There is a fast approaching time where the hearts of men and women will be addressed. He will once again draw people in increasing numbers to Himself. There is a perfect plan and purpose in what He is doing. It is not random or arbitrary. You may not understand it nor see the pattern. That doesn’t mean you won’t see the full picture one day. You are, even now, starting to get a tantalising glimpse into His purposes. An appreciation of the sheer depth of His heart for all people.

Remember patience and faithfulness is a virtue. Together with long-suffering, perseverance and persistence. The answer is not always easy or even obvious. When you search the scriptures they all direct you to Him. It is not a text book or a reference book. The Bible is a living epistle to all His children. A gift to all believers and to all people. It also means we have no excuse not to know Him.

Life can get very busy. You may find that tiredness sets in. Then apathy crouches at your door and a lethargy gets a hold. They need to be shrugged off. The number one objective of the enemy is to draw you away from any kind of relationship with Him. The relationship has a benchmark. That benchmark is described in the relationship between Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit. They are in complete unison.

Be patient with yourself as you go through a significant change. Being patient with others recognising that people will be at different stages in their relationship with Him, just as you are. One of your roles is to do whatever you can to bring others closer to Him. To show them, by encouragement, how to deepen the relationship.

Walking in unity occurs when you have something in common. When a group of people know Him deeply and intimately. When they are passionate about the same thing. This is not the same as having the same doctrine, same world view, same theology even. Just bringing people together is not unity. All you are doing is occupying the same room. For unity there has to be the same passion. The hallmark of true unity is that differences of opinion are considered superficial, they never get in the way of their relationship with Him because how we love each other matters so much to Him.