You are beginning to hear His heartbeat. Your feelings and emotions will go up and down but they are not to be confused with failure. Feelings can be overwhelming but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes out of a passionate heart comes strong feelings and emotions. Learn to handle and manage them well.

If it all feels too much for you don’t hate yourself for that. He has made you a certain way and that means extreme things can happen. For what is to happen may well be extreme and you will have to manage it. Nothing that God does with people who are passionate about Him is ever ordinary or normal. King David had extreme emotions and feelings and was not ashamed of them. Even as king David recognised them for what they were. He didn’t always deal with them well but his heart was true. He trained his heart to beat with His heart. It beat with His as few have done.

Be one of those who yield themselves to Him. Do not be absorbed into the world. Put your confidence in Him. This is not a popularity contest. What He thinks must be more important than what others think. Don’t be moulded into what would make you more acceptable to others. Rather make sure that you are acceptable to Him. He is looking at those who are broken and contrite with humble spirits. He opposes those who are arrogant, proud or men pleasers.

He will make sure your passion never dwindles. It will sustain you, keeping you on that road to glory and praise. As you continue to worship you will find yourself being drawn nearer to Him and deeper into Him. Worship is the demonstration of humility. Be prepared to see His glory and know what He wants you to do. Be willing to receive His grace and not be easily offended. His grace is not cheap, it cost everything. It cost more than you could possibly imagine. More than mere words on a page in a book.

Make knowing Him your goal. Let Him be your aim and your ambition. Your desires will be His desires. Your passions will be His passions.