desires are within your own heart waiting to be discovered. Show the world how to live in perfect joy and peace. Helping to set people free from oppression. Vaporising lies. Removing all fear of man. To see their eyes opened. That light will flood into them and watch them shine like beacons. Help to raise up another

Weapons of war

You will overcome. God has given you the insight you need. He has a strategy. The war has been won but the battle for you still rages. It will not go away by ignoring it. The challenges will not stop. But their grip and control over you will diminish. Circumstances will not overwhelm you neither will they define your destiny. If you fall or trip up. Just get back up again. You are made for victory, not failure. Worship Him, praise Him and rejoice. Fill your heart, your words and your thoughts with gratitude. That is your mandate. Those are


Rest in Him and rest assured. The enemy wants to intimidate you. To scare and fill you with fear and make you worry. Jesus wants to show you what love looks like and who is ultimately in control. He is able to create peace and joy in the most challenging and seemingly hopeless situations. The key is rest, trust and putting your faith in Him. He wants you to enjoy Him. To be completely free and live in real freedom. You are the apple of His eye. Did you know that? He has chosen you to bring very good news

What is your answer?

Matthew 10: 1 (TPT) Jesus gathered his twelve a disciples and imparted to them authority to cast out demons and to heal every sickness (the Aramaic is ‘ailment’ or ‘afliction’) and every disease." The question is has He anointed (imparted to) you to do the same and note it says ‘every sickness and disease’.

The Church Mouse

Don’t be wowed by charismatic personalities but be in awe of His Presence. You may see yourself as an inconsequential church mouse. That is not healthy nor correct. No matter what your personality type, you are never inconsequential and neither are you too important. Be humble but not false humility. He searches everywhere looking for those He can work through. Those who are humble, which is a characteristic not a personality. There is nothing wrong with having a charismatic or introvert personality. It is what you do with it that matters. In the end it is the heart that really

Testimony week #1

After prayer a man with a major skin condition 90% healed God’s provision after many weeks waiting for a house to come through, everytime God provided somewhere for a couple to live, now have their dream house and garden A man diagnosed with cancer now able to clean and cook and go for extended walks after consistent and persistent prayer. Hospital is pleased with his progress Despite car breaking down many times in a day (battery) God was right there and turned what should’ve been a disaster into a special blessing

Believe in your prayers

Believe that the words that you speak will have effect. Don't think that they won't. Don't even consider that possibility. Don't let your feelings be in control. Master them. Make a choice to believe that there is power in your words. Don’t let doubt be a barrier. Barriers are there to get over. There is always a solution and with God it is an elegant one.

Think Differently

Do you believe that you can you bring significant change? The world says if you believe in yourself then anything is possible. What we say is that if you believe in God anything is possible. That way it is not dependant on you. God believes in you. You have a clear choice every day. To believe what God says about you or to believe lies about yourself. How do you know the difference? Simple. What God says about you is true, everything is either a lie or at best a distortion. So, in an indirect way you too should believe

Healing and forgiveness

He says you are forgiven, forgive yourself! If you are in need of healing in your body you may need to forgive yourself. In Matthew chapter 9 Jesus forgave a paralytic man brought on a bed. He wasn’t healed at that moment not until He told him to get up. The man needed to know he was forgiven before he was healed. It was most likely that he believed that his condition was linked to sin either his or down the generations. Jesus dealt with that issue first. This doesn’t mean that sickness is always linked to sin but our

The door of grace

He wants you to know how much He loves you. What He has is yours. Believe in His generosity. He won't ever let you down. He won't disappoint you. You aren’t a disappointment to Him. There is little to prepare you for what is coming. You will just have to trust Him that He knows what He is doing. It will mean surrendering everything. This is not terminal even though surrendering everything feels like that. Neither are you going to collapse under the pressure. However, the enemy is determined to stop you. If he can't he is going to make

No holding back

Do you think He holds back from His children on purpose? It may feel like that but He does not. He makes it all available to you. You were designed to have a heart after His own heart and that is what He is doing. Search for Him in all the right places. This is not a game of hide and seek. He is not trying to be not found. He is hiding in plain sight. He has plans for you based on His dreams for this world. He dreams of you part of His kingdom. There is nothing that

There is no limit

There is no limit to His kindness. If you believe you will see it. So believe in Him. Trust in Him and accept that He is the living God. He is The Creator. He is not a figment of your imagination. He is not an explanation for the universe but neither does anything make sense without Him. So many have spoken faith and not believed in their hearts. A culture of unbelief is created. Accepting that to talk about it is one thing to act on it and believe it is another. That is the accepted norm. That is the

Miraculous Verification

There is a tendency to see the miraculous as a sign of approval, it is nothing of the sort. Signs and wonders are meant to draw you closer to Him. The impact of seeing a miracle, sign or wonder is demonstrating His desire for you to seek Him. He is drawing people to Him not a book. It is for those who seek Him out of pure heart. Not miracle chasers. Not seeking the gifts themselves. Not even the ministry. Just to be near Him. You may never stand in a pulpit. You may never be a conference speaker or

A garment of Praise

He will bring fresh revelation to those who have ears to hear and are hungry enough to be fed by Him. It is not what you can do but what He can do through you. It is your capacity for how much God will do through you. How low you will go? How humble will you walk? He is giving you a garment of praise. That is something that you wear on the outside. It is seen and heard. Praise Him with a joy derived from heaven. Join in with the hosts praising Him. The more you praise Him the

Freedom from lies

There is a glory to be revealed. Where you will understand and see His purposes. They are being revealed to you in stages. He is revealing Himself to you a bit at a time. As you seek Him you will get an increased sense of His Presence. You will feel His Spirit around you as you host Him. Only through a true hunger for Him will you experience it. He is revealing His plans for you. You are becoming the finished article and yet you have barely began the journey. His desire is to see you satisfied and fulfilled. He


Personal authority is to do with your free will. His authority is an option available to you. When you lay down your own will at His feet and allow His rule and reign you adopt His. You will still exercise authority but it will be His authority not yours. His authority is much better. You can only do this willingly. Any other way is coercion, manipulation and control and He doesn’t do any of those. Exercise this authority and use it to bless and encourage others. You can liberate and set people free from hopelessness. If you just rely on


God doesn’t vacillate, change or need to change. He doesn’t have mood swings, have off days, He is a constant, He is the only constant in the universe. Everything around is changing but He doesn’t. ‪You can’t change God no matter how hard you try. It is you that has to change and the quicker you do that the better it is for everyone.‬

The Truth will set you free

Get rid of your own plans. Put aside your own personal desires. Abandon your personal ambitions. Let Him take you on a journey into His glory. Allow Him to show you His wonders. Expose yourself to His love. Get to know His heart you will see and understand His purposes for you. You will see His plans for the future of this nation. He needs people who will rise up and carry the mantle further. Many have carried it in the past. Many of those around you have fallen asleep. They are dozing and need waking up. As they wake

You are very special

God has forgiven every sin past, present or future. He doesn't weigh in the balance if the good bits out weigh the bad bits. You might well do that. He has dealt with all the bad bits through the blood of Jesus. Does this mean that we can sin as much as we want. If you are asking that question you have missed the point. If you do then you will face the consequences of your actions. It will mean that this life that He gave you in the first place will count for nothing. You won't live life to

Be near Him

You are an ambassador for Him. You will tell people about His kindness and show them His goodness. You will set people free. You will heal their sicknesses. You will deliver them from torment. He knows your limits. The task would be too immense and intense for you but not for Him. So rest in Him, let Him do it through you. Because through you He will bring His unbridled joy and peace to many but firstly and lastly be captivated by His love. Be singularly devoted to Him. Surrender everything. Let all ambition go. Let your desires be His

Sat Nav Miracle

We had our Sat Nav stolen from our car outside our house about three months ago. I prayed for it to return but eventually bought a new one. the last few weeks being praying everyday for a miracle, sign or wonder. something to encourage myself and others. A member of the church who works in the office put a message on FaceBook that someone had found a Sat Nav at the Harrogate Park Run one Saturday in September. They found that one of the destinations was the church office in Harrogate. so I emailed the person from Park Run, giving

His heart’s cry

Do you think He is trying to make things deliberately hard for you? He doesn't, in case you are wondering. He encourages people to seek Him and He wants them to find Him. It becomes a challenge for people because they are unwilling to believe in Him despite all the evidence. The world has hardened its heart towards Him. It means that there is a spirit in the world where He is criticised for everything that happens, for everything that is wrong. There is little or no love for Him. There is a lot of religion but little deep felt

His glory is on you

Be in awe of Him rather than in awe of man. Even those you have looked up to in the past will look up to you when they see His favour on you. Seek Him, then you will see His glory come. Signs and wonders will follow you, they are meant to. People will want to know Him when they see how much you know Him. You will meet all sorts of great people in your time but you will only need time for The One. He chooses the path, you chose to follow Him. You haven't chosen this path

A day like no other

Today could be such a pivotal day for you, impacting the rest of your life. Say yes to Him and set your face to find Him, to understand His heart. He will reveal Himself to you. Today could change the rest of your life. Some people do not like what they hear Him say. They close their ears because it doesn't fit in with what they want to hear. When He speaks it is as thunder. It is like the sound of many waterfalls. It is a sound like no other. It is intimidating because He is the living God.

Rest assured

Rest and be assured that He is able to meet all your needs. There is nothing He is not able and willing to do. He can work out every detail. There is no lack, no mistakes, He is perfect in every way. He is a God of abundant grace. He is the God of overwhelming compassion and love. There is no one like Him. No-one to compare. We cannot make any comparisons because nothing will never match up to Him. No matter even if you combine all their acts of kindness they still fall far short of His goodness. His

His grace is sufficient

The anointing grows the more you listen and respond to Him. He is holding nothing back from you. He is offering you a simple life of obedience filled with joy. It will not look much to others but they will be jealous and envious of what you have. You will have great peace and joy the sort the world can only dream of. The world uses a different measuring stick for success. You will be able to feel and measure His pleasure. You will experience His goodness where you are and then some more. Abundance is your inheritance. So much

Way too much

His heart yearns and aches for intimate loving relationship. This is where you have deep discussions and you share your heart with Him and likewise with you. You will walk with Him and commune with Him all day. You will perform signs and wonders as if they are normal and an everyday thing. Through you He can bless many people. They will be grateful for your commitment to Him. You will pave a way through the world. Walking through a jungle of suffocating weeds and bring His people to a safe place of freedom. Like a wide open space to

Anointing to break the yoke

Be ready to receive the anointing that breaks the yoke of bondage. When you yield to Him you take His yoke is on you. It is the anointing that breaks the yoke of slavery and bondage. As you are set free, you will help others to do the same. People will want to know what is your confidence in. Why you have so much peace and joy. Why you have so much hope. It will not be about how successful you are because you may not be in the worlds eyes. It will certainly not be as people define success.

There is no-one like Him

How much He loves you is beyond words or description. You cannot be loved too much by Him. He draws you closer because of His compassion for you and He does it so tenderly. He won’t reject you no matter what you have done or said. He is your hope giver. He is your only hope. Let Him in. Sit down with Him, talk to Him but above listen to Him and let Him heal you. Mind, body and spirit.


When Jesus said to pray 'lead us not into temptation' it means that He will bless us so abundantly that we will be in danger of being led astray by the sheer generosity of His blessings. It is upto us to say no if we know we cannot handle it. That is the wonderful nature of God. He wants to bless us abundantly. To do that over and above all that we can ask or think and yet we still have to be mindful that even a blessing can come between you and Him.

Lavish your love on Him

There is to be a great outpouring of His Spirit that has not been seen before on the face of the earth. His glory will be seen over all the earth. That light shines in and through you. His heart breaks to see so many lost and empty. He wants to fill them with His joy and His peace. There is no limit to what He will pour out into your life if you are willing and make yourself vulnerable before Him. Spend what you have on Him. Lavish your love on Him. For what you love, what you spend

Many cities

Come to the table and eat. There is enough food for everyone. Don't hesitate, don't procrastinate. Eat and eat well. Leave everything behind don't bring your baggage with you. Declutter and get rid of every distraction.Keep life simple.His love for you is so deep and you will never find the bottom of it. His love is so high you will never get to the top of it. You cannot escape His love because it surrounds you. You simply have to walk through it and in it. As you step into His realm you will see colours that you have never


God hasn’t disqualified you so you don’t have permission to disqualify yourself. Believe that your words, your prayers and intercession is powerful. It is, otherwise the enemy wouldn’t be working overtime to stop you. He believes in you more than you believe in yourself.

A voice

He has given you a voice to be heard. Even if you didn’t think you had a voice. You have been given a measure of revelation so value what you have. See yourself as significant because that is the way He sees you. Speak words that set people free. Free from bondage. Where He has brought healing and health to you take it to others. His power will be displayed in your weakness. You are no longer to see yourself as ineffectual for He is your strength. He sees His people as powerful. Believe it about yourself so His glory

His power, your weakness

His power is made perfect in weakness. You will feel vulnerable. It won't bother you because you will know Him. He is too powerful for anything to faze Him. For His anointing will be on you. His Holy Spirit will fill you and guide you. You will not win arguments with persuasive words. You will simply demonstrate the Spirit's power. He is with you in power. There is a whole host of angels waiting for His command to help you. Expect the miraculous. Expect to see amazing signs and wonders. There will be extra-ordinary miracles to confirm that He is

Demonstrate His goodness

He has called you to demonstrate the gospel. Through serving the living God. Fulfilling His dream and His vision. Being faithful in all matters. He wants you to show how much He loves and cares. Be humble and submit to His infinite wisdom and let go of your own. Pride traps and keeps in bondage. Don’t fear anyone more than you fear Him. He wants His people to be free from fear. Instead live in permanent awe of Him. When you know how truly awesome God is it gives you confidence to face anything. He will show His glory through

New identity

He is showing you your new identity. It isn’t a new one it is the real one. What you have experienced and seen so far is not the real you. Your perception will change. Gone is the old you and here is the new you. It is actually the other way round. The real you is the older you. What He created from the beginning of time is what you are to become. Be encouraged open your mouth and He will fill it. People will look to you and wonder at the gracious words coming from you, pearls or wisdom

Joy without end

In His presence is fullness of joy. That joy is without end and without beginning. It is like a conveyor belt which you can step onto. It is there all the time. It is like a river flowing from His throne. So enjoy it, bask in it, revel in it. You do not have to work to earn His gifts. All His favour and His blessings are there for you to access. Respond to His voice. He gives you incentives because He knows how you work. He knows the half-truths that you believe about yourself. He is also aware that

Born to love

He cares passionately about you. You are the desire of His heart. He created you for beauty and for joy. You were created from His pleasure for His pleasure. You are a joy to Him as a father enjoys his children. He rejoices over you. He watches over you. He knows your heart. Your heart will melt when it comes close to Him. You were born to love His Presence. You have an inbuilt love for His people and cherish them like He does. He sees your frustration. He uses that to bring you closer to Him. He wants to

No more shame

He is breaking the power of shame over you. It will not have the stranglehold on your life like it used to. If you make mistakes repent quickly. But do it from a position of a relationship with Him not just from regret. In time you will do this with a greater understanding of what you did and why. Do not beat yourself up. This is just another form of pride. Be humble before Him and before others. There are no more excuses, they have been taken away. You are laid bare before Him. If you are humble you will

The depth of His love

You do not yet fully understand the depth of His love for you. Don't be offended nobody does. You will have had some sort of experience of His goodness. It is about to get deeper. There is no end to the joy at being part of His family. There will be no end to His government, rule and reign as it is seen throughout the earth. He will show you just how good He is. His love is relentless. Miracles will be the norm. You will see the passion of His heart towards His creation. He is loving but not

Mercy not sacrifice

He sees what is on the inside, what is in your heart. Not just what is on the outside. That is what interests Him the most. It is the eternal that has the most significance not the temporary. He is calling you to a life of serving His purposes. He wants your heart not just your effort. A willingness to go where He chooses to send you. To do what He asks you to do. To say the words He gives you to speak. He is bringing to pass what He planned from the very beginning. Your life will be

The right train

Don't miss the opportunity to know Him as well as you could. Be one of those who truly understand His heart and His desires. Don't wait for others to pioneer the way. Be a pioneer yourself. Find out who else shares the same passion. There is a difference between seeking what He wants and deciding what you think He needs. You may be well meaning with your heart in the right place. However, good intentions are simply not good enough. He asks you to be led by His Spirit not by the best of intentions. Passion will get you there

On His terms

So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. You always have the choice to get off but the ride stops if you stop. This journey with Him is on His terms not yours. That is what 'follow Me' means. Worry will put the brakes on. Fear will weigh you down. The whole experience will grind to a halt until you stop expecting failure. You may not like roller coasters but this journey with Him will be a roller coaster that you will enjoy. It will be very exhilarating. Be prepared for events to happen fast. Be prepared for long slow

Persevere and trust

There is very little to say except persevere and trust. Watch out for the lies arriving from your past. They will be subtle but disarming. Anything that causes you to worry, fear or panic is not from Him. You are not immune from the attacks of the enemy. The enemy will try everything in his powers to distract you. So stand firm and do not yield. Don't give the enemy a foothold. Don't allow him any room in your life. Don't let those thoughts have space in your head. Those thoughts will abuse you. The Holy Spirit will bring to

You were bought at a price

Everything was paid for. That means you get everything He has because you are not a slave but His son. You inherit everything He has. Do not think anything you give away or sell as loss but as an investment in obtaining your inheritance. The more that dies to self-interest the more of you that comes alive. Instead of being focussed on the here and now, you have an eternal perspective which changes everything. You gain increasing favour with Him as you persist and persevere. As you overcome you grow in stature in His eyes. Heaven rejoices when they see

A lack of sentiment

He is not asleep, He is busier than ever. You are an integral part of Him and He lives in you. His hand and powerful anointing rests on you. There will be opposition to what you are about to do. You can be sure of that and some of that will be your own doubts and uncertainties. Just give Him your full attention and do not dismiss anything He says about you no matter how much it doesn’t resonate. You cannot afford to be sentimental not when the lives of people are at stake. Their eternal destiny is in the

The favour of God

His favour can seem like a mixed blessing. It all depends on how you define it. It all depends on your perspective. His favour isn’t the same as success, comfort or easy. It can look anything but. He has called you by name. You have been called by His Name. His favour doesn't make sense to this world. They expect to see increase in money, wealth, power and influence. These are two completely different cultures or realms. They don't match up. They don’t add up or even overlap. The natural law of physics doesn’t apply to the Heavenly Kingdom. It

A destiny not yet written

He knows what and where your future destiny lies. You are perfectly suited to the plans and purposes He has for you. There is no limit to what you can achieve. Stop putting yourself down instead build yourself up. You have the capacity to be something significant. In His eyes you already are. You can be an encouragement to so many people. Those that you have yet to meet. He must be the main thing in your life, the main purpose for living. You will be richly rewarded in this life and the one to come with true riches. Be

A catalyst for change

Pressure may be put on you to conform and perform to other people's expectations. At work, home and church. There are some very powerful forces at work. Ultimately prevent His gospel from being heard and seen. Recognising these forces at work in you and on you is the first stage of overcoming. They can be overcome. Jesus knows all about them and what you can do about it. You are meant to change and influence culture not the over way round. You can change your environment. I would go as far to say that is why you are there. He

A day to remember

Today is a day to remember. As you look back to what has happened over the last year, believe for more. Treat each day like that. As if the start of a great adventure and be thankful for the past year. There is no limit to what you can achieve. Whatever you set your mind to do, expect to succeed. Only be led by His Spirit. Your desires will not necessarily be in conflict with His desires. He gives you freedom to do as you please. How much you are led by His Spirit is up to you. You can

Powerful love

He is releasing you from the past. That act changes your future. By forgiving someone who has hurt you in the past you have affected the outcome of that incident. You have changed your history and transformed your future. The timeline from that event to the present day has changed. The pain of the intervening years has been erased. Be a powerful person. For His power is His nature, His heart. It isn't a lifeless force it is His Spirit. His power is a demonstration of His love. You heart yearns for miracles, healings and a demonstration of His Presence.

Transforming power

He wants you to know how much He loves you even through the many difficulties and challenges you have faced. Use them to make yourself stronger and more reliant on Him. Make yourself more aware of His goodness by training yourself to see it. He is filling you with His transforming power. It will mark a change in you, it will mark you out. It is the difference between those who want to carry on with their own ways and those who listen to His Spirit and respond to His voice. His desire and dream is that His goodness will

Don’t be put off

Your passion may offend some but don't offend people for the sake of it. You are unique, so don't copy anyone but rather imitate those who are more passionate than you. The gospel that is preached and demonstrated will tear people up. The gospel will expose people's attitudes and they will be confronted with decisions they don’t want to make. A seed sown can be quickly forgotten, buried. Whatever He has called you to do, do it and in so doing you will demonstrate the Father Heart of God. You will surprised who will receive it gladly. Even though people

Powerful confrontation

There is a power encounter for those who believe. Don't doubt His word, don't doubt Him. Do not shrink back from the challenges ahead. For He will not be pleased because of the grace He has extended to you. You may find it hard to confront the status quo in your life. He is not asking you to like it. He is not expecting you to find it easy but He is asking you to do it. This is all because He wants His church back. He wants to show you and the world His glory through demonstrating His goodness

Prisoner to uncreative thinking

Unity is often cited as an expression of uniformity. Where everyone has to conform to a strict pattern of beliefs. Conformity stifles creativity. He needs Holy Spirit inspired creative people who can express His creativity. He needs skilled people with a variety of gifts. He wants you to build His house according to His plans. His plans include you. You are strategic to His purposes, so don't copy, get His original blueprint. Don't conform because the pressure is on to build just like all the other houses, in the same style. There is no creativity in that. He wants to


How much passion can you handle? How much compassion can you contain? You shouldn't be containing it. It should be flowing out of you like a river overflowing its banks. Find an outlet for your passion. If you do not it the will pressure build up. It can cause frustration and striving if you don't find a constructive way to express it. He is releasing more of His power but it flows through those who are passionate and hungry. He is not looking for perfection He knows He will never find it on earth. He is looking for willing hearts

Healing and strength

He brings healing in areas you cannot bring health to yourself. You can activate it by responding to His word over you. As you believe the truth you reject the lie. Darkness cannot exist where there is light. Darkness is the absence of light. He believes is in you. He believes that you will come through with flying colours. All of your needs will be fully met. Those deepest desires will be satisfied in Him. It is His Spirit, not your ability, nor your own strength. Ask of Him anything you want and He will go to the Father and

Logical faith

Don’t be discouraged but rejoice. Know that I am here, with you and for you, constantly throughout the day. You didn’t come to Me out of a feeling or a thought. You came to Me because you believed so why try to work Me out, why decipher Me based on how you feel. To know Me you have to believe. You think you have to understand Me to know Me. To prove Me, My existence. You didn’t believe out of logic so why are you trying to prove it with logic. I multiplied bread and it multiplied. Where did the

Overflow to others

He longs to draw close to you, to enjoy fellowship with you. He is heartbroken when His people show so much indifference. He longs to see your face looking at His. To see your love grow and His compassion overflow to others through you. Nothing compares to His generous love. Because of the terrible lies of the enemy many prefer to be kept in the dark simply because they are afraid of the light. What is worse there are those who keep others from seeing the light of His glory. When your security is in yourself then you act out

The view is wonderful

He is providing food for you to eat. The real meat of His word is scarce. He will bring you to a table that has all that you need. You will eat of the choicest foods. There will be food there you didn't even know you needed. There is even food you never knew existed. It is heavenly in origin. This is all laid out for you. All the while your circumstances are screaming, intimidating and threatening you. You will be seated and you will eat. The angels will wait on you and minister to you. So eat your fill

Be prepared

Be prepared for the fire from heaven. A revival fire. A fire that will burn up all the rubbish. He will bring revelation to you. It will reveal more about you. It will also show you a glimpse of His glory. He will release His goodness to you and through you. This will only increase as you yield your heart to Him. Don't compromise or become stingy in your affections for Him. He does not do or say anything to worry you. But you may be alarmed when He takes you straight into the heat of the battle. He wants

He is restoring you

He is restoring you to His glory so you can occupy the place He has for you. Be prepared to experience all that is in your heart. There will be no room for selfish ambition. Everything will be burned up in the unquenchable fire of His Presence. Don't expect to be the same today as you were yesterday or will be tomorrow. Every day will bring great change and transformation. He is perfecting praise. There will be no end to experiencing His love. It is more than a bit of knowledge or information. It is a continuous stream to experience

Gathered under wings of love

He longs to gather you under His wings. To protect and shield you. To nurture and feed you. He wants you to draw close to Him and closer still. He never rejects you nor forsake you. You are His very precious child. He is encouraging you to rise and shine. To be the man or woman of God that you were always meant to be. He needs your co-operation and willingness. When you yield yourself to Him, you are no longer yours. You are His. This means that you have adopt the family name. You will have all the benefits


People have a misconception as to the nature of His holiness. It can make people withdraw from Him and avoid other believers because they do not believe that they are worthy or good enough. They fear rejection if someone finds out what they are really like. If that is you, there is hope, a way out because of His grace and His forgiveness. He knows all about you and He still likes you. He knows every detail about you, warts and all. He has decided to love you despite all your shortcomings, failings and faults. He doesn't just put up

His joy is your strength

His joy is your strength. If you draw close to Him you will see, hear, smell, taste and feel His joy. This will strengthen you beyond your normal ability. You can't create joy and yet your job description is to rejoice at all times. That is an act of your will. Giving thanks to Him in all circumstances is also an act of your will. He never promised that it would be easy. Counting it pure joy in trials and difficulties is not normal behaviour. It is the response of a believer in the face of challenges. This will mark

In every situation

He is in every situation and all circumstances. There isn't anything that He is not aware of. He also knows what effect it is having on you. There is purpose in that. It doesn't mean that what is happening is good but the purpose is for you to seek Him persistently. He wants greater joy in your life and to be able to share it with others. You will receive glimpses of what is to come. This is like a down payment. Like the smaller wave before the Tsunami arrives.

Be patient with yourself

Be patient with yourself. There are many changes happening all at the same time. He never said it would be straightforward, logical or even linear. It won't necessarily be one step at a time, it can be several things overlapping all at the same time. This may throw you into confusion but He makes no apology for that. Over time the fruit will come. Do not lose heart nor give up. This is often a painful time when He is transforming you. Trust in Him and believe at all times because He is thinking of your welfare. Just because it


Whatever church you go to (if any) He is reconciling all to Himself. He will restore all things. He is coming back for one bride not lots of them. When this happens the world will marvel. All it has seen so far is division. There will be greater joy and peace but there will also be resistance. The world will see its own influence wane in the face of God's powerful love. The church will grow rapidly offering true hope. Jesus promised that there would be persecutions and opposition. When this happens it will be a challenging time for believers.

More will come

More will come from each day. He has not finished just because your church meeting has ended. He is constantly preparing a people for Himself and all are welcome. There is an invite for everyone but not everyone accepts. Come in low and be completely humble. That is the only way people will be able to work together as one. That they are humble before each other. Being accountable to others isn't about hanging your dirty washing out, but rather accounting for their ability. That way you get the best from one another. He is making you more able to

You never know

Do you not know nor perceive the times that you are in, although they are dark a great light has shone. You are His light to light up the world. You consider yourself nothing in your eyes but did He not say that in weakness He is powerful. When you are weak then His power is displayed. True weakness is humility, this is where you have come to the end of yourself. Where you cannot go one more step, where you feel like throwing in the towel. Yet you still worship and continue knowing He is your all sufficiency. He

You are preparing others

You are preparing the way for others to follow. You are a pioneer, a follower of Jesus not a follower of men and their ideas. Too many think they have to be strong and hide their weaknesses behind a facade. Being vulnerable isn't being weak, quite the opposite. Don't miss out on His glory, for when you recognise your lack He fills it with His glory. You may end up perpetuating something that limits the work of grace in you. If this is true your spirit will feel disconnected and can make you feel weary. You cannot serve two masters,

His plans for you…

Sometimes we are led by God through following a trail of bread crumbs, they are strategically placed so that we know where to go. Other times He will speak to us, telling us where to go, turn left, turn right, go straight on. At these times He often will only tell you when you get to the point where you need to decide, other times He will gently remind you as you go along until you gain confidence. Then there are the occasions when you need to know what path to take, He may stay silent, more likely He

No doubts

Don't doubt yourself, He has no doubts about you


Your life is hidden in Jesus. He is all that you will ever need. He knows you so well, better than you know yourself. He loves you so you can trust Him completely. Nobody loves you as much as He does, not even yourself.

Abundant blessings

If you put yourself in a place where you have to trust Him then you open an door to receiving His abundant blessings

If God is God…

Faith is believing what you believe. If God is God (and He is by the way), then what He said and what He showed us in Jesus is to be believed. Just because it is hard, difficult, challenging, uncomfortable and inconvenient doesn't make what He said any less true. So keep praying until you have got it, seek until you have found it and knock until it opens.

Eyes healed

A number of people in the congregation have testimony to dramatic healing in their eyes, to point of having to change their glasses.

Washed clean

You are clean, His word has washed over you, you are whiter than snow. Nothing anyone can say will make you cleaner or more unclean. Take Him at His word, believe in His promises, His cleansing word. You have a future, a new life that has its origins in heaven.

Radical Lifestyle

He wants you to live a radical life. A lifestyle that pushes the boundaries of what you think is achievable. Push yourself forward don't shrink back. If you want to experience the excitement of His kingdom then you need to adopt a different attitude to life. Don't play safe and don't think that He is going to give you an easy ride. He didn't call you to be ordinary and run of the mill. That is a fabrication of the enemy. What has happened up until now has been a byproduct of your upbringing and experiences. It seems real

Height and depth

There is no limit to where you can go and what you can do. There is a power that is not readily available to everyone. It comes through faith and it comes by grace. It isn't earned. You have the same Holy Spirit that was on Jesus and on your spiritual heroes of the past. You will have your own anointing. You are to encourage others with your own anointing. It comes down to individual responses but there is no favouritism. It doesn't matter how old you are or what your title or role in the church is. If

No condemnation

The chains have fallen off. There is no condemnation. You are free to love. Free to be all that you are meant to be. Those things that you fear have no hold on you. You have access to Him at all times. Do not allow what has happened in your past decide your future. That will limit you and more importantly it will limit Him. It will hinder you and prevent you from moving forward. Those chains have been broken, they are gone but you may think they are still there. Look closely they have gone. Your future is

Golden Calves

The golden calves are those things that man sets up in place of God, they can be well meaning but ultimately have their origins in man. Either the golden calves (the worthless things that we hold so dear) are to be barbecued or the fire will consume them. The fire of His Spirit will consume them as it burns everything which does not originate by His Spirit. Those who are ready will be fire proofed. The fire will rage with such an intensity that nothing will quench it. Anything that tries will itself catch fire. Let the fire burn

Forsaking all

Are you willing to forsake all? That means every ambition and every desire of yours is put aside to follow Him. You will need a pure and devoted heart. If you are willing you will see wonders without limit. He will take you places you didn't even know existed. Experiences you had only heard of but never believed were real. You only need a small amount of faith to do great miracles. He will give you faith when you ask and it will be there when you need it. It is up to you to exercise it and receive

About the future

Firstly, don't worry. Secondly, enjoy what you are doing even if nothing much seems to be happening. You may have been a Christian for a long time but you are only just getting to really know Him. Continue in your journey getting to know Him better and you will find it very rewarding. He has already started speaking to you about your ministry. It isn't a ministry to people, it is firstly your ministry to Him. Your act of worship is being revealed to you. You will stop wondering what He is like and you will know the simplicity

Bread, wine and oil

What is bread but His daily word to you. You need it every day. It cannot be stored for long and you cannot live off last year's loaf. What He provides will sustain you and strengthen you. You will have it provided every day. Fresh bread to eat, so eat and be full. The wine will be His joy which will gladden your heart. It is part of your inheritance, it belongs to you. As you drink deeply of Him it will fill your whole life. Your perceptions will change because you will change and people will see you

A heartbeat away

You are beginning to hear His heartbeat. Your feelings and emotions will go up and down but they are not to be confused with failure. Feelings can be overwhelming but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes out of a passionate heart comes strong feelings and emotions. Learn to handle and manage them well. If it all feels too much for you don't hate yourself for that. He has made you a certain way and that means extreme things can happen. For what is to happen may well be extreme and you will have to manage it. Nothing

Power and Grace

He is going to help you operate in the gifts of the Spirit. To bring healing and health as well as signs and wonders. These will follow you. You will not be led by them. You are led only by His Presence and by His Spirit. Fasting and prayer brings powerful results but must not become ritualistic. It is not formulaic, it is relational. He wants you to do both, it is a lifestyle, it expresses your heart's desire. Your walk with Him isn't based on your ability. You are the one He has chosen to release His goodness.

Vows and promises

He is fulfilling the vows and promises He has made to you. What He has spoken to you in the past He still intends to do. He is waiting for you as you wait for Him. His words will be fulfilled and are being fulfilled. He doesn't make promises He doesn't keep. His promises are like a reservoir, that has been fed by many streams over the years, it is steadily filling up. Now it is getting full. As the gates are opened and the water released, power is generated. Be still, be ready, be willing and be faithful.

Safety in numbers

Do you Hunger and thirst for the living God? Do you seek His forgiveness and mercy which He gives willingly. Be compassionate when He shows you compassion. Be patient because He is so patient with you. Fill up on His love daily and let His joy overflow to others. His nature is the purest form of joy and His very nature is in you by The Holy Spirit. You were invaded when you were born again. He lives and resides in you. Not everyone perceives His presence. Many think the Holy Spirit is yet to show up. He has

Do not despair

Do not get discouraged or frustrated when you do not see anything happening, for a time is coming when you will see Him at work in your life and you will see His glory. You will experience His hand of provision for you and taste the blessing of God and see His favour on you. His grace will abound towards you again and again and again. In this world you have to gain fame or achieve something spectacular before anyone notices you. In the Kingdom He chooses you, not based on what you have done, or how well you

A similar passion

There is a fast approaching time where the hearts of men and women will be addressed. He will once again draw people in increasing numbers to Himself. There is a perfect plan and purpose in what He is doing. It is not random or arbitrary. You may not understand it nor see the pattern. That doesn't mean you won't see the full picture one day. You are, even now, starting to get a tantalising glimpse into His purposes. An appreciation of the sheer depth of His heart for all people. Remember patience and faithfulness is a virtue. Together with

His delight is in you

He delights in you and He loves to be with you. Often it is to simply talk and to listen. Not so much about doing. There will be plenty of doing because He wants you to give it away but He is not impressed with just being busy. Your challenge is make sure that your friendship with Him is not just maintained but strengthened. Much will happen that would like to break it, devalue it or destroy it. It is the most important relationship you will ever have. Every other relationship stems from this, whether it is with your

The pull of gravity

You may feel that you are letting people down or not pulling your weight as you devote yourself to seeking Him. Some will certainly think this and may even voice it. He is drawing you to Him but people will also pull on you, as will your circumstances. Whenever anyone sets their mind to serve Him or follow Him there is always some resistance. Take comfort, for Jesus was resisted at every turn. At this time you will have to watch your heart and attitude. You have the choice of different responses to make, to either follow Him or

Losing your identity

It is a difficult stage as you leave behind your old identity and realising your true identity. Finding that treasure hidden in Him can also make you feel like a lost soul. It can even be a grieving period. You may experience a sense of loss. At this time you will be vulnerable and may want to fill your life with stuff. You will be tempted to re-create your own identity as the old one fades away. You should look forward to the experience but it will feel uncomfortable. Doubt will crouch at your door. Even despair will try


He is filling you up like a reservoir. One that is about to overflow. He is creating a greater capacity in you to love and to serve. It will release so much power it will take your breath away. Signs, wonders and miracles will follow you. Your words and your life will describe His heart for the world. Too many people see Him as a harsh, judgemental and uncaring God. Some believe in a supreme being who is completely holy and pure yet has no real love or compassion for them, they think He doesn't really care, for if

Preparation is everything

He is preparing you now for a future time. A time where you will be overwhelmed by a love for others. You will run the risk of exhaustion. He is showing you how you can manage it. One of the keys are maintaining deep times with Him. To sustain yourself will in some cases be practical ordinary things. Watching what you eat. Learning to resting well. Keeping your body healthy through physical exercise. Exercising your mind to keep it healthy and active. Above all to strengthen your spirit and for that you need The Spirit's help. He needs you

What is He like?

What is He really like? We try to build up a mental picture of what He is really like. The Sunday morning service should be a time to worship God together, the accumulation of your daily act of worship not the only time you give a thought to Him. It is not just to sing a few nice songs to make you feel good inside. Instead, offer a sacrifice of praise and do what makes Him feel good. Seek, in all your meetings and gatherings, to please Him and Him alone. Make the reason for doing anything and everything all

Joy to be discovered

His joy is a gift. It isn't something to be earned. It is something that is yours. His joy in you is the most natural thing in the world. It just needs to see the light of day more often. It is buried under years of rubbish, lies, misunderstanding and misconceptions. The Truth about who you are and what He is like has been distorted and put out as a truth. Through your desire to know Him you will find The Truth and those years of accumulated grime will be washed off. Focus your attention on Him. Look upwards towards

Heavenly invasion

He wants His people to be full of the Holy Spirit and joy The world is never going to give you what you truly desire. His kingdom does not work like this world's system. Our world is driven by the political and economic realm but we are from the Heavenly realm. If you try to please God using the principles of this world you are trying to create a kingdom without a King. If you do that you have dethroned Him as Lord of lords and King of kings. Being led by The Spirit means you resign from the political

Where the wind blows

He knows what He is doing and He wants to do it through you rather than you doing it for Him On a sailing boat you are not going to get very far if there is no wind. There is a wind coming which will blow you to your destination. You will still need guidance on the best course to take. A strong breeze can shipwreck you if you are taking the wrong course. As you follow the signs you will make course settings which may leave you baffled. You may feel that you are going in the wrong direction.

Releasing His power

He knows the way because He is The Way He wants you to experience the full power of His Majesty. To do so He is taking you out of your comfort zone. You will find yourself saying that you have never had to trust Him like this before. It almost feels as if He has abandoned you and you will crave more confirmation. This is fine and quite understandable but this is all about trust and leaning on Him. Trust is exactly what it says on the tin. He will give you confirmation if you are willing to lay aside

The answer is yes

How good you think you are or how badly you see yourself doesn't affect His goodness towards you When you ask Him a question the answer has a 'yes' in it. However that means how you receive the answer is His prerogative. It may come in such a way you were not expecting or along a path that you weren't planning to walk down. It is likely at a time not of your choosing. Don't dictate the how, when and where. Remember that how you feel towards yourself is not a barometer of how He feels towards you. Be aware

You are plan A, there is no plan B

He wants you to ask Him You are plan A, there is no plan B. You are His hope to the world. He isn't looking for anyone else. Let Him be your safety net, don't have a backup plan. Rely entirely on Him. Trust everything to Him. He is your only true hope. Your heart belongs to Him and Him alone. He is the living God remember. The creator of Heaven and Earth. His Spirit is searching out those who will give themselves wholeheartedly to Him. Who seek to fulfil His purposes. Those who will rend their hearts allowing Him

You are preparing others

You are preparing the way for others to follow. You are a pioneer, a follower of Jesus not a follower of men and their ideas. Too many think they have to be strong and hide their weaknesses behind a facade. Being vulnerable isn't being weak, quite the opposite. Don't miss out on His glory, for when you recognise your lack He fills it with His glory. You may end up perpetuating something that limits the work of grace in you. If this is true your spirit will feel disconnected and can make you feel weary. You cannot serve two masters,

No plan B

You are plan A, there is no plan B. You are His hope to the world. He isn't looking for anyone else. Let Him be your safety net, don't have a backup plan. Rely entirely on Him. Trust everything to Him. He is your only true hope. Your heart belongs to Him and Him alone. He is the living God remember. The creator of Heaven and Earth. His Spirit is searching out those who will give themselves wholeheartedly to Him. Who seek to fulfil His purposes. Those who will rend their hearts allowing Him to reveal His glory through them.

Keep your mind on Him

Rejoice at all times because He is the God of joy. He invented it. Don't think that He has come to make your life more challenging and miserable. Neither has He come to show up your sin to make you feel worse about yourself. He has come to give you life and life in all its abundance. His interaction with you is to bring that about. It may seem harsh and uncompromising at times but He isn't going to pamper to your feelings. He loves you far too much to let that happen. A mind that has not been renewed

His passion for you

Are you aware how much He loves you? How much He desires the affection of your heart. He doesn't want you to impress Him with your effort. He wants your devotion. So that your desire is for Him alone and not to impress Him or your peers. How hungry are you? How much do you want to find the place where you can dwell in His presence. Desperation is a person clinging onto dear life. If that is you it is temporary not permanent. He is taking you to a place of peace and rest. What does God look like

Luxury verse utility

We are often content with being functional and utilitarian as long as it does the job. If you look at His creation it appears quite functional and at the same time incredible beautiful, diverse and extravagant at the same time. He seems to take delight in being outrageous in His creation designs. Excellence is often used to describe something is great. It is a measure of how good something is. It relates to a person's performance. Excellence means to God you giving your best shot, trying your best, your utmost. He does not compare you to others, it is not

Be positive about it

persevere in all things and at all times with what you believe to be true Have a positive confession. In so doing you will turn every situation into an example of His goodness. There you will find that no situation will get you down, certainly not for long. You will see positives when everyone else only sees negatives. It is His desire that you see His goodness all the days of your life. For you to see possibilities not set backs. Yield your will to His. As you see Him for what He is and and who He is. Through

Engage with Heaven

be ready for swift change and for the long haul When you engage with Him you engage with the heavenly realm. All the resources of Heaven open above you. The more you engage with Him the bigger the opening becomes. You have access to greater riches and suddenly nothing is impossible. Nothing is too difficult for Him to deal with, He always has a solution. Nothing is too small to bother Him with, let Him into every detail of your life no matter how insignificant. Time is of the essence, it is an expensive commodity. There is no rush but

Rather an academic question

As you see beyond the obvious your understanding starts to deepen. What you experience with your five senses are based on this realm. However, the physical realm is subservient to the spiritual realm. The spiritual realm is more real and more powerful than this one. Jesus could walk through walls into a room because His reality was greater than the physical one. To understand the spiritual realm requires a determination to find the truth. The Holy Spirit has made you aware of the spiritual realm but it is up to you to seek it out. To understand the realm of

A show of affection

What He desires more than anything is the affection of your heart. He is not interested in your performance. Not even how much you have read your bible or how many church meetings you attend. A relationship with Him is more than what you can do for Him or get out of Him, is it not? A relationship is about being in each others company just talking, sharing, and listening. He is waiting for you to come to Him. He isn't a logic machine where you press the buttons in the right order to get the desired result. You can't

Moving in the supernatural

Do you want to move in the supernatural realm? Then you need to change the way you think. You won't get there through logic, not even through sheer force of will. Only through faith. Where you yield yourself totally to Him in obedience to The Holy Spirit. You will have to be prepared to see the world differently than you do now. His power is available to you if you are willing to access it. He doesn't distribute gifts randomly but they are available to anyone who is willing to unlock the door and the key to that door is

One seed many plants

Pray for joy until you see it. Expect to believe don't wallow in doubt. There are no excuses. Be released and set free in your mind. Settle this once and for all that you are going to do His will. Determine to see Him in everything and everywhere. Rejoice all the time and in every situation. This means redefining your circumstance. Train yourself to see everything from His perspective. Joy should be a permanent state. It is not an optional extra, it is your default. Transformational thinking will become the norm the more you practice. You see His power at

An everlasting waterfall

Waterfalls generally never cease. They will vary from season to season but God's love is not dependent on seasonal changes but it is a constant, night and day. He doesn't sleep or slumber. He doesn't have mood swings. There is no seasonal change with God and yet there appears to be seasons in the life of a believer and in the life of the church. In the church it is the season to pronounce grace, love and compassion. It is not the latest 'thing' from God. It is not the latest teaching or special revelation it is getting the church

The process of obedience

Power increases through process but it has more to do with obedience. The disciples were told to wait in Jerusalem until they received power. That was a simple step of obedience. They did not know what was going to happen. All they knew was they had to wait. If you are like me waiting is the hardest part of all. It is where you might miss out on the true power of God by running after something else through impatience. You will have experienced a touch of His power but that is only the start. It is not about how

A Soft Heart

Give yourself fully to His work. Don't be halfhearted about it. Don't let anything resist your desire to do His will. Draw near to Him. He will not hide Himself from you. Nor does He put barriers up to keep you out. He will welcome you and accept you as you are. Warts and all. For He sees you as Jesus made you to be. He is looking for those with a passion for Him. Who do not hesitate to do His will and do His bidding. That is why it has to be a complete surrender to Him. For

Love is Worship

He is always good and He never has a bad day. He is never in a bad mood and He never regrets you for a moment. To rejoice always is a decision you make every day even when you don't feel like it. Some days require more effort than others. That is the act of worship that He is looking for. He knows how you are feeling. He loves it when you turn your affection to Him and you least feel like it. He smiles at you constantly. So smile back. Worship Him in all that you do so that

His lavish love

He wants to lavish His love on you. He wants you to know and to experience His love for you. He wants that for everyone. There is no catch and no hidden agenda here, just love in its very purest form. He wants you to feel His passion for you. He keeps telling you how much He loves you and how much He cares about you. His love has no end so draw close to Him. There is nothing He will be surprised at and nothing that will shock Him. There is nothing to cause Him to reject you. It

I was born for a time such as this

You are not to underestimate what He has called you to. It is a time for complete devotion to Him. To lay everything down. Nothing else compares to being with Him. Your past does not determine your future. You are to be like you have never been before. Don't plod on doing and being the same, make a decision to change. What you are and what you are to be cannot coexist together. You will have to chose one path. Chose the right path. See yourself doing what He has seen you doing. If you don't know what that is

Dedicated devotion

Be totally devoted to Him. Be dedicated and walk wholeheartedly with Him. He should occupy your every thought and be everything you desire. Your heart should be soft and tender. It only hardens to protect it so do the best for your heart and let Him in. Are you more aware of your feelings than His purposes for you? Are you more interested in your own needs than the needs of others. That may have been how you were brought up to do life but if you want to truly live, there is a better way. Do you shy away

Confidence in the cross

He won't drag you there you have to walk to the cross. If you try to scrub yourself clean it won't work. You can't make yourself clean because only the blood of Jesus can do that. That is one reason why people reject the cross because it doesn't allow them the liberty of doing it for themselves. It is totally Him. Some believers turn away from the gospel because they think that they have to be clean before they can approach Him. That is so untrue and such a lie. The whole point of the cross is because of your

Walking with Jesus

Imagine walking with Jesus on a beach, just chatting and talking. Wearing nothing but a long robe, then you become acutely aware that the robe you are wearing looks dirty, stained and filthy. You look at Jesus and his robe is white, spotless and bright. You push Him away and try to walk in a different direction away from Him but He continues to walk with you. You tell Him to go away because you are dirty compared to Him, He looks at you and He says "What dirt?, I only see you dressed in the same as Me". You

Discovering His Goodness

From one perspective it seems that He appears to treat people differently and even show favouritism. The truth is He show no partiality at all, certainly not concerning grace. What seems unfair is perfectly fair. It is our own stubbornness and unbelief that negates the power of His grace towards us. A humble and contrite heart He will never turn away. It is your heart He is looking at. His grace will be for those who honour Him and love Him from the heart. There is a measure of grace given at the cross for everyone. He cannot force anyone

God of Grace

He is a God of grace. This grace does not come cheap neither is it free. It was paid for by the blood of Jesus. This grace is freely available. He loves to give it away and demonstrate what it looks like. His grace to you is unlimited for as long as you need it. If you stop needing His grace then it will cease flowing towards you. To the degree that you are aware of your sin and your need determines how much you are aware of His grace towards you. His grace is sufficient to cover every situation,

Evidence personified

We often sing about Him but not to Him. We even sing about what we would like to do but never actually do it. We say we surrender all yet resist change. Rather than wipe His feet with our tears we would rather criticise others. Our cry should be 'Lord where are You? What are You doing? What are You saying?' Don't use anything whether your gender, class, academic ability or economic position as an excuse. All He is looking for are willing hearts who recognise Him for who He is. He takes great delight in using those who humble

His Deepest Joy

Watch yourself, don't compare yourself to others or try to copy them. Find those who have a passion for Jesus, seek them out and see what manner of life they live. Imitate them but don't copy them. Seek Him who knows you best of all, who made you and created you for a singular purpose. Only He knows the real purpose you are here and He wants you to know it direct from Him not second hand. In your weakness He can demonstrate His glorious, unrivalled power. He has chosen you for that reason so that you can only boast

There Are Many Doors

He can take you through many doors that lead into different rooms, each room is another experience of His grace. In each room there may be challenges. These challenges will ask questions of you for Him. Bring these questions to Him. For each question you will have to wait for the answer. Each challenge must be faced before you face the next one. This may seem daunting to you, even unattractive but His grace is more than enough for each and every challenge. Each question has an answer but to discover the answer you need to ask the right question.

His Favour

Your favour with Him will grow as you allow Him to have greater rule and reign in your life. His desire is to show you more favour. He wants to draw you ever closer to Him. His passion is for you to see His heart and to know His desires. Favour comes with time, it doesn't happen overnight. You start with little and then it grows. The more you yield to Him the faster it grows. He looks at the heart not the outward because your heart doesn't lie. He wants you to understand His ways and to know what pleases

His heart for you

Do you know His heart? The extent of His love for you? It never ceases, never runs out, always, always loves you. Never forget that His love is always for you. The heart of God was laid bare on the cross when His son was crucified. Do you know the depth of Jesus' love for you? Do you feel that time is passing you by? If so use the time you do have wisely. There is a reason for what is happening to you now. It requires a good response. The Holy Spirit is perfectly placed to help you make

Start here, start now

Whatever He has given you to do, now is the time to do it. If you are waiting for Him, it is more likely He is waiting for you. Don't dither, just do. Be devoted to one purpose. He sees your heart, He sees your desires and they will please Him when yielded to Him. He has been waiting a long time for you to turn your affection to Him. When you do you become ready to receive more of His power. So rest in Him, believe in Him and believe in yourself. Believe the authority He has given you.

You are a success

Enter into His presence and He will never leave you. You know that it is more than a feeling, it is a life long relationship of the most intimate sort. You don't look back because your past is not your reality anymore. You will see the striving as you sought to please people. He is your future and your future is in Him. He has created a path for you to follow which leads only to Him. To a place, the threshold of His Kingdom. It is most likely that you haven't done more than touch the surface of His

He sends us out 2

Luke 10:1-12 (the passion translation) 2 He released them with these instructions: “The harvest is huge and ripe. But there are not enough harvesters to bring it all in. As you go, plead with the Owner of the Harvest to drive out into his harvest fields many more workers. Why did Jesus use this moment to tell them to pray (plead) for more workers. I would've thought we should pray that the people would listen, that they would have ears to hear and eyes to see etc. No, He told them to plead to God the Father. Why was it

You are His treasure

You are His treasure, His delight and His joy. Make His joy complete by being liked minded, think on what He thinks, feel what He feels, see what He sees and speak His words of life and hope. Set the captives free so that He will have more children to play with, more children who enjoy having Him as a father. Embrace His love, for loving is what He does best.

Shoulder healed

A member of the church had been struggling with a painful shoulder which meant he couldn't lift his arm above his head. After several months and much prayer he can now do so. he has complete freedom of movement.

He sends us out 1

Luke 10: 1-12 1 After this, the Lord Jesus formed thirty-five teams among the other disciples. Each team was two disciples, seventy in all, and he commissioned them to go ahead of him into every town he was about to visit. (from "Luke and Acts: To the Lovers of God (The Passion Translation)" by Brian Simmons) It is interesting that Jesus sent them out ahead of Him, rather than them tagging along behind. They went ahead of Him, almost to herald His coming, to prepare the way. In the same way He wants us to herald His coming. We are

Following Jesus

When you follow Jesus you never get lost even if you have no idea where you are or where you are going.

Let Him

Go to a place where you enjoy Him before you do anything for Him. It will change your life and change it for the good. He just loves to spend time with you and talk to you.

A unique identity

Titles and positions don't impress God and neither does how successful you have become. I suspect He won't be asking you what your final salary was or how big your house was. So what exactly does matter? When you stand before Him you will give an account of how much you loved. It won't be a matter of how wealthy or what start you had in life. What will matter is what you did with what you had.

An Easy Ride

Dedicate yourself to Him, devote yourself to finding His will and purpose. You will fulfil His destiny for you. Take the time to find out what He believes about you. You may be surprised to find out how much He believes in you.  

There must be a leak

"He will fill your mind with thoughts of hope" God's desire is that everything should be done from a position of joy and hope. This joy is how you should tackle every problem and every challenge. Lack of joy usually means we don't see His purpose in what we are doing. Joy creates an optimistic and hope filled attitude. This is the kind of joy that doesn't require superhuman effort. It creates peace in every cell of your being. Jesus doesn't want your life to be unbearable. He came to give you life and life in abundance. If that is not