Give yourself fully to His work. Don’t be halfhearted about it. Don’t let anything resist your desire to do His will. Draw near to Him. He will not hide Himself from you. Nor does He put barriers up to keep you out. He will welcome you and accept you as you are. Warts and all. For He sees you as Jesus made you to be. He is looking for those with a passion for Him. Who do not hesitate to do His will and do His bidding. That is why it has to be a complete surrender to Him.

For where He is going to take you, you will need to be dedicated and devoted to Him. If that is what you want then it is yours. If you are willing to sacrifice every personal ambition you will see His glory. So remove every hinderance and tear down all barriers if you want to succeed in all that you do. Make yourself vulnerable for He will be your protection. You will need His help, without it you will not be able to do anything. All you have to do is take your first step towards Him. He can never be accused of coercing you. Nor can He be criticised for forcing you. It is of your own free will and He will be there with you every step of the way.

Offer your complete devotion to Him. It is your act of worship. He is and always will be devoted to you. He wants you come through into your glorious inheritance. Everything you see around you is a pale substitute of His glory and splendour. There are people perishing, dying and suffering just waiting for the children of God to be revealed. Are you willing to be the child of God He destined you to be or just a spectator?

Be one with Him in all you do. That is His request of you. He wants everyone to share in His heart, in His thoughts and in His desires. To go after the lost, bringing light, health and healing to their bodies, minds and spirits. Are you up for that? He thinks you are.

The greatest mystery about all this is that you do not need to be perfect despite what people may tell you. You are able to do it because it doesn’t depend on your righteousness nor on your ability. You are utterly reliant on His grace. His grace is made up of two parts His goodness and His kindness. So don’t disqualify yourself because you can list your faults. Never focus on your faults instead have a look at yourself through His righteousness and holiness. You will see there is nothing lacking and nothing missing. His love is perfect. His love is unceasing with no conditions attached. He does not wait for you to be perfect. He says be perfect because He is perfect. Let your heart be softened so that He can mould it further. Allow His goodness and intimacy into your heart to soften it further.