He is a good Father. He loves you and accepts you. He loves you the way you are but He loves you too much to leave you like that. He is for you not against you. You can trust Him like no other.

If you are afraid to ask Him because of what He might say then it is likely that your perception of Him is based on a lie. I can’t put it any less blunt. If you are not listening to Him the question is who are you listening to?

Let’s be straight He isn’t just a warm cuddly Father Christmas type figure He is also Judge. He is not sentimental yet He remembers your good deeds. If you are getting mixed messages that is because He is manythings all at the same time. He is not like you and me.

However, in Jesus He demonstrated His nature, His heart and His passion. When you look at the life of King David and listen to what God said about Him you begin to realise that there is more to Him than is written in a book. He is in the book but He is also to be experienced.

You are meant to be having a relationship with Him, as a son/daughter, a friend, a servant etc. All of them at the same time. So why are you afraid to ask Him, talk to Him or listen to what He has to say?

You will stand before Him one day. Now is the time to find out what He has to say not then. Then is too late. Ask Him now and you will be surprised how pleased He is that you asked.