He knows what and where your future destiny lies. You are perfectly suited to the plans and purposes He has for you. There is no limit to what you can achieve. Stop putting yourself down instead build yourself up. You have the capacity to be something significant. In His eyes you already are. You can be an encouragement to so many people. Those that you have yet to meet. He must be the main thing in your life, the main purpose for living. You will be richly rewarded in this life and the one to come with true riches. Be encouraged, seek Him, do not stop looking at Him and looking for Him.

You will meet people who are hungry and thirsty for Him. There will be so many it will surprise you. Look to Him for wisdom and understanding. He has and will bring people across your path to help you on your journey. You will see His favour rest on your life. A few people will wonder and marvel where you got it from. It is from the secret places with Him. It is the time you have taken to lay down your life for Him. To cast aside personal ambition. It is what you have done for Him out of sheer love that gains you the greatest favour. It is never busyness, activity or achievements. It is in the secret place quietly submitting everything to Him.

There is power in the cross. Most just see two pieces of wood. But His blood has been shed. It lies there on the ground forever. It can never be reversed. His blood cleanses all of us from all sin. It heals all sickness. It deals with the hurt, the loneliness and despair. As you get to know Him you will start to understand the full extent of what He did for you on that day. For many it can be just symbolic, but even that can give people comfort, it is an intensely personal thing, between you and God.

The battle for you was won on that day but the war continues. There is nothing else you need to do except believe it. Everything He did on that day He did for you. You have to understand the implications for you personally. What He did for you has to be real before you can share it with anyone else. They are more than just words. You are an overcomer and that by the power of the cross. You are a living example of the power of the gospel. You will have the legal authority to demonstrate His power. It will silence the critics and give hope to many. You will still find people trying to achieve the same thing without Him.

You will know what to say and do. You will have your secret place, the hidden place. It is a place for you and Him alone. It is where you create your history and build your favour. That favour will only be seen when He demonstrates it publicly.