Today could be such a pivotal day for you, impacting the rest of your life. Say yes to Him and set your face to find Him, to understand His heart. He will reveal Himself to you. Today could change the rest of your life.

Some people do not like what they hear Him say. They close their ears because it doesn’t fit in with what they want to hear. When He speaks it is as thunder. It is like the sound of many waterfalls. It is a sound like no other. It is intimidating because He is the living God. You know He doesn’t do it to intimidate. But when you draw near to Him and see Him for what He is you see His love. You see His joy. You feel His peace and experience His glory. You will be filled with such awe and wonder. That is what the true fear of God is like.

You will have a healthy respect for God knowing how powerful He is. You will know when you are truly in His presence. You will have trouble standing. Nor will you care what others think. You are more concerned with what He wants and what He desires. He is teaching and showing you how to knit His heart to yours. There has to be change on our side we would not survive the process.

You will be very surprised at just how good and gracious He is. The lie is that you have to earn it or be good enough to be loved by Him. Great minds have struggled to comprehend the truth. He reveals Himself to the hungry and those who persevere. His power is released to those He knows He can trust. Those who know how to handle the truth, who know The Truth.