He is not asleep, He is busier than ever. You are an integral part of Him and He lives in you. His hand and powerful anointing rests on you. There will be opposition to what you are about to do. You can be sure of that and some of that will be your own doubts and uncertainties. Just give Him your full attention and do not dismiss anything He says about you no matter how much it doesn’t resonate.

You cannot afford to be sentimental not when the lives of people are at stake. Their eternal destiny is in the balance. He wants you to tip the balance in their favour. Don’t worry about hurting peoples feelings or treading on their toes. Sacred cows will be destroyed! Remember He is the king of Kings and Lord of Lords and you are doing it for Him not to please people. He is the creator of heaven and earth and He calls the shots. He is their creator and we all are answerable to Him. Let us give people a good answer to the faith we have in Him.

We often forget that He is a jealous God. Do you think He cares about a golden calf? He cares more about the millions who live a life in darkness and torment, who are blind and deaf to the truth. He will not let any idol stand in His way. Especially one that keeps people in the dark and offers no real hope.

He has called you as He called Moses to remove all idols who do not have the power to save or help. He is the living God and He has the power to heal and restore. He will restore families and heal lives. You are to be part of that demonstration. Walk as Jesus walked. Teach as Jesus taught. For Jesus only did what He saw the Father doing. Jesus never hesitated to act according to the Father’s will and wishes. He is the Son with whom He is well pleased. Now you can be a son or daughter with whom He is well pleased. Do not shrink back or hesitate from His calling on your life.

He may speak very bluntly to you but His love for you is none the less for it. You will have a lot of fun and there will be thrills in what you are embarking upon. There will be tears and frustrations as well but it will be worth it. It is a serious matter but you do it all from a love that is filled and fuelled with His joy. Just remember it is not all about you but He needs you, you are vital to His plans.