Firstly, don’t worry. Secondly, enjoy what you are doing even if nothing much seems to be happening. You may have been a Christian for a long time but you are only just getting to really know Him. Continue in your journey getting to know Him better and you will find it very rewarding. He has already started speaking to you about your ministry. It isn’t a ministry to people, it is firstly your ministry to Him. Your act of worship is being revealed to you. You will stop wondering what He is like and you will know the simplicity of His heart of love. Even so the wonderful mystery surrounding Him will be captivating. You will find that out as you give yourself to worship.

Worship Him in spirit and in truth. Your spirit leads the way. He will take you into all truth because He is Truth. How can you experience true worship if you don’t love Him? How can you love Him if you don’t know Him? If you know Him then worship Him according to what you know about Him. But there is so much more of Him to know. Don’t worship an image of God found on the pages of a book, meet Him face to face, every day. Seek to find out what He is really like. For He rewards those who are diligent and determined to worship the true King. See Him as He really is.

If you see Him as austere or aloof you don’t really know Him. If you walk in condemnation, you have a distorted view of His grace. If you believe He has given you an intolerable burden you are carrying burdens He never intended. Seek truth, The Truth and you can be free. If you condemn yourself, stop it. Make a decision to stand firm in the truth.