What He desires more than anything is the affection of your heart. He is not interested in your performance. Not even how much you have read your bible or how many church meetings you attend. A relationship with Him is more than what you can do for Him or get out of Him, is it not? A relationship is about being in each others company just talking, sharing, and listening. He is waiting for you to come to Him.

He isn’t a logic machine where you press the buttons in the right order to get the desired result. You can’t impress Him so don’t even try. Your efforts just don’t work on Him. He is not easily impressed with anything you do. He desires the affection of your heart, it is that simple. Not a list of achievements or detailed descriptions of what you’ve done for Him. He is not a means to an end but He is the end in itself. This is not a contract but a relationship. He is your heavenly father. He has made you. He created you. You are meant to take a full part in the life of His family.

Unity can look like conformity. It is not achieving the lowest common denominator but the highest: Jesus. Much grace is needed to make His family, His church work. At the centre of a healthy family life is wanting the best for each other. Going out of your way to support and care for each other. Loving each other with no agenda. Not judging or condemning but accepting and encouraging.

He sets the standard by accepting you as you are. So you too should accept others as they are. Don’t be quick to write people off. Love ’em warts and all. You and they are both accepted into His family. Be like Him, always be there for them. No matter what.