Today is a day to remember. As you look back to what has happened over the last year, believe for more. Treat each day like that. As if the start of a great adventure and be thankful for the past year. There is no limit to what you can achieve. Whatever you set your mind to do, expect to succeed. Only be led by His Spirit. Your desires will not necessarily be in conflict with His desires. He gives you freedom to do as you please. How much you are led by His Spirit is up to you. You can choose to level out at any time. If you have had enough or you decide too much is too much. That will always be your decision.

There is a cost to following Him. Your first step is crucial. This means yielding your right to Him. It also means giving up your free will to Him and doing it willingly. You needn’t worry about finances for He will provide. You may need to sell or get rid of things so that they don’t clutter your life. This may be difficult because you have so much invested in things that it is often hard to let go. You can’t take it with you anyway. Where He wants to take you requires a light load. Excess baggage will only weigh you down. It will be hard to wrench yourself away from those things but it is an important decision and one you don’t make lightly. You will have to make certain of that decision every day. This is assuming you want to follow Him. You need to settle that in your mind and in your heart.

Many of your challenges and trials are a training ground for your future. Although hard to see it now much fruit will come from this time. You are more ready than you think but there is always more preparation. Your future may be becoming clearer but you will still have many questions. You may wonder how anything could possibly happen around you. Leave that up to Him. Just get yourself ready and be willing for anything. The finances are His department if that is your concern. He will show you what to do. It will all become clear in the fulness of time.

Feed yourself with good food. Rest well and get ready to move and act at a moments notice. Don’t take a sledgehammer to everything but patiently chip away at what needs to be done. Somethings may need a sledgehammer approach but other things just need a simple tap to open it up. Sleep if you need to sleep. Exercise if you need to exercise. You are not led by the desires and needs of the body but neither are you to neglect it. Keep mind, body and spirit healthy at all times.